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Hunted, The Gates Legacy Book 1, Tormented, The Gates Legacy Book 2, Lorenz Font

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Hunted (The Gateway Legacy Book 1)




Hunted, The Gates Legacy Book 1, Lorenz Font
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I really liked the sound of this – a new series, and I can get in at the beginning ( I do jump into exiting series quite often but love to start from book one). So, I started reading and ….though it was well written I found it difficult to get “into”. There seems to be so many different people and then add in the humans/vampire halflings, vampires that are Council ones, infected vampires and then a few that just seem not to fit in anywhere. Reading about Harrow’s constant sores and pain didn’t scream “Hero” at me, just made me cringe a bit…and I wondered if I’d made a mistake on choosing this book.
Still, I kept with it and once Pritchard came into the mix, and the format began to shape up I got much more into it. I can see the background info was needed, plus the infection stuff – though that name is just so awful, so twee….eurghh. First books often have a problem for me, when they’ve the difficult job of setting the world, the characters and trying to slot in a decent story. Its a tough job and not all can do it.
Gradually though Harrows personality came through too and I began to like him – he really is a man with a conscience, and though he’s quiet he’s actually a natural leader. The others in Pritchard’s group too were a good mix, and helped give a feeling of unity, after all they all want the same thing. The humans want to stay safe, and the vampires want to live safely hoping for control or cure for their disease or to stay disease free, and they all want to eradicate those who are out to kill them and those like them. Jordan, what a terrible thing to happen to her and her family and I understood her desire for revenge, and why she wouldn’t let any other emotion get in the way of it, but then she meets Harrow and something connects between them though they both fight it strongly.
Then we come down to the Vampire Council and the awful Goran and his schematics…I couldn’t help feeling sorry for his son Demetrious, with better parents he could have been a different man entirely, instead of the sadistic one his upbringing had made him…Still, when the chips are down its kill or be killed. You’d think a ruling group like this, made up of Vampire originals would be about keeping vampires safe, keeping them hidden or something – and maybe some of the other councillors are, but Goran seems to have his own agenda and he’s ruthless. Building his own half breed army, taking a harem of red haired mistresses ( they don’t get any say it it) he’s everything an anti hero is. No conscience, self self serving and a great character to keep the balance. There needs to be someone to fight against after all and it needs to be a worthy adversary.
Stars: Four, from a shaky start for me this grew into an interesting story and I’m keen to see what develops next.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Tormented (The Gateway Legacy Book 2)

Tormented, The Gates Legacy Book 2, Lorenz Font
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I was certain this was going to develop into a five star read for me, its got all the elements; vampires, action, romance and a decent storyline and yet…it’s still not gripping me the way a five star series does. I’m unable to put those down by choice, and just have to keep reading – you know, how when its late and you promise yourself “just one more chapter” and then its just one more after that, and one more…but this I found didn’t quite suck me in like that. Its a very good story, just not for me one of the great ones.
So Harrow is man ( vampire?) number one, happily ensconced with Jordan and playing dad to Gail. They’re all still reeling from the loss of Pritchard, but can’t take time to sit back, they need a new home in case the Vampire Council – in the guise of Goran – have discovered them. Harrow is busy working on that, along with keeping the business going and covering up Pritchard’s death from the public. Allison is grieving and struggling with feeling helpless, and persuades Harrow she needs to learn to fight. She’s also struggling with her attraction to Tor, he wants her but covers it as he thinks he’s undeserving, but the closer they get the harder it is to resist each other. As her bodyguard he’s pretty close most of the time so…
Meanwhile Melissa is still searching for Demetrious, Zane wondering what’s happened to his father, and left in limbo, Goran is brooding over Jordan not obeying his call, angry with some of the council members for pressing him for an heir and for questioning his decisions and determined to wipe out Harrow and co completely. He’s a devious man though and sets his plans very carefully, protecting himself but seeing his harem as disposable – they’re only there to serve his purpose anyway. Behind the scenes some of the Council members are not happy with his leadership but tied to it for now.
When the two sides come together there are losses for both – its a sad time, and I’m wondering where they go next. I would usually be really gripped by now, but though the story is well executed somehow I can’t seem to align myself with any of the specific characters, and for me I usually have at least one person/couple I really care about. Its not that I want to see anyone gone, more that I can see each person as being almost inessential to the overall group – Harrow is leader, but in the same way as he took over from Pritchard I could see someone else stepping up if he was gone. That’s great for the group of course, and what every group need – not so much for me though, I don’t feel personally invested in the outcomes of the battles.
Stars: Four, another good story despite my feelings, and deserves a solid four rating.
ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.



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