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Jhanmar – World Travellers, Arash Vol. 4, Elke Schuster


Jhanmar – World Travellers, Arash Vol. 4, Elke Schuster
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
I’ve really enjoyed this series and now we’re on to the final book. I’ve mixed feelings – it’s great to find out how everything comes together and yet I’ll miss these characters…that’s always a problem for me but I’d rather an author stick to what’s planned than just drag more books out that don’t really fit. I’ve seen ( and read) this too many times.
So Livia is stuck with Ethan, her life seems perfect, she’s in love with him, and everyone seems happy when they meet. So why is she feeling something is not right? Is she just being picky or is there a more sinister reason behind the surface perfection of her life? In the meantime the others are trying desperately to see if she survived the fire, hoping she did and yet fearing the worse as time goes on and she doesn’t contact them. The strong family we first met is in pieces, crumbling with all the shocks and events of recent times. They’re spilt into groups set against each other, and being cleverly manipulated.
Cassius is distraught, thinking he’s killed Livia, Rupert desperate for a way to save Sophie, who’s dying. Ruth and Augustus are also ill, with Rebecca and Leila keen for a way to save them. Throw in the evil Ethan and power hungry Philomena, and we can see just what tangles are coming. Add to all the the changes recently that have happened to Livia, and its an all action read.
I love the romance between Cassius and Livia, have been rooting for them since book one. I hated the events that Rose set in motion, and yet somehow every time they get together something happens to separate them. They’re like doomed lovers, but I need them to come through, somehow everything must work for them. It’s hard going though and once again they struggle, with what seems like endless problems before they can reach each other for good.
Its a fascinating read, full of a kind of magic and where it seems events have been prophesied many centuries before. As always though its hard to work out exactly what’s meant by the words once they find them – who are they meant for, and what needs to be done? The families are divided, and behind it all there are those who want to make everything fit their own plans, and will stop at nothing to make it happen. I felt there was scarcely time to breathe between one event and the next here. Soon as one problem was sorted another two would crop up. Somehow though Elke pulls it all together into a satisfying conclusion, tying up all those little threads into a neat and perfect ending. It did seem a little rushed though – that’s my only criticism. There was such a huge and gripping build up, and then once events set in motion they were over very quickly it seemed. I’m not sure how else it could have been done though, so maybe my crit simply isn’t justified. That’s why I’m a reader though and not a writer – I simply wouldn’t know where to start Winking smile
Stars: Five, perfect ending and one to keep.

ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

NB: there will be a free promotion on Amazon for all 4 books from 21 November to 23 November.

Gabriel’s City, Laylah Hunter


Gabriel’s City, Laylah Hunter
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

This is a strange book to categorise. With the mention of Dragons I assumed Colin was going to be some kind of shifter, but was wrong. Then there’s the feel of it – its classed as NA and it has that definite air that it will appeal to that age group. Some NA transcend age groups and appeal to everyone, but this was one that’s very NA specific IMO. I enjoyed it but it’s not one I’d re read and not one I’d have been really sorry to miss.
Colin has a real change of personality over the course of the book, which starts when he becomes embroiled with Gabriel, who promptly names him Drake. That works well because Colin and Drake really are two very different people. The Dragon reference was confusing at first, but made sense once I understood Gabriel more, and fitted the story telling ( both the book and the stories told within it) perfectly. Gabriel – oh how sad I was for him, and yet he wasn’t sad for himself but had known no other way of life, abandoned in the cemetery at a really young age. He’s looked after himself since then, with only Deidre for a sort of friend. He looked upon Drake coming in to his life as a great gift. Deidre was so good to him, helping where she could and trying her best to keep him alive. Its easy to get moral about the killings, but it’s a rough world where its often kill or be killed. I loved how the connection between Drake and Gabriel grew slowly, developing at its own pace, not an insta love type romance.
Its a very different read to which I’m used to, a romance but also a story of how difficult life can be if you’re not born into the right class, and even if you are how easy it is to fall from favour. I loved that friendship and help was often found in unexpected places. Even the little details, the squalid room they lived in, the ratty blanket and worn clothes, catching pigeons ( and even rats) for food – it all gave that almost historical, underclass of people feel to the story, but the desolation that could have been in was lifted by Gabriel’s way of looking at life and appreciating the small things, and his love for Drake. From someone who was so self contained he gave his whole heart over time, and was lost when he thought Drake would leave.
Stars: Its a fun read, and like I said, very outside my comfort zone. Its a Riptide publication and I’ve read and enjoyed so many of those that I simply didn’t check carefully enough to see what this story was about. I’m sure for YA/NA its a five star read but from this O(der) A its a three.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and Riptide.

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