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Solving for Nic, Southern Style Series book 2, Lexxi Callahan

Solving for Nic, Southern Style Series book 2, Lexxi Callahan
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
I like books with depth, that make me think and that really get into my psyche, but sometimes I just want a fun read, one to relax with that doesn’t need too much thinking about to enjoy the story. This book was perfect for that. In fact reading it I realised I’d missed that it was the second in a series and have just downloaded the first from amazon while its free – bargain.

Its clear when reading that the books are about connected characters and Lexxi does explain the way each relate to others, some are family, some long time friends and some business acquaintances. I found after I’d finished the book that there’s a list of who’s who and how they connect at the end of the book. I have an ARC so maybe its at the front in the final version, but if not look to the back for it as it’s really useful and helps the story flow when you know how the characters connect and a bit of back story.
Nic’s the perfect hero – Rich, good-looking, obsessed by Lizzie for some years now, but good enough to step back when her father asked. Now she’s older and they meet again and this time he can’t stay away. Lizzie is the brainiac of the family – I’m not sure why, but it seems she’s been teased for many years about her maths abilities and has learned to play a “ditzy” Lizzie and hide her talent, make her fit in with everyone. She made me laugh over taking ages to add the cheese to toast because she wanted to ensure each was perfectly aligned, and the cookie dough where she measured each slice to be certain they cooked at the same time….I’m a very ad hoc cook, throw it in the bowl and hope type so Lizzie and I are total opposites. I could relate to both her and Nic though, in fact all the characters felt very real.

I loved the way the romance developed, the time they spent together was very sensual and erotic, but also there were times when they were just having fun and talking and enjoying each others company. I enjoyed seeing the problems within the family that affected them and others, we’ve all got mixed up relatives and friends…. I’d have liked the “downs” to be a bit more pronounced, for example what she thought about Xia could have been more dramatic, more prolonged, a bit sharper and slanted to give her the idea they were still together, causing deeper upset for her….but that’s me- I love the sad parts, they make it so much better when all works out.
I did have issues with Nic’s accusations of her lying to him, firstly about her virginity – she just didn’t tell him, that’s not a lie to me – he didn’t ask and she didn’t tell that’s all. TBH he hardly gave her the chance did he? They went back to his place for a meal and he whisked her off to bed within moments of getting there – when would be the time to say “ ah Nic, by the way you do realise I’m a virgin?” – yeah, right…then over her maths talent, he’s cross that she hid it from him, but given how people have reacted in her past it seems pretty natural to’s not as if he didn’t have secrets too.
Anyway a great fun romance, a typical hearts and flowers type ( pink roses for Lizzie!) and a quick escape from reality for me.

Stars: Four. a good solid feel-good romance.
ARC supplied by publishers


Christmas with a Bite, (Entangled Covet), Patricia A. Wolf

Christmas with a Bite (Entangled Covet) (House of Elysian)

Christmas with a Bite, (Entangled Covet), Patricia A. Wolf
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.
I’m a sucker for all things vampire ( hah- just realised what I wrote…snigger) so I was keen to read this. I know with Entangled novels I’m going to get a fun read, but that they will usually be fairly light, stand alone reads. That’s fine with me, sometimes I just want a light and easy read.This was fun, but there were a bit too many things that didn’t feel right to me to make it more than a three star read.
It had a promising start, and I was hoping that would continue but…it’s covering only a few days and in that time Mara meets Connor, falls in love, leaves him etc, all without knowing he’s a vampire. Then when he finds her a couple of days later she has the wobblies as she overhears he’s keeping a secret from her…well come-on Mara, do people spill every little thing to people they’ve just met?
Then there’s the conundrum of his family – first we are told humans knowing about vampires is a no-no with them, then we find out that actually three people within the small group already know. They seem to have fluctuating views about Mara too, which I found hard to grasp. Connor worries about whether Mara will be safe with his family- he thinks they’ll kill her if they know about him and her, and the conversations where he’s told explicitly by his father No Humans, and its time to chose a vampire mate indicate that. Then he’s concerned about whether Mara would want to become Vampire, he thinks it’s too much of a change to her life but…they can go out in the day, they look normal, they can eat human food and drink bottled blood so it’s ( to me) not such a big change, apart from the immortality part of course!
The story itself is a fun read, and well written, and if you can get past those things that spoiled it for me then maybe its one you’ll love.
Stars: Three, an OK read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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