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Courting Trouble, Kimberly Dean

Courting Trouble, Kimberly Dean
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Erotica
I like a simple hot ands sexy read sometimes, and this was perfect. Sienna has had a financial crisis and become an Escort, a rich persons accompaniment. Its not sexual, that’s forbidden, they just pay for her time and company – sometimes a lady wants someone to come on a spa day, or have lunch, sometimes a man needs a date to an event,instead of going solo and being a magnet for all the single ( and not single ) ladies there. She balks when Nina first approaches her but it pays big time, and beats the waitressing she’s doing at the moment. It means too that she’ll have days free to look for work that fits her degree qualifications instead of being stuck waitressing. It hits her pride using her looks for a job, but she sees other she was at uni with who’ve found success using contacts or family and decides it’s worth it.

Nina saw Sienna when she was waitressing at an event where Jason Sloan was attending. She’s always on the lookout for customers and people who will suit her business,Luxxor Escort Services,  so when she sees Jason looking at Sienna, sees that he can’t seem to take his eyes off her she gets an idea…Jason has been a customer but a hard to please one, so she talks to Sienna, finds out that she’s educated, speaks foreign languages, and as a Diplomat’s daughter is naturally able to converse with many types of people . Perfect. She just has to convince Sienna.

Its not long before things go her way, Jason needs a date and she assigns Sienna. They get on well, and soon he’s demanding her exclusively from Nina, he can’t bear the thought of her going out with others. The current contract forbids sex, and its clear he wants it and Sienna isn’t opposed to the idea though she feels guilty about her attraction to Jason. He’s so sensual, and turns her one so quickly she knows its only a matter of time before she gives in, contract or not, so they draw up a new contract. At first Sienna feels badly about it but Nina is convincing, and she’s so attracted to Jason so she signs. Then we get into the real meat of the book, the hot, raunchy, erotic sex, and they get closer and closer.

As time goes by Sienna starts to forget she’s his paid escort, and is falling in love. She’s scared but can’t stop herself from seeing him and feeling things. Then things go south, her awful ex is newscaster for a sporting event they are attending, and as an Ex profession hockey star the reporters are all swarming Jason and Sienna….Then things happen that force Sienna to admit some truths to herself. I love the sad bits. Of course the sensuality of the love scenes are good, but without the deep drama of when things go wrong for me its all just light fluff. So when every thing go badly and it looks like its the end that’s when the story gets made for me, I want to know how they will come through, what will be said, what will happen. This was perfect for me. It is what it is, and unashamed erotic romance. No huge surprises but a well written sexy read.

Stars: Five, a great easy to read sexy romance.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Blood Moon, (Moon 3), Lisa Kessler.

Blood Moon (Entangled Select Otherworld)

Blood Moon, (Moon 3),  Lisa Kessler.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Paranormal romance,
Onto the third in the series now, and the overall story is fast gaining pace and becoming established as a real battle against the Nero organisation. Poor Nadya, orphaned at a young age and cared for by her beloved sister  Sasha, she’s now facing a death sentence. Sasha had escaped Nero’s clutches in the last book, and is about to marry werewolf Aren. As a last ditch attempt to hurt her a maddened, psychotic Nero werewolf bit her sister, leaving Nadya infected with the virus Nero had been experimenting with, which so far has sent all infected subjects mad very quickly.
The Pack doctor Jason has been trying to help Nadya, so far as they know there’s no cure, only a descent into painful madness and certain death in days, weeks, possibly a few months. Jason has feelings for Nadya, they’ve dated a couple of times prior to her bite and he’d love more, but that’s all on hold for now. In an attempt to help her he allows a Nero scientist to inject her with a serum he says may help, in exchange for copies of test data on her. Its a difficult decision, they have to keep it secret from the Pack Alpha who certainly wouldn’t approve of dealings with anyone from Nero, and of course there’s no guarantee it will help,  but it’s all they have for now and Nadya wants to try.
She’s always been drawn to Gareth, but he keeps himself apart from people, being very closed and solitary since the death of his brother at the hands of Nero. He’s always made it clear too he doesn’t care about anyone else, including Nadya, since his twin died, too wrapped up in his own grief. Poor Nadya is an empath and the emotions of everyone feeling sorry for her can get overwhelming at times, but oddly she doesn’t get them from Gareth, and one night feeling really down and in need of someone to just talk to, someone who’ll be honest with her she seeks him out. They talk a little, argue a bit and then he walks her back,even though they argued he can’t bring himself to be ungentlemanly and leave her alone in the dark, its not how he was raised. One touch is all it takes, one touch that happens almost without thought from either of them, just an age old instinct, one searingly sensual and addictive kiss and they’re both breathless and shocked. He doesn’t want a Mate who’s dying, can’t face losing yet another person close to him and he scarpers. He’d planned to leave soon anyway, being with the Pack just brings back too many sad memories, but this makes him go that night – a real moonlight flit. Poor Nadya, she’s heard about Mates, but until she experienced it she didn’t really believe it. She understands why he’s gone, its hard on her, really hard, but she can see why he won’t stay. The others though aren’t so understanding. Jason especially is cross, but then he doesn’t believe the Mate story either. He still hopes to be able to have Nadya somehow, and still wants a chance to be with her even when she tells him she only feels for him as a friend…
Its another fun, sexy read, with the different factors really coming clear now. I was a bit puzzled by the military/Nero separation at first but its become clearer as the stories go on, likewise the mix of people in the pack. I like the introduction of Gareth’s Native Indian relative, Chloe, a real Wise Woman and a gem. I hope we see more of her. Her part and the lake added that extra bit needed to make this story complete.
Its a really fun series, and one I’d love to read right through on a back to back session one day.
Stars: Four and a half, not quite the five, though the series as a whole read together for me is a five star one.
ARC supplied by publishers

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