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Anything But Mine, Taryn Elliott

Anything But Mine (When You're Gone Book 1)


Anything But Mine, Taryn Elliott
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance
It seems so many romances get divided into trilogies now – and I’d far rather read the story as one complete one. The cliff-hanger ending too – I Hate Them – and this book has a real doozie of one at the end. Bah! I just get so engrossed when its a good read, as this one is, and then – wham, its ended just as I really, really need to know what happens next. By the time the next part is out I’ve lost the flow. What I like to do is to read all the parts on one fell swoop – I enjoy the story so much better that way. Still, this is a part one, and I can’t find any info about when parts two and three are out….hopefully fairly soon Winking smile I do worry about things like that as I’ve a few on my kindle where authors seem to have not gone further than part one and that’s really frustrating. Taryn has written several books though, and I’m confident she won’t let her readers down like that.
Logan is a great character, he’s a star but without the star arrogance. Handsome, wealthy, successful and yet he’s still that core of Southern gentility, respect for ladies, for older people, a man who wants to help not one who abuses his position. He values what this little town has given him, and wants to give back to it hence his part in the festival. Isabella ( Izzy as he calls her) is a recent import to the town and is running the festival with the help ( or hindrance!) of the Mayor, a lady who’s a bit like a steamroller, but well meaning, even though she disrupts all Izzy’s plans. Logan and Izzy lock heads at first, but the attraction between them is hot, sizzling and Logan can’t help himself from wanting more from her, despite the secrets and problems he’s currently having. Izzy, she’s a lovely lady, has found some peace finally in this little town, full of people she’s come to love. I get the feeling she’s got secrets hidden too, and it’s not just Logan that has them, but hers aren’t out yet. I can’t help wondering what’s behind her move to this town. I know she’s got her business partners and their decisions will have factored in, but it feels like there’s more, that she’s escaping from something. Maybe I’m reading too much into the story – I don’t know, its just the impression I get.
I love the way Logan rounds up his friends and they all step in, the way the town comes together to work on what’s needed, the way Izzy is so passionate about her business and her post as Festival organiser. She doesn’t seem to have any friends other than those from the town, and that’s part of the mystery of her for me. Then there’s Logan’s problems, they’re just starting in this part and its clear there’s more to come that could place Izzy in danger. That part sounds really promising, could work into some terrific dramatics. I’ve read a few of Taryn’s books now, and she does that drama part so well so I’m hoping for good things from this opening.
Stars: Its a great start, my reservations about trilogies and cliff-hangers aside, and I really hope there’s not a long wait til the next two parts are out.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

This Weakness for You, Wendy Sparrow


This Weakness for You, Wendy Sparrow
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Paranormal
Well, this is the second in a series, something I missed when requesting but they’re stand alone novels though connected and I was able to pick up the story easily enough. I really enjoyed this read so book one is on my TBR list for sometimes…
I was expecting a light and fluffy paranormal romance, one of those where girl meets wolf, insta love and they live HEA, but I was secretly hoping for a bit more – and I got it. It actually has a solid storyline backing up the romance side and an engrossing plot that clearly started in book one, and parts of which I’m sure will carry on to books three and beyond.
I need to like my main leads and Jordan and Christa were terrific. Jordan the Alpha with a sad backstory for which he blames himself, has determined he’ll go solo from the last tragic drama and has succeeded for the last two years, but then he meets – well, scents – Christa! Christa has MS, is short and slight, but makes up for any weakness in her strong and dynamic character. Its great to see a lead with a disability that’s not defining her, and that’s treated realistically. Being disabled myself I’m so sick of the token disabled person thrown in on occasion, who never encounters any of the problems we face in daily life. Sometimes they seem to just use a mind over matter approach, and overcome any physical limitations so easily. As an amputee I can tell you That Does Not Work. If it did I’d be able to do so much more, but sadly been there and tried it and broken bones resulted, and I found it simply wasn’t possible to do that which my mind says May be possible – if gravity were different, if I could fly, if the world was full of magic… get the picture. So to see Christa so open about her MS and the problems she had, but not let herself get side-lined because of them was terrific and a huge, huge thanks to Wendy from me for doing this.
I loved Christa’s spark, her way of talking ( rambling – I do that too when I’m nervous) and she made me laugh. Jordan thinks he can control his reactions, that he can just ignore her and the problem will go away, but he’s in for a shock. I loved too that she wasn’t so overconfident that she came over as unpleasant, that type that just ride roughshod over others. She did what she believed in but had moments when she doubted herself – that’s so real and happens to most of us.
I enjoyed the story, the realism, ( within paranormal bounds of course), the humour and the sadness, and the way the plots melded together and weren’t over in a couple of pages, but strung out properly to have maximum impact. I was so sad that some died in the final battle, but that made the story more real, with so many fighting there was bound to be some losses.
Stars: Four and a half, not quite a five but a great read and one to keep.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Three Christmases, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion


Three Christmases, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance,Contemoporary
If you’ve read the first books you’ll know what you’re getting from this series, fun, humour, light on the surface but with a deeper message in the story. To me this one emphasises the way people have to adapt in a successful relationship and work out what their priorities are.
One again there’s some great witty lines, mouth-watering cakes, and stunning parties from Invitation Only. My mind boggles at what events such as this must cost…but it’s great to dream, and I guess for some people this is reality. One day … Of course there’s reminders to about the charities the books support, the ones in the story are fictional, but all of these books support a real life anti slavery charity. Sad there’s a need in this century but its real and does need our help and details can be found on the authors websites.
I don’t know how this team keep coming up with such great stories, they’re not heart stopping drama, tear-jerking type romances, but a gentler type, more in line with what’s real, and I love every body in them from the wonderful Cade and Hanna, to friends Lila and the crew of Hannah’s cake company ( which I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten the name – bad me, and I’ve given myself a slap!) If you want a fun read, one to take you out of todays problems and escape into a world of glitter and parties, problems and solutions love and some sensual sexting along with a few scorching love scenes ( Cade’s a Lover, he doesn’t do Sex he makes love!) then read this series and you’ll love it – you laugh and feel a bit tearful too and its like meeting old friends picking up this book. Everyone needs a Cade in their life and if Stone is anything like him then Kat’s a lucky lady!

Stars: Five, another fabulous read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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