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All Fired Up, Black Halo Book 2, Madelynne Ellis

All Fired Up, Black Halo Book 2, Madelynne Ellis
Genre: NA, Contemporary romance.

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

All Fired Up is the follow-up to scorching rock star romance novel, All Night Long, and gives us the viewpoint of Ginny and Ash for the events that unfolded in the novel Come Together, where the band are on tour and beset with strange events and disasters….

I love Ginny, she’s very different from her friend Dani, far more outgoing and adventurous and Ash is perfect for her. He needs someone capable of holding his attention, and though he’s trying hard to keep things cool, protect his heart its clear he’s fallen for her and she for him. It was great seeing the events of Come Together unfold all over again, but from another view. We see just what was going on with Ash and Ginny, where that book only gave us a glimpse of their problems. Once again the band is struggling to cope and the odd things happening make the problems greater. I love the different characters and how they squabble and yet when they need it they support each other and pull together. I love the way this series shows us in depth each band member in individual books, and look forward to more stories from the others – especially mysterious but supportive Spook.
Ginny’s tired of being kept in the background, like a dirty secret and wants Ash to announce they’re a couple, but though he’s so close to her, so loving he won’t take that step… what’s she to do? Sit it out while the media think he’s still the man-whore he was, and while the fans are after a sex session with him and paw him all over, or make a stand? Its a tough choice and while they are struggling to find a way forward that suits them both, old friend of Ash and new drummer for the band Iain takes a closer interest in Ginny. Things go badly and …well, you’ll have to read it. Of course if you’ve read Come Together you’ll know how it all ends but its a fabulous sexy read even knowing that, and still retained freshness for me even though I know the story. I love to re read old favourites and this series is one for the keepers file.

Stars: Five, great sexy, sensual, erotic read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.


The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession, Nadia Lee

The Billionaire's Holiday Obsession (The Pryce Family Book 2)


The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession, Nadia Lee
review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I enjoyed the first book in this series, featuring Mark and Hilary, and thought this one sounded fun too. Its not a series that pretends to be anything other than a solid, fun romance. Sometimes that’s what I need after reading some paranormal or fantasy, something to lighten my mood and mind, and this book was perfect for that.
First thing you have to do though is suspend normal rules of behaviour, as the book takes circumstances and changes them into ones that frankly would be really, really unlikely. If you can’t do that you won’t enjoy the story, but be thinking “ he/she wouldn’t do that” or “that would never happen” ….and the story will simply fall flat.
So Jane, she’s been ripped off by her ex, is tired of being the family dogsbody, determines to make it as a chef/cook, so she leaves home to go to elsewhere and find her perfect job. That also takes her away from the ex who wants more money, and is very unpleasant and threatening about it. She ends up in a city where she’s jobless and homeless, sleeping in her car, and in despair after yet another failed interview. On returning back she finds her car has been trashed and her clothes defecated on….she screams in frustration, and hearing that her knight ( in a posh car not on a white horse!) comes along. Iain is an old fashioned man, and can’t simply leave her but doesn’t want to get involved. She asks for a lift to a church which may have a shelter, and after hearing her story he offers her money. Jane has pride though and can’t take it, and somehow he ends up letting her stay at his home, and having asked his restaurant owing brother for a job for her, washing dishes and prepping only, but it’s a foot in the door.
Jane and Iain really are opposites, she’s used to a crowded home, with her dad and six brothers, noise, family attention and camaraderie, and lots of love and hugs. Iain life’s a secluded one in his pristine, clutter free to the point of bareness condo, using meditation and eastern practises to free his mind and keep him calm. His family life is far more restrained, with his parents having had constant affairs and his brothers and sister being not very close. They don’t meet up for friendly family dinners, but more to keep up appearances of family life. They don’t dislike each other, but are far more restrained about the concept of family.  Jane is like an explosion in his life. He can’t understand her nor she him, and she feels he’s missing out on the fun in life. She’s really attracted to him, but feels he’d never look twice at her, she’s seen pictures of his past dates….She wants to repay him somehow for his kindness, and so she starts to put him on her track, cooking meals for them both, taking him shopping for Christmas presents, and getting his first ever Christmas tree. Part of him is horrified, he’s feeling very unsettled and incredibly attracted to her, but he keeps telling himself she’ll be gone once she’s got money of her own and is on her feet again, and life will return to calm and tranquil. She’s got to him though, and somehow they soon embark on a hot and sensual relationship.
Then all goes wrong at a family Christmas, and she looks at what’s happened to the independence she was so proud of….somehow she’s accepted far more from Iain that she intended, clothes, accommodation and food, and help finding a job when she meant to do it all herself. The awful ex is always sending her texts threatening what he’ll do when he finds her, and says he’s on her track now. It all comes to a head, providing some great drama and sadness, all the pathos I love…. although I thought the ex after all his threats could have played a greater role somehow – that part seemed a bit flat for me after all the setting up.
Stars: Four. A really fun escape from reality, with some heartfelt drama. I didn’t get sucked in to the story quite as well as I did with Hilary and Mark, maybe because TBH the way she came to be staying with Iain was so so unlikely even though I tried hard to believe in it..but I tried hard to tuck those thoughts away so I could accept it as happened and enjoy the rest.
ARC supplied by author

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