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The Donor, Nikki Rae

The Donor, Nikki Rae
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: New Adult, Sci-fi & fantasy.
I found this a curious read, I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not…. Like most readers I was intrigued at what exactly really was, and it’s a while into the book before it becomes clear. I felt for poor Casey, she seems so alone and facing serious illness solo as she doesn’t want to burden her family. Her dad was badly injured, and its taking all they have for her mum and her to pay the bills, Casey just can’t give them more bills to worry over, so she joins the invitation only, select group Mytruematch. As a reader it looks like a dating service, but it soon becomes clear its not, that its something more and Casey veers between being pleased at the chance to earn a good sum towards bills, and scared at what she may have to do. When she meets Jonah he’s such a gentleman, very quiet and though she hasn’t told him she’s ill it quickly becomes apparent to him.That’s where he really stars for me, he’s just so tender, so caring and when they exchange stories his is so very sad. Its like two people fate has slammed over taking comfort from each other.
The subject is very sensitively handled, but I had some problems with the backwards and forwards narrative, it was slightly confusing at times, but that’s probably a personal thing rather than anything to do with the way it’s written. I’ve found before that it’s rare I enjoy this style of writing – I get absorbed on the present and it jumps to the past, I get drawn in to the past and then…its the present again. There’s gentle, sensitive sort of mini romance here, and being the addict for happy endings I’ve got my own in my imagination..the book leaves it open really for the reader to imagine what they want. I think Nikki probably veers towards a different end to me, and that would suit the book better, but I hate to see that sort of conclusion.
It’s a very emotional read, quite deep and the topics raised are cleverly and sensitively handled. In her words at the end of the book Nikki mentions her own personal experiences, and it shows in the way she’s dealt with illness. So often serious illness is just trivialised, I’d read another novel yesterday where someone had been diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer and yet given an all clear after 8 months – that trivialises what is a serious, and for too many people, life-threatening illness.
Stars: Three. Well, I’m still unsure of how to rate this, its not a book I’d read again, and at times it’s uncomfortable reading. I didn’t get the satisfaction from it that I do on a novel that takes me into itself and out of the everyday world, and yet…it’s one of those stories that somehow you feel richer for having read. Maybe that’s its charm, that it allows us to feel for someone else, stuck in a hard place and thus appreciate our own lives more.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Chase the Dark, Annette Marie

Chase the Dark (Steel & Stone Book 1)

Chase the Dark, Annette Marie
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-fi, Fantasy, teens and YA
Though I’m long past the YA group I enjoy some in the genre, when they have an interesting storyline. This sounded intriguing enough to be one of those.
Its a fun read, action packed but easy to follow as most YA reads are. Sometimes that’s all that sets them apart from novels aimed at older readers, the way the story flows easily, and when I’m looking for something that isn’t going to demand too much concentration to follow the plot( s) then these are perfect. This one proved to be one of those, and I’m eager to find out how the story continues.
It’s centred mainly around Piper, whose father runs this branch of the Consulate, and Piper wants to become a Consul herself. Sadly though she’s an anomaly, a Haemon without magic, so although she’s skilled at self defence it’s unlikely she’ll get her ambition, unless some miracle starts her magic. The other two main characters are Lyre, an incubus, friendly, sexy and always flirting and Ash, Mr Dark, Dangerous and Delicious… Well, that’s it – I’m always a sucker for the bad boys Smile my money’s on Ash!
The Consulate are meeting to exchange the magical Sahar Stone into a protective place. In the wrong hands its a terrible and powerful weapon. Piper is charged with keeping Lyre and Ash from coming downstairs while its going on – simple eh? Then things go wrong, there are explosions, murders, raving bloodthirsty Daemons, and all that stands between death for Piper are Ash and Lyre. Despite being Daemons themselves they help her escape, and then they discover that the Sahar Stone has been stolen and they are believed to be behind it. They’re on the run from then on, trying to trace who’s behind everything. They encounter dangerous situations and monsters, as well as some terrorist Haemon and human groups, and poor Piper gets a shock when she finds out some things she’s always believed are lies.
Of course on the run with two hot daemons has its own problems. Piper doesn’t subscribe to the “all daemons are evil” theory held by so many, and treats them as she would another human. She gets a couple of surprises along the way that serve to remind her they aren’t though, they can be dangerous and untrustworthy. They seem so helpful to her, save her life several times between them, and she theirs, and the three seem to have become quite a unit. Piper is getting confused, she feels differently about them now they’ve been through so much together, and she’s puzzled, why are they helping her when all data suggest its something Daemons don’t do? Throw in more deceptions and revelations, the appearance of a dangerous group, disappearance of the Stone, and the trio are fighting for their lives.
Its a fun read, easy to follow but with some fairly complex plotlines. I really enjoyed it and want to see how the story continues. Though there’s no romance yet its clear that it could be on the cards, with Piper being attracted to both Lyre and Ash.
Stars: Four, a great start to what seems a promising series.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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