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A Secret To Die For, Sierra Dean


A Secret To Die For, Sierra Dean
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well, its always sad to get to the end of a loved series…and of course there are calls from many readers for more. Not me though, I’d rather re read all that’s gone, and enjoy it,than see a series strung out beyond its natural ending – go out on the top and that’s what Sierra has done here. I admit around books 5-6 I did start to lose the way, but then the series picked up pace and delivered the fabulous drama and romance we want. Lucas – he’s always tied with Holden as top choice for Secret. I just loved him in their early days, both so full of passion. When Lucas discovered about Secret’s Vampire side he didn’t roil away in horror as so many would, but just accepted it as part of her and that made me feel even more that he was right for her. When things started to go wrong for them and then the wedding fiasco I just couldn’t believe the Lucas I knew would do that. Still, he did….Holden, he gave indication he was interested in her right from an early book – can’t recall which one now – when they were out on a job,and he kissed Secret to disguise themselves as lovers from passers  by. There was far,far more than a gentle melding of lips, more a burning inferno blasting between them. He’s known Secret for years, always stood by her solidly and I think they’d be good together. Desmond has always been last choice for me, he just seemed so loving but not really the strong person she needs, and then when he left and let her down – that was it for me. Des, you were out….
Anyway, Sierra clearly has different thoughts to me  and its her book so…I’ll accept it!! Secret  needs all the strength the three can provide in this last adventure where the city has been invaded by …Zombies?? no, everyone says – they don’t exist – but the walking dead do,with the help of a gang who are on a mission.
We see so many old friends in this ending, and that wraps the story up so well for me. There was danger and high drama and then something would be said that made me laugh in the next moment. We learn who really has been pulling strings, what Calliope means by her enigmatic prophecies, just how strong the Fae king Aubrey’s power is ( I can’t call him a Fairy king – I just can’t. Fairies are tiny little winged creatures, sweet and gentle, and Aubrey is none of that! ) Secrets friends from the police are here, the main characters from the vampires including the strange and frightening Monica, and of course some of the top werewolves. It made me realise just how many different people we’ve met in the course of the series, ,and how much many of them, including Secret, have changed as the years have passed.
As susual the danger is real, solid and scary,and Secret needs all her skills and the backing of her gang to come through. There’s losses, I won’t say who but yes, it made me cry. Its really emotional at times with secret facing a horrific choice. The story in this part is full of the usual well written and played out drama, and the loose ends and snippets brought in from earlier books all tie togehter.
Stars: Five, a fantastic and satisfying finish, that answers so many queries brought up during the series.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.


Drawn Deep, Cari Quinn


Drawn Deep, Cari Quinn
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Erotic romance
I knew I enjoyed Cari’s writing style from the Lost in Oblivion novels, and I’d read the first in this series Dirty Distractions. This book includes characters from that one, Sara and Brad’s story,  and concentrates on Sara’s best friend Kim. Sara’s boyfriend is Kim’s brother and we met them first in the earlier novel.
Kim is great, been married, got divorced and determined that relationships are not for her, she’s a quick-stop girl, enjoys a hot and heavy fling and usually with younger men. At the moment though she’s on a self imposed ban, but when she sees Michael at her life drawing class she can’t help but be attracted. A naked, good looking younger man – well….of course she is. He approaches her and persuades her to go for coffee at a local diner. From there they fall into a hot and sensual relationship, though she’s shocked at firstly – how much age difference there is, and secondly – at the fact though he lived with his last girlfriend he’s still a virgin! She sees the fact he didn’t tell her thses things as lying, and though he did lie about his age I think he didn’t about his sexual status, he just didnt tell her something she didn’t need to know…she’d have jumped ship if he did so he was right – but still she’s pretty annoyed about it and it leads to friction.
Finally though things seem to be going well between them, and she’s enjoying his company as well as the plentiful and energetic sex, but it looks as if Kim is, as usual, looking for an out. Its seems as though she wants to push lovers away before they get a chance to leave her. She tries in all sorts of ways to persuade Michael and his family that she’s not a good fit for him, but no one is listening…they just welcome her in. She’s confused, how can his mum want him to be with a lady who’s so much older, but all his family want is for him to be happy. Its strange to me how much this matters to her when there’s a similar gap between her brother and Sara. She’s happy for them so why can’t she accept it for herself?
I loved Michael, he’s charming and thoughtful, responsible beyond his years after helping bring up his eight siblings since he was sixteen, and his last relationship was with an older lady. He was happy to look after her, caring is in his nature, but when Kim knows more of the details about his past with his ex she sees it as him being used, manipulated, by someone professing to love him. She’s scared that she’s doing the same while she’s extending his sexual education, using him for her own purpose, so she pushes him away. That’s heart-breaking for both, and from the outside we can see just how painful it is and how hurt they both are. Its a well set up, perfectly written scene, angry words from both of them and has all the drama that I love from these events.  Michael I think, quite rightly suspects her motives, knows she’s really just trying to do what she thinks is right for him, but feels hurt that she’s treating him as if he’s too young to know his own mind. Kim is a lovely lady and trying so hard to do the right thing for Michael, but of course what she thinks is right isn’t necessarily so – we’re people, all different and she’s in danger of pigeon holing him, trying to make him her perception of what she thinks a younger man should want, not treating him as an individual.
Of course I can’t finish without saying something about Telly the Conure – he made me laugh so much. I could just visualise that scene….great addition. sometimes its the little touches like that which makes a book special.
Stars: Five. Its a shortish read, but perfect and sensually hot.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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