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How to Bake a Man, Jessica Barksdale Inclan,

How to Bake a Man, Jessica Barksdale Inclan,
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Genre: Romance, Humour

Well, sometimes I want a light, fluffy humorous book – all that angst and emotion I love to read needs some contrast, and I’d gone through several dramatic books so this sounded just perfect. Sadly though I didn’t like this one.

My biggest problem was Becca. Whiny, flighty, seeming to think everything and everyone should do as she wants, I just couldn’t take to her. Her baking business was terribly slick to set up and get customers – OK it’s fiction, but there needs to be a bit of realism, and she seemed to have no problems with funding, kitchen inspections, licences, transport and customers. It looked like one day she decides to run a baking business and a few days later its up and running…Life isn’t anywhere near like that, and I’d have more respect if she’d hit a few problems, or it took longer. Anyone who’s done anything like this knows that Councils especially take weeks to make inspections and decisions. Also I can’t see how she could produce all those lovely goods herself in a domestic kitchen, or how just one office block could support a business.

Poor old Sal, he was a gem and yet she took his help for granted – there’s not even a mention of her providing even fuel money for his car, she just expects him to do her bidding. When she first had the idea surely she should have though about transport? Clearly though she didn’t….She seems to be one of life’s entitled takers, and when she happens upon Jeff she decides she’s in love and he’d be better off with her rather than his girlfriend – who co incidentally is Becca’s double. She knows nothing about her except office gossip, and the fact she’s seen and been subject to some of her nastiness. For all she knows Jeff too could be like that! Jeff seemed to me to be a wimp – what she saw in him on that instant look to fall in love I don’t know, and his subsequent behaviour was not anything to improve my view of him.

The best of the group were Sal, a gem of a man and very under appreciated, and Sasha and Chad from the office where she sold her goods. There were odd storylines that seemed to go nowhere, such as the start where we see her at uni, the fact of Jennifer and Becca looking so alike, her dad’s new marriage, and the lack of contact with him when she as a child…To me those story lines seemed like padding. I was waiting for some kind of connection further down the book, but found nothing so what was the point of them? I could have missed something though, as by halfway I was so bored I skim read to the end.

Its not one for me, but I can see its got a huge number of fans so once again its an example of how not all books suit all readers, nothing to do with quality of the book, simply differing tastes. The biscuits and cakes though – they were five stars!!

Stars: Two, just not one for me

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