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Unbearable Passion – Book 2: French Kiss; Exposed (Unbearable Passion 3), Scarlett Avery Scarlett Avery

Unbearable Passion - Book 2: French Kiss (Romantic Erotica For Women Series)

Unbearable Passion – Book 2: French Kiss, Scarlett Avery
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Erotic romance
Well, as promised Scarlett has book two out promptly, so I’ve not had to wait long to continue this gripping and sexy story.
It’s very much fairy-tale style, with Amanda being gorgeous and intelligent, and just having to fall back on this trade as her business failed due to her ex, and of course Bryce is hot – seriously hot and very rich.  I guess in reality Amanda would be some-one well past her best days, gussied up as Nan would say, to cover up all her faults, and with the intelligence of a gnat, whereas Bryce would be rich but aging, with a comb over, and coarse and uncouth – but who wants to read that? Give me fairy-tales anytime! I won a competition a few years back for a weekend in a “destination” hotel in Geneva. Sunday lunchtime saw a procession of short, older, grey haired men, wearing band T’s and casually but intentionally distressed denims, accompanied by size 00, perfectly coiffed, spray tanned blondes, who towered over them in their six inch glittering, strappy sandals and sprayed on dresses, dripping gold and diamonds. rural Norfolk, UK has nothing like that – my friend and I were entranced
Anyway Bryce and Amanda are off to Paris for the week, with she being his translator as well as his evening entertainment. She does well, and he picks up lots of new business due to her language skills. Everyone is very impressed with her and she’s having a great time. Bryce has arranged lots of beautiful clothes – especially lingerie – for her. He’s still ready for sex at every opportunity, and they have some sensual interludes in between work duties. Though he’s very controlling and dominant there’s something about him that stops him coming over as an arrogant, rich bully, as he so well could be. He’s got this core of genuineness to me. I feel he’s really a true gentleman, and he treats Amanda like a lady, not just an escort.  I loved the Russian lady – well, one could technically call her that… who they met at a party thrown by another of his friends. I love the “bad” characters, the jealous ones and I hope we hear more of her later. There’s a moment when we see another side to Bryce too that’s intriguing, which I hope happens more – after all even the best guys have to have a bit of “bad” in them somewhere…
Once again its a short but steamy read, with a fun storyline. Its easy to see that Amanda is developing feelings, but what about Bryce – he doesn’t seem the sort to allow himself that especially now we see he seems to regard it as a weakness.
Stars: Four, lots of heat, fun story and I’m looking forward to more.
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Unbearable Passion - Book 3: Exposed (Romantic Erotica For Women Series)

Exposed (Unbearable Passion 3), Scarlett Avery
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Erotic romance.
Bryce now knows Amanda is really Sophia, and more of her history. They’ve become very close since Paris, and Sophia feels she’s falling for him, something Todd, her employer/agent/? warned her not to do. Bryce seems to be arranging for her to spend all her time with him and then he has a huge PR business nightmare that means he has to leave suddenly. It starts with one of his long time top employees being taken ill, and he flies out to help his wife, who has toddler triplets. This guy has been with him ages, and he wants to ensure everything possible is done for him and the family. Then some sordid secrets come out, and instead of the two days away he’d planned he’s away weeks. Sophia needs money, and reluctantly takes another job, this time escorting a gentleman to South America for business. Phone coverage is spotty there and Bryce and Sophia struggle to keep in contact. He’s mad with jealousy that she’s with someone else, but knows that’s her job…still, he struggles to accept it but he’s tied to the PR nightmare that seems to get worse and worse.
Well, just when it was looking good for them, when they were becoming more than just escort and client the problems stack up. Poor Sophia, she doesn’t want another job but needs the money – and isn’t that how real life goes? We plan, try to work everything out as best we can, and then life throws in a spanner and mixes everything up. I think there’s a saying “man proposes, God/life disposes”  that’s very apt) Bryce needs to pull out the stops if he’s to get her back, but he can’t leave his business as it is…he does plan a really different surprise though for Sophia when he returns. Personally its something I wouldn’t be happy about, but then everyone is different. Sophia isn’t sure at first but finds she really enjoys it.
Lots of hot sex, some angst with the problems that arise but this episode didn’t quite grab me as much as the earlier ones, didn’t seem to be much drama, even though the separation was difficult, it just didn’t feel as bad as it could have been to me. . Its still a hot sexy read though with a fun backstory. I thought it was a four part series but I’m not sure now – it doesn’t feel like it can be wrapped up in just one more part so I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next instalment to see what’s going to happen. Edit: Scarlett ahs been in touch to say yes it is a four part series so not long to wait til the finale!
Stars: three and a half, some hot and sexy fun but I would have liked a bit more angst, jealousy, sadness or something to balance out all the happy parts  that’s just me though as always.
ARC supplied by author


Twisted Dreams, The Dhampyre Chronicles Book One, Marissa Farrar


Twisted Dreams, The Dhampyre Chronicles Book One, Marissa Farrar
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: NA, Sci-fi and Fantasy.
I like the chance to get in on a new series at the start, and this sounded fun. Its classed as NA but to me felt more like an upper end YA. That’s no reflection on the story, it was good but it was very simplified, with many of the questions raised that would be answered in a NA book left open – such as the two car accidents Beth has just a few days apart never raising a police or parental issues. In fact actual authority figures don’t seem to exist in this book, except as a vague inference, and given what’s going on they’d be around like flies on meat, and I need some excuse, some reasons why they’ve kept away. Ok I’m not NA, long past, but have enjoyed some cracking reads in this genre as well as the YA genre. A good novel spans ages. The one sex scene in here is I guess the reason why its NA and not YA, ah well….
It may seem from the above comments I didn’t like this book, and that’s wrong – I did, I liked it a lot.  I found it easy to read with a fun storyline. I’ve not read the earlier series about her parents ( though somewhere on my enormous TBR list is book one. I think I really need about three lifetimes to ever conquer that list!) but this is still easy to follow, and those who like me are coming in cold needn’t worry, everything we need to know is there.
Its a kind of simple girl comes of age, wants independence from loving but smothering parents ( yeah – real world stuff for lots of teens!) so crosses country to school (Uni here in UK would be equivalent ). Poor Beth though, stuff happens even before she gets to school, with an incident involving the travelling fair just as she hits town. She makes it though, and meets some of her new school friends, Dana  the newspaper editor, Brooke her roommate, Flynn the school prizewinning swimmer, and Riley from the fair. Things happen to her that lead her into increasing danger, but the risks to the town of her just packing up and leaving are too great. Plus of course – after telling her parents she’ll be fine what teen wants to show them she’s not? Teens come with a sense of indestructability you know….I remember that too well.
Its a well written book, neat storyline that wraps up but with leaving the next episode opening there. I like the way the Beth/Flynn/Riley triangle is opening, and the possibilities it raises. I’m not sure if I’ll go for it or not, I think maybe there’s a little too much suspension of belief for me, but who knows…when its out and if I’m looking for something readable, a paranormal but not too deep it could just fit the bill 🙂
Stars: Four, a solid start to a new series and a fun read despite my reservations.
Arc supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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