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Fearless, (Reckless Book Two), Priscilla West

Fearless, (Reckless Book Two), Priscilla West
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve read several of Priscilla’s books now, enjoyed them all though some have been better for my taste than others. I found the first part of this duo was good, but a bit lacking in the deep dramatics I’ve loved in her other books, and I wasn’t convinced of the romance between Jax and Riley. I’m still not feeling that in this book.
Jax is now having nightmares, bad ones and has become very introverted. The band seem to tiptoe round him, Sky telling Riley he’s had problems in the past like this, but not as bad. Riley is desperate to help him but doesn’t know how. I can understand that – they went through such a lot at the end of the previous book, and seeing his father and being rejected and beaten up by the gang is bound to have an effect. I struggled though with a few things. The doc in the hospital – they really wouldn’t come out with that phrase “ well, he’s alive” ( or something like that) and then on top of that indication he was seriously ill he’s out in the following day….Then the Condor incident – that was just too cheesy and twee, and really made me squirm. I felt as if I was being spoon fed “look at this bird and how he recovered and compare it to Jax” and it was…sorry – just Horrible, nauseating, I feel squirmy just thinking about it now. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of that. My main criticism of this book is it just didn’t seem to be going anywhere, and then from being so traumatised that everything between him and Riley was unravelling one truth puts everything right? That was anti climatic for me after all the build up throughout the book.
It sounds as if I didn’t like it and that’s wrong, I enjoyed it but I’m more used to Loving Priscilla’s books than just Liking them, and felt disappointed in this one. It does all wrap up neatly, there was plenty of heat, but for me it just felt a very superficial read and I couldn’t really get lost in it as I did with the wonderful Wrecked and Rescued.
Stars: Three, a good read, just not one of her best for me. .
ARC supplied by Author.

Unrestrained, Rhyll Biest

Unrestrained, Rhyll Biest
Review from Jeannie Zelos book review
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this – the description’s  a bit sparse but it sounded intriguing so…and I found a great read contained in it. ( Edit: sorry if you read this before I edited, I missed that my spellcheck had replaced my mispelled word for description’s with decryption’s….Tech, great most of the time until it isn’t !!)
Holly – badly scarred from a terrible attack some years previously, exists in a kind of vacuum, works in her little cubicle, home, sleep, then work again. She doesn’t seem to have friends, her family are distant, and she’s closed herself off from people all round, except the very bare essential contact she needs. Treating herself to a hot chocolate one day she finds an i-pad, and peeps in to see if she can find who it belongs to. What she finds shocks and titillates her, pictures that are highly erotic. After some thought she contacts the man in the image, Stein, and agrees to meet to give him the i-pad. It goes badly though, with him being quite rude, it seems he’s expecting her to ask for something in return, and she stalks off offended. Somehow though he persuades her he was just surprised, he’s a cynic and not used to people doing something for nothing, and they slowly enter in a hot and erotic relationship. Holly isn’t really sure what she is to Stein though – is she one of his sex bunnies, as she thinks of them, is he meeting others when not with her? They’ve a very tenuous and undefined relationship, and he’s also got a vengeful ex who wants him back. Oh I do like those, we get such fabulous drama from them and it’s just perfect here.
Stein too has his scars from a vicious dog attack, and like Holly he thinks he’s past the incident, that he’s left it all behind, but as he can see the effect on Holly’s life and that she is simply coping- not living, she too can see he’s doing the same. It seems they can both see the truth about the other but not themselves. Its a story that has some really sensual and erotic scenes, but is more than just sex, a heart felt romance where they have to learn to trust, to recognise they need more help, that they still have problems before they can really move forward.
I really enjoyed the way the stories and secrets came creeping out, loved the jealous ex and the part she played, and the fabulous descriptions of types of stone and its treatments ( I love the kindle paperwhite function for looking up words, it taught me a lot about stone and carving, and was really interesting. The characters were great, strong silent Stein, a big, muscled,tattooed tough man, but with such a gentle core when its needed. He treated Holly perfectly, encouraging when she was scared and pushing her to the limits when she needed a boost, seeming to know all the while just what she needed. Holly seems so quiet and yet when she was with Stein her sharp humour showed a glimpse of the confident person she surely was before the attack. Its a great read, how two people with secrets and problems help in other on their journey to falling in love.
Stars: Five from me, a much deeper read than just an erotic romance, I loved it.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and Author.

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