Vincent, Book 8 of The Vampires in America, D.B. Reynolds

Vincent (Vampires in America Book 8)


Vincent, Book 8 of The Vampires in America, D.B. Reynolds
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: fantasy/paranormal romance.
I found this series about 18 months ago and have been an avid fan since then. I was lucky in that the first few books were already out so I read them back to back ( my fav way of reading a series), and that gave me a solid insight into the world Debbie has created. Each book features one vampire meeting his/her mate, and along the way there’s a good story with lots of hot and sensual sex and some realistic and vicious danger. These vampires are tough, they fight hard, and kill easily when its needed. They’re moral too though, and most don’t kill needlessly or are cruel for no reason. When they need to though they’ll happily torture to get the answers they need from those who would overthrow the morality of their world.
Though each story is complete it also connects to an overriding story arc where the old regime, the vampires that have been Lords of areas of the US ruled with an iron fist, but some of them without any sense of morality, careless of the need to live within the human world and its rules. Slowly the old guard is changing, with new blood ( if you can call centuries old vampires new blood!!) taking over. Raphael – the vampire subject of books one and two, is incredibly powerful and has given his tacit support for some of these changes, not because he wants the power himself but because he sees a need for stability, and a strong Lord creates respect from his subjects, and they adhere in the main the the rules set for benefit of all. This time we meet Vincent. He’s number 2 to Lord Enrique, his sire. Vincent looks after part of Mexico, always aware its ultimate control is Enrique. There’s no love lost between them though, he has no respect for Enrique’s cruel and sadistic ways, and the all-seeing Raphael has set a plan in motion once again. Vincent is aware of this and yet he can’t quite work out Raphael’s machinations – that’s always fun for the reader, trying to see where the plots are going to lead, and I had fun with this one. I could see what was planned but not how, and as always Debbie takes us on a twisting, spiralling route full of detours before the big finale! It starts with Lana, a PI travelling to Vincent’s area seeking a very old vampire. Raphael is behind the request, she doesn’t know what she’s there for or why, but has been instructed to ask Vincent for help, and needs him to be there when she delivers a letter to the vampire. A puzzle but its work for her, along a line she hopes will develop further and expand so she’s going to do her best despite few clues.
What I like about the ladies in this series is they are tough, and Lana is typical, working in a male dominated environment, facing danger and well able to protect herself. Raphael’s mate Cyn once said that vampires are used to being the strongest, toughest baddies and don’t see humans as a threat, and that’s a mistake as though we’re weaker, we can use planning and stealth to win. She’s done it herself, and Lana shows here how well good planning can work. Its good to have some strong females, too often we get only simpering, twee, TSTL “miss” types that just knuckle under every request from the big, bad Supernaturals, and that just doesn’t appeal to me – I want ladies able to stick up for themselves, who I can respect, who have minds of their own and use them – Lana is just great.
As always Vincent of course is strong and sexy, arrogant as they all are but no less attractive for that, and its not too long before the initial antagonism between him and Lana turns to more, and they’re engrossed in some steamy, carnal moments. What happens when its all over though? Where do they go from there? Can they make things work together and do they want to, or is it just thanks and bye, see you another time?
Cracking writing, gripping story that links to the other books, and Debbie and this series is an auto read for me, one that I’ll abandon other books to read first, and that I will ( and have) re read.
Stars: Five, a fabulous series and I’m always mentally egging Debbie on to write more. Some series have a finite point that’s clear, this one can go a few more books yet IMO.
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2 responses to “Vincent, Book 8 of The Vampires in America, D.B. Reynolds”

  1. By Hook Or By Book ~ Book Reviews, News, & Other Stuff says :

    Great review! I hadn’t heard of this series. I’ll have to check it out 🙂

    • jeanniezelos says :

      the first two are still my favourite with vampire Raphael being a great lead alpha and Cyn the female PI who gets involved with him is a strong female, no wimpy TSTL females in these books though they aren’t all quite as tough as Cyn.

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