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Hell on Wheels, A Bluewater Bay Novel, Z..A. Maxfield

Hell on Wheels (Bluewater Bay Book 3)


Hell on Wheels, A Bluewater Bay Novel, Z..A. Maxfield
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Gay and Lesbian.
I love the Bluewater Bay novels and it’s such fun having a series that’s written by different authors. Each book is a complete story but sometimes we meet characters from earlier books in another one. This idea of author collaboration works well I think – many of them have co-written other reads so they all have a style that will work together, and though the series could feel very disjointed it doesn’t – it feels fresh and I’m really enjoying it. Some authors feature more on the film set and the stars, others take the locals from the town of Bluewater Bay. This time we meet Spencer, who’s one of the stars of the film and Nash who runs a local business. The film connection is mostly in the background though, Spencer is one of the stars but we don’t see any of the set or actual filming.
Nash – oh Nash, what a great man he is. He’s got a lovable and crazy inventor father ( I love the saviour saver – or whatever it was called….), a twin brother and a disabled younger sister. His twin is away at college, dad has retired from the business and spends his time inventing more and more of those gadgets we don’t think we need but somehow end up with, and he makes good money from it. 15 year old Shelby has some serious health issues and is a wheelchair user, but the brothers and dad have done a great job and she’s very independent. I so sympathise with her when she says she feels invisible sometimes – that people see the wheelchair and not her – I’m also a chair user and that’s exactly how it is, people talk to whoever is with me as if I’m an idiot sometimes – or even more infuriating I get the “baby” voice and my head patted. One day I’m going to do the two fingered eye jab and scream!! Back to the book….now everyone is changing, growing up and becoming independent and Nash is beginning to feel he’s not needed any more, and is a bit lost.
Spencer, oh he’s great too – loyal and loving, and wants a traditional type marriage, yet his husband has left him for a woman. His ex is a real jerk, and the lady involved is a real b itch. They provided some great moments of drama and I do love that, someone nasty to mentally boo and hiss at. If its all sweetness and light its boring! I love Spencer’s very British curses, B ollocks and A rse, so familiar!
Nash comes across Spencer waiting for a tow truck just outside town and keeps him company. He’s not one of the big fans of the series, doesn’t really get into all the celebrity cult worship though his younger sister adores the series, especially Spencer. He can see Spencer is unhappy and carrying some anger and they chat, get along well and soon become good friends – and maybe a bit more. Nash tries to tell himself Spencer’s only there to film his part and then he’s off, but the heart doesn’t listen to the head does it? They’re feeling their way, getting closer and then – bam – The Ex comes out with a very public, very grand ( and very funny, though unintended on his part) gesture. Poor Nash, he’d been kidding himself he’d got his feelings under control, and when he sees this he’s convinced Spencer will take Peter back and forget him. I do love the sad parts…and I really felt for poor Nash when this happened.
Its another great read from Bluewater, and I love the way we saw the whole family, loved Spencers team of Tick and Bast, and the way they all felt like real people. As I’ve said I could identify with Shelby and her part was very true to life. So often authors throw in a disability without ever really researching the realities of it but this time it was very realistic.
Stars: Five, loved it and a perfect ending.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Kindle Scout

Well, I saw on another blog that an author was pleased one of his books had been chosen via this – I’d never heard of it so as usual off I went to satisfy my curiosity….the web sends me off on lots of detours when I’m doing one thing (in this case checking emails) and something spurs my curiosity. I could waste spend hours reading about all sorts of things. I love information and there’s so much to find – Google really is my friend!
Anyway Kindle Scout is a place for authors to submit their books and readers to nominate them for a prize. What’s the prize you ask – well how does this sound: . Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.
As far as I can find its free, but sadly only for US authors.

You US people get everything long before the rest of us….I have no idea why. So if you’re self publishing, a US author why not submit your book? As ever though read the T&C first and make sure it’s right for you. There may be catches I’ve not seen.

I’m not sure how long it’s been around but there are not many books on there currently – less than 100 I’d guess so pretty good odds 🙂

The Fire Seer, (Coalition Of Mages 1), Amy Raby

The Fire Seer (Coalition of Mages Book 1)


The Fire Seer, (Coalition Of Mages 1), Amy Raby
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, fantasy.
I wasn’t sure I’d like this but I did, I really enjoyed it. Its written in a way like a good YA read in that its very easy to follow, not overly complicated but with plots that twist and turn and take the reader on a real journey.
I liked Taya, she’s worked hard to get where she is despite being bullied during her years of training, and looked down on by her peers from the higher Castes. Bullying is always difficult, and the format it took over her education in magic became very hard for her to deal with, almost killing her with the final “prank” So when she takes up her first assignment and finds the main culprit Mandir, is her bodyguard she’s very angry. She can’t do anything about it though, so she decides to keep as separate from him as is possible. She’s surprised though at how he seems to have changed, but feels underneath that he’s just waiting for the opportunity to trick her again, that he’s setting up something with his attempts at kindness and being helpful.
Then we see things from Mandir’s POV, where he had a horrific childhood as the bastard son of the royal heir. No-one wanted him really, and he’d been taken from his mother at an early age – so bullying was really all he knew, and he was being self protective in a way by trying to deflect attention. He’d learned its bully or be bullied, and having seen two of his brothers beaten to death he’d taken the hard line. Taya though brings out emotions in him he doesn’t know how to deal with, and thus he seeks her attention in the only way he knows, with trickery and violence. I had a real change of heart about him over the book, and loved the way he explained what he’d learned in his year of penance for almost killing Taya.
The storyline is a fun one, full of magic and red tape – seems even in fantasy land red tape prevails and constrains what people want and can do. They see things they feel are unfair, and yet are helpless to deal with it without cost to themselves, possibly a death sentence. Unapproved use of magic is treated very seriously, and punishment is strict. The search for the Jackal turns up all sorts of lines of enquiry, and is peppered with false trails and secrets. The farmers don’t like them and won’t cooperate, and Taya and Mandir feel they’re withholding info, but they can’t prove it or force them to tell what they know. Its a tough job and gets dangerous as they get closer to the culprit. The Jackal totally came as a surprise to me, as did the way everything worked out, but it was a perfect ending and I’d love to read more as Taya and Mandir continue their work.

Stars: Four and a half, an excellent read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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