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I Belong to You, Lisa Renee Jones

I Belong to You, Lisa Renee Jones

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.

I love this series and have always found Mark to be a fascinating person, so much hidden under the enigmatic facade he presents to the world. Finally, finally we get some answers to him. Crystal too – she’s always had quite a reserved front, and I suspected she was hiding something but – Wow – not that….
The heat is up, Mark’s mum is still very ill, Ava and Corey still on the run but suspected to be after Mark, allied with someone dangerous helping them, the police still seem to suspect Mark is hiding something, the press still looking for dirt and sex scandals, and in the midst of all that Crystal is still trying to keep Riptide running. Then things come out that make Mark suspect she’s a target too.
Oh I really enjoyed this novella for the answers we finally got, and for the in-depth view we get of Mark. He’s struggling with so much going on, so much he can’t predict and allow on his own terms, and  he starts to look at his constant need for control of everything. It’s masked problems from his past, and allowed him to cope but in truth he’s done that at a price, not allowing himself to love with Rebecca, something he now regrets. Its time for a change or go under, with events running beyond his jurisdiction,  and Crystal gives him the impetus to make it. I love the way the present and the past are tied together, the way what worked for Mark then was explained, and how we see that now he’s changed he needs a different solution. Its a very emotional read, fast paced with danger at every turn, and yet still Marks trademark ar$e-holeness as Crystal calls it, coming through when his control starts to slip. He’s not going to change overnight but we can see that he’s on the way to a brighter future. It’s a great read, and though it can be read as a standalone I think it’s best with the knowledge that came from the other books.
Its a series I’ll happily reread back to back when finally I have all the books. There are so many characters involved now that I’m interested to see how I view events at the beginning of the series, armed with how I now know things go. My only problem with the series is the way its separated out into so many parts, making it a very expensive read. However Lisa’s writing is very good, and she weaves a tight and exciting story, around characters that are fascinating and leaves the reader wanting to know how everything resolves.
Stars: Five. Once again a great read, my usual gripes about splitting novels in this way apart…
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

Shiftin’ Dirty, (Southern Shifters 6), Eliza Gayle

Shiftin' Dirty: BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance (Southern Shifters Book 6)


Shiftin’ Dirty, (Southern Shifters 6), Eliza Gayle
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
This is one of those series that I jumped in, starting with book three, and have really come to enjoy. This one feels a bit lighter than the last one though. I do like a solid read to get my teeth into, but it was still a good read.
Gage made for a great male lead, he’s the strong and silent type, solitary but feeling currently very frustrated and aroused by the pheromones given off by pregnant pack member Nikki. It’s putting all the males on edge, making them touchy and on the edge of fighting, lacking a sexual outlet. Hoping to get away briefly he goes to a biker bar. Of course instead of the quiet, peaceful drink he wants he gets involved with a human, Sienna, who is caught up in a shifter battle. She saw one of the men change form and that’s disaster, humans have to be kept out of the loop about Supernaturals..
Sienna, she had been taken for a ride by her ex, made homeless, penniless and on the verge of bankruptcy from all the debts he left. She’s desperate and the bar job is her last hope. Its a tough one, but she’s on trial for the night, and she’s trying hard. Then she goes outside at the end of the evening and sees a man change into a wolf! Gage has been tempted by her scent but told himself it was just the effects of the pheromones he’s feeling, but when he rescues her from the other men his wolf is shouting Mate at him. Not sure how to proceed, but keen to get her out of immediate danger he whisks her away on his bike. There’s danger to her not just from the other shifters right now, but from the Council in the longer term. Shifter politics seem just like our human ones at times, bogged down by archaic rules and red tape!
Poor Sienna, now she’s stuck in a weird place where everything that is shouldn’t be, according to her world perspective. Men that change into wolves? Rubbish… except she Saw It Happen….and with Gage’s family she finds out there are other types of shifter too. She’s always been ridiculed for not being tall and slender, but Gage seems fascinated by her curves and can’t keep his hands off her. That’s a shock, especially given he’s incredibly hot himself, and somehow he’s hard to resist even though a part of her is scared about this new world. What has she to lose though? Set against a man who wants her, who she wants back, who wants to look after her, loves her baking and can offer her lifelong love. Its a big decision but she needs to choose right now.
Its a fun read, quite a light one but a great sexy addition to the series. I think its easier of you’ve read some of the others, but wouldn’t be impossible to pick up without as Eliza gives just enough info to let new readers keep up, but not bore those who already know things.
Stars: Four- a fun, sexy addition to the series.
ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

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