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Premiere, A Love Story, Tracy Ewen

Premiere: A Love Story


Premiere, A Love Story, Tracy Ewen
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
I thought this sounded fun, I do love a good romance, one with lots of emotion and was hoping that’s what I’d get here. Well, there was lots of angst by way of looking back at their lives, and regrets, but though I’m always championing longer reads I wished this one was shorter, as I felt that they just pored over, drew out every last nuance of each little action or sentence spoken. I even found myself skimming parts….
Sam, lifelong best friend to Peter and Grady and daughter of a well off and loving family. She’s long loved Peter, but in secret, content to support him and Grady and be their friend. That’s the way it went all through school and college, and when Peters dad killed himself and his mum descended into alcoholism he needed their support. Then they moved on, graduated drama school, and life forced them to look at the future. Sam has her heart broken by Peter, but after a while picks herself up, puts aside her dreams, and comes home to work in the local theatre. She’s good at her job, has dated but keeps her heart closed it seems to me. She’s just kind of marking time, passing the days and inside she still yearns for her lost dreams of Peter, even though she believes she’s over him, and hasn’t seen or spoken to him for four years.
Then he brings his latest play back to her theatre, being as successful as he has means its going to be the thing needed to save the theatre financially. Poor Sam, I felt for her, she thought it was all under control until she saw him…then she sees the new play and – wow – what a horrible thing. I couldn’t believe he could be so crass and I guess that’s where the problems I had with this book came in. Peter – the Great Love in Sam’s life, he was so selfish!! Every time he comes out with excuses its all about what he needs, regardless of others, and in his mind that’s all the reason he requires. Even the play shows him as he sees himself but the others? The friends that supported him – oh Sam is portrayed as a shallow, debutante, small town queen type, and Grady a rich, lightweight playboy, with both their lives being problem free and so easy compared to his traumas. Did he really see his friends like that? Miss all the problems they had, the times when they were unhappy, feeling frustrated and suffocated by the restrictions placed on them. Had he really forgotten all the things they did together, the fun they had, the times when they were there to help him? He seems determined to hate his past and reshape memories to fit his wishes. Poor Sam is distraught – he broke her heart, and now with that scene in the play he’s stomping all over it. And yet she still loves him. All I could think is Why? What on earth did she see in him? Still, the emotions we have aren’t always rational, and even though I felt she deserved more it was Peter she wanted, warts and all….but dare she let him in again though?
The later part of the book, where things began to happen, had for me more depth, and lots of emotion but that first half, two thirds even, felt so slow to me, so full of “what if” conversations and reminiscing that it palled. I was bored, though I like to look at the past and of course it was relevant, I just felt I wanted a bit more of something happening now. Peter had become a famous playwright, but it seemed to me the two we were given were both from his past, written to portray him in the best light and once again it was nothing original and all about what he wanted, felt he needed, regardless of anyone else emotions. I needed to like him more – and I just couldn’t.
As ever though this is just how it affected me, and lots of readers like that slow, drawn out reveal, the way the reader needs to look between the lines. It was well written and if that’s what you like I’m sure it’ll be a higher rate than mine.
Stars: Three, there were some very emotional scenes in that last third that were great, but that slow, prolonged, going nowhere beginning spoiled it for me.
ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

I Belong to You, Lisa Renee Jones

I Belong to You, Lisa Renee Jones

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.

I love this series and have always found Mark to be a fascinating person, so much hidden under the enigmatic facade he presents to the world. Finally, finally we get some answers to him. Crystal too – she’s always had quite a reserved front, and I suspected she was hiding something but – Wow – not that….
The heat is up, Mark’s mum is still very ill, Ava and Corey still on the run but suspected to be after Mark, allied with someone dangerous helping them, the police still seem to suspect Mark is hiding something, the press still looking for dirt and sex scandals, and in the midst of all that Crystal is still trying to keep Riptide running. Then things come out that make Mark suspect she’s a target too.
Oh I really enjoyed this novella for the answers we finally got, and for the in-depth view we get of Mark. He’s struggling with so much going on, so much he can’t predict and allow on his own terms, and  he starts to look at his constant need for control of everything. It’s masked problems from his past, and allowed him to cope but in truth he’s done that at a price, not allowing himself to love with Rebecca, something he now regrets. Its time for a change or go under, with events running beyond his jurisdiction,  and Crystal gives him the impetus to make it. I love the way the present and the past are tied together, the way what worked for Mark then was explained, and how we see that now he’s changed he needs a different solution. Its a very emotional read, fast paced with danger at every turn, and yet still Marks trademark ar$e-holeness as Crystal calls it, coming through when his control starts to slip. He’s not going to change overnight but we can see that he’s on the way to a brighter future. It’s a great read, and though it can be read as a standalone I think it’s best with the knowledge that came from the other books.
Its a series I’ll happily reread back to back when finally I have all the books. There are so many characters involved now that I’m interested to see how I view events at the beginning of the series, armed with how I now know things go. My only problem with the series is the way its separated out into so many parts, making it a very expensive read. However Lisa’s writing is very good, and she weaves a tight and exciting story, around characters that are fascinating and leaves the reader wanting to know how everything resolves.
Stars: Five. Once again a great read, my usual gripes about splitting novels in this way apart…
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

Shiftin’ Dirty, (Southern Shifters 6), Eliza Gayle

Shiftin' Dirty: BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance (Southern Shifters Book 6)


Shiftin’ Dirty, (Southern Shifters 6), Eliza Gayle
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
This is one of those series that I jumped in, starting with book three, and have really come to enjoy. This one feels a bit lighter than the last one though. I do like a solid read to get my teeth into, but it was still a good read.
Gage made for a great male lead, he’s the strong and silent type, solitary but feeling currently very frustrated and aroused by the pheromones given off by pregnant pack member Nikki. It’s putting all the males on edge, making them touchy and on the edge of fighting, lacking a sexual outlet. Hoping to get away briefly he goes to a biker bar. Of course instead of the quiet, peaceful drink he wants he gets involved with a human, Sienna, who is caught up in a shifter battle. She saw one of the men change form and that’s disaster, humans have to be kept out of the loop about Supernaturals..
Sienna, she had been taken for a ride by her ex, made homeless, penniless and on the verge of bankruptcy from all the debts he left. She’s desperate and the bar job is her last hope. Its a tough one, but she’s on trial for the night, and she’s trying hard. Then she goes outside at the end of the evening and sees a man change into a wolf! Gage has been tempted by her scent but told himself it was just the effects of the pheromones he’s feeling, but when he rescues her from the other men his wolf is shouting Mate at him. Not sure how to proceed, but keen to get her out of immediate danger he whisks her away on his bike. There’s danger to her not just from the other shifters right now, but from the Council in the longer term. Shifter politics seem just like our human ones at times, bogged down by archaic rules and red tape!
Poor Sienna, now she’s stuck in a weird place where everything that is shouldn’t be, according to her world perspective. Men that change into wolves? Rubbish… except she Saw It Happen….and with Gage’s family she finds out there are other types of shifter too. She’s always been ridiculed for not being tall and slender, but Gage seems fascinated by her curves and can’t keep his hands off her. That’s a shock, especially given he’s incredibly hot himself, and somehow he’s hard to resist even though a part of her is scared about this new world. What has she to lose though? Set against a man who wants her, who she wants back, who wants to look after her, loves her baking and can offer her lifelong love. Its a big decision but she needs to choose right now.
Its a fun read, quite a light one but a great sexy addition to the series. I think its easier of you’ve read some of the others, but wouldn’t be impossible to pick up without as Eliza gives just enough info to let new readers keep up, but not bore those who already know things.
Stars: Four- a fun, sexy addition to the series.
ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

Underneath it All, Kate Canterbary

Underneath It All (The Walsh Series Book 1)


Underneath it All, Kate Canterbary
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
“If I had known I’d have a hot architect balls deep inside of me before the end of the weekend, I’d have made time for a pedicure. Also, a little chat about not losing my shit at all the wrong moments. Hindsight was a bitch, and karma…well, I didn’t know her story yet.” Well, with an opening like that who could resist? Not me…so I fell straight into this tale of hot sex, romance, lust and love by way of a very odd family.
Lauren is great, driven, ambitious product of two very loving but very forceful parents. Failure isn’t a word in her fathers vocabulary, and it feels to me as if she’s always trying, struggling to live up the example set by him and her SEAL brothers. She young, but is opening her own school, creating it from scratch right down to finding a building to convert. That’s how she meets Matthew. He’s an architect in a family of the same. Their mother died when he was young and the brothers and sisters (4 brothers, two sisters) have taken over the business from their father. He changed when he wife died and is a horrible man, cruel both mentally and physically, he says some awful things. He still has some kind of link with the business, and still tries to influence its direction and the way the family work. I learned all this over the course of the book, and at first it felt as if there ought to have been some kind of prequel, or maybe I was reading a new series based around an existing one, as it seemed as if I ought to know things about the family from the way conversations went. I even went as far as looking up in kindle lists just to see if there was anything else…. It left me floundering at times, but the interaction between them and Matthew and Lauren was so riveting, so entrancing that I simply had to continue.
I’m so glad I did carry on, Matthew and Lauren have something magical between them, and oddly though its Matthew with the dysfunctional family background, he’s the one that’s all in for a romance, for one that has a proper relationship and not just a quick fling as has been the way for him so far. Lauren is the one who’s convinced her life has no time or place for a relationship, that one night is all she can give, but then one night becomes two, and then a week, and then more. She tries to keep control by leaving arrangements til literally the last hour, and it makes Matthew realise she’s hiding, running scared, but can he change her, and how to proceed?
I loved all the characters, even the awful father – grief does strange things to people, not that it’s an excuse but it happens. As I got to know Matthews’ family as individuals I began to appreciate what strong people they were, and how they were all very different, but that diversity is what made them so strong in business. Matthew reminded me very much of Cade in the fabulous “ no weddings” series by Kat and Stone Bastion. He shared that same single mindedness about getting what he wanted once he’d found love. He knew Lauren was the one for him, it was just a matter of convincing her. (Cade had the same problem with Hannah.) Their sex scenes were seriously hot, sensual and erotic and they simply couldn’t keep their hands off each other every time they met, no matter where they were. Poor Riley, the youngest brother – he saw and heard more than a brother ever wants to a couple of times, when they didn’t know he was in the office. That kind of scene led to some great humour and snarky one liners…
Its a terrific read – once I’d sorted out the tangled family relationships, and I’m sure stories from and about the other family members will be equally good. Lauren too has brothers who could well enter the scene later in the series and be interesting.

Stars: Four and a half, that beginning where I was floundering, wondering who was who, and how they related brought it down the half star.
ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

A Cursed Bloodline: A Weird Girls Novel, Cecy Robson

A Cursed Bloodline: A Weird Girls Novel


A Cursed Bloodline: A Weird Girls Novel, Cecy Robson
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Having just read the novella introducing the sisters and their world I found it fine to jump straight in to this series, despite having missed the earlier books ( though I want to read them now too!). We meet Misha, the Master Vampire who is convinced he is in love with Celia, and that they will be together…despite her having told him over and over that she loves Aric. She’s been through so much to be with him, as a Pure Werewolf the Pack Elders were not happy at their connection, but finally recognised it because of their Mate bond. Still, not everyone is happy and it seems one of them, Anara, has secretly been gaining power, and turned to Dark Magic. Now he threatens everyone Celia loves, from her sisters, to Aric and his pack, and all her friends. He shows her just what he can do when he targets one of them, and he is unable to recover as a Were should. He tells her she needs to leave Aric, sever their bond, and to tell no-one of his plans or he will kill them all….Poor Celia, what a trap to be in and it gets worse and worse with danger coming from him and from another source. It leads to a riveting adventure, where I was hard put to keep up. Its a real roller coaster ride… Scarcely did she seems to recover from one thing when the next was on her. Its drama, drama, drama all the way, lots of magic and some scenes that really pulled at my emotions. Aric, he was so hurt when she pulled away, couldn’t believe it at first and then as her actions over time got more an more erratic thanks to Anara, and even her family thought she’s lost her head mentally he appeared to finally believe her and to have moved on – and when Celia saw that she was so distraught. I was too – poor Celia, all she wants to do is help people and be left alone with her love but all she gets is danger and isolation. she’s holding another huge secret from everyone too and I just felt heartbroken for her. I love a read like this where the sadness is really drawn out and i feel moved almost to tears. Its a testimony to how real the characters feel to me. My favouriet books are those where everything feels real even though its fantasy.

Stars: five, great escape from reality, a real gut wrenching read – just my type! I loved it even though I didn’t know all the background details, and its one for the keeper files along with the earlier ones when i get them…
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Jhanmar – World Travellers, Arash Vol. 4, Elke Schuster


Jhanmar – World Travellers, Arash Vol. 4, Elke Schuster
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
I’ve really enjoyed this series and now we’re on to the final book. I’ve mixed feelings – it’s great to find out how everything comes together and yet I’ll miss these characters…that’s always a problem for me but I’d rather an author stick to what’s planned than just drag more books out that don’t really fit. I’ve seen ( and read) this too many times.
So Livia is stuck with Ethan, her life seems perfect, she’s in love with him, and everyone seems happy when they meet. So why is she feeling something is not right? Is she just being picky or is there a more sinister reason behind the surface perfection of her life? In the meantime the others are trying desperately to see if she survived the fire, hoping she did and yet fearing the worse as time goes on and she doesn’t contact them. The strong family we first met is in pieces, crumbling with all the shocks and events of recent times. They’re spilt into groups set against each other, and being cleverly manipulated.
Cassius is distraught, thinking he’s killed Livia, Rupert desperate for a way to save Sophie, who’s dying. Ruth and Augustus are also ill, with Rebecca and Leila keen for a way to save them. Throw in the evil Ethan and power hungry Philomena, and we can see just what tangles are coming. Add to all the the changes recently that have happened to Livia, and its an all action read.
I love the romance between Cassius and Livia, have been rooting for them since book one. I hated the events that Rose set in motion, and yet somehow every time they get together something happens to separate them. They’re like doomed lovers, but I need them to come through, somehow everything must work for them. It’s hard going though and once again they struggle, with what seems like endless problems before they can reach each other for good.
Its a fascinating read, full of a kind of magic and where it seems events have been prophesied many centuries before. As always though its hard to work out exactly what’s meant by the words once they find them – who are they meant for, and what needs to be done? The families are divided, and behind it all there are those who want to make everything fit their own plans, and will stop at nothing to make it happen. I felt there was scarcely time to breathe between one event and the next here. Soon as one problem was sorted another two would crop up. Somehow though Elke pulls it all together into a satisfying conclusion, tying up all those little threads into a neat and perfect ending. It did seem a little rushed though – that’s my only criticism. There was such a huge and gripping build up, and then once events set in motion they were over very quickly it seemed. I’m not sure how else it could have been done though, so maybe my crit simply isn’t justified. That’s why I’m a reader though and not a writer – I simply wouldn’t know where to start Winking smile
Stars: Five, perfect ending and one to keep.

ARC supplied by publishers and Netgalley.

NB: there will be a free promotion on Amazon for all 4 books from 21 November to 23 November.

Gabriel’s City, Laylah Hunter


Gabriel’s City, Laylah Hunter
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

This is a strange book to categorise. With the mention of Dragons I assumed Colin was going to be some kind of shifter, but was wrong. Then there’s the feel of it – its classed as NA and it has that definite air that it will appeal to that age group. Some NA transcend age groups and appeal to everyone, but this was one that’s very NA specific IMO. I enjoyed it but it’s not one I’d re read and not one I’d have been really sorry to miss.
Colin has a real change of personality over the course of the book, which starts when he becomes embroiled with Gabriel, who promptly names him Drake. That works well because Colin and Drake really are two very different people. The Dragon reference was confusing at first, but made sense once I understood Gabriel more, and fitted the story telling ( both the book and the stories told within it) perfectly. Gabriel – oh how sad I was for him, and yet he wasn’t sad for himself but had known no other way of life, abandoned in the cemetery at a really young age. He’s looked after himself since then, with only Deidre for a sort of friend. He looked upon Drake coming in to his life as a great gift. Deidre was so good to him, helping where she could and trying her best to keep him alive. Its easy to get moral about the killings, but it’s a rough world where its often kill or be killed. I loved how the connection between Drake and Gabriel grew slowly, developing at its own pace, not an insta love type romance.
Its a very different read to which I’m used to, a romance but also a story of how difficult life can be if you’re not born into the right class, and even if you are how easy it is to fall from favour. I loved that friendship and help was often found in unexpected places. Even the little details, the squalid room they lived in, the ratty blanket and worn clothes, catching pigeons ( and even rats) for food – it all gave that almost historical, underclass of people feel to the story, but the desolation that could have been in was lifted by Gabriel’s way of looking at life and appreciating the small things, and his love for Drake. From someone who was so self contained he gave his whole heart over time, and was lost when he thought Drake would leave.
Stars: Its a fun read, and like I said, very outside my comfort zone. Its a Riptide publication and I’ve read and enjoyed so many of those that I simply didn’t check carefully enough to see what this story was about. I’m sure for YA/NA its a five star read but from this O(der) A its a three.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and Riptide.

I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas, Molly Harper


I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas, Molly Harper
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/paranormal
Well, I’m new to Half Moon Hollow and the inhabitants but this was a fun read, easy to follow and it didn’t matter that I knew nothing of the history.
I really enjoyed meeting the gang, and what a great mix they are. Gigi’s cooking trials made me laugh, as did Iris’ manic attempts to provide the perfect family xmas, trying to re create a scene that they never actually had. Its something many parents will feel – the pressure to make everything perfect but its pointless – perfection doesn’t exist in real life! Cal too – Iris’ vampire husband and his overly protective position in Gigi’s life was amusing, the constant jumping out and surprise attacks, and the over the top self protection training he arranges for her new job. Its a fun read, with a semi serious point about how stressful xmas can be when its family all together, and instead of aiming for perfection just try to keep everyone reasonably happy is the most to expect.
I enjoyed this little novella, it was an entertaining read and I would love to read more from the gang, but sadly they don’t seem to be available for kindle currently – I hope there are plans to bring them out in the future as its a great series that I think I’d love. I want to know more too about the mysterious vampire that seems to keep cropping up in Gigi’s life, why, who and what does he want.
Stars: Four and a half, a great read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Jess Dee

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Tastes of Seduction)


Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Jess Dee
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

This is a third book but each one is a standalone, though the characters seem to be connected.
Its a hot read, very erotic and sensual and that part worked well but…as a story I felt it was too much packed into too short a time. We hear a bit about how the characters met two years ago, and have been working acquaintances since then, though Noah and Dec have known each other far longer, being on and off lovers many times. Noah would be happy to continue as a couple, but Dec wants the wife, kids and picket fence conventionality that his family expect. Violet has worked with them, doing publicity for their business, for two years, and she was attracted to both right from the start but then Dec met her best friend..Once they started a relationship she stepped back.
Most of the action takes place on the weekend at the hotel, with a little happening after their return. That works as an erotic novella, but I really like more of a story, more beginning, more of how they first get attracted etc. I’m not really a fan of novellas or short stories, and though this is about 190 pages it still feels like a short, a vignette of their relationship, a snippet of time covering just the essential moments when they all finally get together. The heat is definitely high, with some very steamy encounters between all three, and for readers who just want that this will be five stars. I wanted more though, more story, more background to set the weekend against and a slower build up. That’s just me though as ever, and it is a good read, just not quite what I’d hoped for.
Stars: three and a half ( five for heat, two for story)
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

One Night: Denied, Jodi Ellen Malpas

One Night: Denied (One Night Trilogy)


One Night: Denied, Jodi Ellen Malpas
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Contemporary.
Well, I adored Jesse – confused man, yes, but where Ava was concerned the love he had for her was so clear right from the start. M though… Miller, the man of Mystery, well he’s a puzzle. What I don’t like about him is that he seems to say the word “I” a lot, everything seems to revolve around his needs whereas Jesse was all about what Ava needed – or at least what he thought she needed!!Finding out what Miller really is/does though…that was a shock to Livy, and I understood that, but WTF?? He insists on her only having him, not dating anyone else and yet she doesn’t insist on the same right from the get go? How could she do that, have so little respect for herself? I know her background made her understand him and what he did, but how, after she’d opened herself up to him, could he not be honest with her?Then once she knew how could she go back without insisting on being the only one? That’s beyond my comprehension.
Livy, she seems a really troubled girl in many ways, and I understand her a bit but lots of the time I just want to shake her and say “ get a grip”. She’s got a lovely nan who’s done, and still does, so much for her, and Gregory – her gay best friend – he’s a huge support. Even her boss and work colleagues, but she kicks them all when Miller calls. She doesn’t call nan, avoids Gregory and skips out from work so many times or is throwing up there I’m amazed they still employ her. She’s certainly not employee of the month…..What I loved about Ava from This Man was her strength, her self respect, and Livy needs some of that. I’m struck by the sensual connection between her and Miller, that comes over so well, but other than sex, what do they have? For me they need more. they don’t seem to ever go out or do “couple” things, and for me there has to be more than just great sex between two people or they become just sex partners. The time they tried it – well, once again Miller went down in my estimation. He seems as if he won’t even try, just pays lip service to it. I know it must be hard creating another man after the inestimable Jesse and the way he’s so loved, but Miller needs a sharp dose of what he will lose if he doesn’t buck up, and at least try harder to be the man Livy needs! Its not like this life is all he knows, his early life was hard but then so is many peoples. Clearly there’s still a lot to be revealed, and maybe this will make more sense after book three – that’s why I love standalones and not so much trilogies, as it often just doesn’t make sense until the end…and I have to wait for it! Usually I’d wait til all three books were out before buying, simply so I can read in one go, but having this for review made me buy book one, and so far I’m still struggling. There’s so much I love here, a UK setting ( hurrah, its great to read familiar places and types of pole), Miller’s intensity, the connection between them, the drama – its page after page but could do with a bit of reality and a break thrown in, just to balance it. The sex – wow that’s hot, but then Miller should be good!! I can’t quite fix on his definition of it being OK so long as he doesn’t actually sleep with clients, what exactly doe that mean? How far does he go – as they are paying a hell of a lot of money for his service, and I can’t see a meal and conversation will cut it! Its what he delivers, guaranteed orgasms that they pay for, so what exactly is he doing? And how can Livy reconcile herself with it?
Of course we get to the end and then More secrets come out, more mysteries and dammit – the dreaded, hated ( for me) cliff-hanger is there. I’m left in limbo and by the time book three is out I’ll have lost the intensity and drama, and not appreciate the story fully until I’ve read all three in one swoop.
Things that Really griped: – “Baby/Baby girl” I see this all the while in US books, but come on Jodi, Livy and M are British – I’ve never heard anyone use that since the early seventies when Baby, Chick and Bird were still hangovers from the 60’s ( I got called a “bird” once on a blind date and left…to be fair I was only about 13/14 and teens are arrogant..) It just sounds so wrong. Millers OCD – I accept it happens and affects people this way, and maybe the chaos and lack of control in his other life made him this way, but Livy just seemed happy to go with it from the start, never getting irritated by it even before she understood him. The “mine for 24 hours” bit – I found that hard to take, and when he was claiming she owed him xx hours I thought she’d say tough luck, I owe you nothing, but once again she just caved, and this was in the beginning. Gregory, he was so OTT gay in some ways that it demeaned him as a character – he didn’t need that. I liked the line taken with him and Ben(?) his not out boyfriend and would liked to have seen more of that. The way they had no life except sex…and yet she was throwing away everything and giving a big finger to those who knew her and dared to warn her to take care.
Despite all that I was sucked into Jodi’s fabulous writing once again. Book three has a lot to do to work it all together – and if she can pull it off then maybe it can come up to This Man but…so far its not promising for me. Its a hard act to follow of course, and if this was the first trilogy/novel from Jodi maybe we’d be less harsh, but we’re all hoping for some of that same Jesse/Ava magic. I need more detail and openness from Miller, more backbone from Livy, more couple-ness from them both and not just steamy, erotic sex, and more jealousy and drama from others involved. Cassie – I’m hoping for great things from her, she’s the potential of a first class jealous bitch who’ll stop at nothing ( very this man Sarah type) so I hope that gets delivered. I loved the epilogue in this man and hope we get the same glimpse of Livy and Miller’s future.
Stars: Four, I’ve lost of criticisms but they didn’t spoil the overall feel of the book, I did hover over three and a half, but in the main the parts I loved outweighed my crits, they were more little niggles so its a four. I’m really rooting for a five star finsh though which can explain away my irritations.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers



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We are four cousins hailing from Australia. Love of books runs in our family and we have decided to share our exhilirating gossip sessions with you. Here you can find book reviews from multiple genres, bringing you the best of buzz worthy popular fiction.

Brandy L Rivers

New York Times and USA Today Best selling Author