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Marked, Zanetti, Rebecca


Marked, Zanetti, Rebecca
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
When I think back to the beginning, when the characters were a small group and so many had yet to join them, I realise how far this series has gone. I’m sad to see the end of it ( but of course there’s the potential for more from the next generation…) but I’m glad too – so often authors pull extra books from a popular series, and it just doesn’t work. Stop at the top and that’s what Rebecca has done here, and it leaves us with a series where each book is genuine, a good read and not a padded out extra.
The danger they’ve been battling throughout the series is coming to a head, and the whole world itself is threatened. Though this book focuses on Janie and Zane, there are updates on everyone else too and we see the whole group involved in the struggle for peace.
All the Supernaturals are in peace talks, and as a human Janie is vulnerable – she knows she needs to be there but her parents aren’t happy. As the Chosen One though she sees it as her duty to attend and insists. Its difficult getting heads/ representatives of the various groups together, and very dangerous – who know who will stick to their word and who will seize the opportunity to forge ahead. Zane gets word through his sources that the Demons are planning an attack on Janie. He’s part Demon, nephew of the current leader and expected to take part in her demise. His uncle wants her dead, and expects Zane to obey him.  Zane’s known her through their shared dreams all her life, but now they’re meeting for real and she’s in danger of her life. Zane isn’t having that so takes steps to save her, putting his brothers and mother in danger so he needs to move swiftly to save them too at cost to himself.
Its a real adventure book, where they face danger after danger, and the attacks come not just singly but against all of them, and its a race against time to save everyone. I didn’t really enjoy some of this part, I’m not really happy about people getting skills/finding out essential info (it’s hard to explain without giving things away) just at the crucial moment. I don’t mind the occasional time, but it seems too frequent in this book for me. That’s a small crit though, the rest as always races along, and of course has the usual hot and steamy sex scenes. Zane and Janie together are –wow- perfect. I kind of feel sorry for Kalin, I know he’s cruel, kills for fun etc, and yet when we’ve seen him in the dream world we’ve seen a different side to him, and he honestly believes he and Janie should be together. I sort of get the feeling love and kindness haven’t featured much in his life, and that reflects in the person he’s become. Zane hasn’t had much love and kindness either though, and he’s become someone who’s a killer when its needed but doesn’t do it for fun, and has a real tender side.
I enjoyed this episode, it tied everything off neatly and some parts (Kalin) actually had me with a lump in my throat…after all the build up it was a perfect ending, leaving me knowing how everyone had fared. Sometimes series end and I think “ what about xyz?” but everyone I can think of is accounted for here and that way I feel satisfied.
Stars: Four and a half, dropped half for those last minute extra powers that I don’t like
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Lone Wolf, A Bluewater Bay Novel, L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov




Lone Wolf by Aleksandr Voinov

Lone Wolf, A Bluewater Bay Novel, L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, Romance
It wasn’t until I was partway into this book that I realised it was part of a series and the fourth book…Doh, I just love the authors works so much that I clicked without reading further. Luckily I’d read book one, and in fact each book can be read as a stand alone one.
I loved Hunter, a well established author, with a popular TV series of his books and he’s behind, way, way behind on delivery of his latest one. Writers block has struck – and even top authors can get it. That struck a note of realism to the story, and I always need that. I know its fiction but I want to feel it could be real. Also he’s been a naughty man ( I really can’t write “boy” given his age, forties..) and been reading fan fic against the explicit instructions of his agent and contract!! Only from one person though, and now Lone Wolf’s book is finished he’s realised that its exactly what’s needed for the next book, and opens up the series to so much more, overcoming his block. What to do though? That’s the problem. He’s also been online flirting somewhat with Lone Wolf, they seem to have so much in common, and its almost two years now they’ve “known “ each other. They meet for coffee and that online attraction jumps into something more. Lone Wolf is Kevin, a younger man who’s awed by meeting his hero, but not so awed that he doesn’t pick up on the sexual undercurrents…
Soon as well as collaborating on the book, they’re hot and heavy in real life. Hunters always needed his space, but Kevin seems to fit in to it neatly. The problems of fame though press heavily on Kevin, and Hunters way of helping makes him unsure if he really just wants him out of the way, and his space back. Poor Kevin, I felt for him, he’d struggled with the whole concept of sudden fame, of having to hide his nationality to fit publishers/readers bias, of the concept of being added in to the mix of talents involved in the Wolf’s Landing series, and he struggled, then felt abandoned by Hunter. He wondered if what they had was real, or whether Hunter had simply tired of him. He’s left his job to write full time, so no work colleagues. The contracts around the book and the sudden fame have seeded out friends too – some left, and new ones want to ride the train, so he’s really no one to talk to about it, and gets himself totally depressed.
I said at the start I’d just seen the authors of this novel and clicked – that’s because I so enjoy the way they write together, the way the POV alternate from one to the other, and then to third party, and they way we’re allowed to see the characters inner thoughts. For me that makes the reading so fulfilling, and I feel I understand the characters. Here I felt for Kevin and yet knew Hunters take on things too, and could see why they didn’t mesh.
Stars: Four, I really enjoyed this read but it wasn’t quite a five star one. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t have the “must read again” factor for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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