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One Night of Scandal, Elle Kennedy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I really enjoyed the first novel in this trio. The books cover three friends who co own a nightclub, and this time its Bad Boy Reed that’s featured. He’s had a problems for a while – his best friend AJ’s girlfriend…he’s really, really attracted to her. That’s not part of the bro code though, so he stays away from her when he can and is brusque to the point of rudeness when he can’t. Now they’ve split up and she’s in another club clearly looking for someone new.
Darcy’s always been the good girl and while she loves AJ and he her, there was no passion between them, it was like love of family, sibling, best friend rather than lover, and they agreed it wasn’t working. Now she’s decided maybe its time to look for a bad boy, take a walk on the wild side, she’s tired of always being the good girl. When she’s spotted by Reed something breaks between them, and though she always thought he disliked her its clear that’s the opposite of the truth! The sexual tension between them is almost solid, the air is thick with it and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. She knows he’s not one for relationships, that nothing long term will happen, but maybe its time she gave in and just had a fling, knowing it’ll go no-where. If she is aware of that and sets the parameters she can protect her heart. They embark of a short term, no strings, no dates quick and hot sex affair. Its sizzling and the more they see of each other the more they want. Seems both of them got it wrong but neither will admit it – and then just as they both realise they have deeper feelings for each other and maybe they could make something it all goes wrong. Cue a major split and much heartache. ( yes, you know how I love that bit!) Can they get past the misunderstandings and get together or are they doomed to be apart?
Its a fun read, very real feeling but…somehow it didn’t quite get me in the way the first book did. The characters were great, felt real and I love the club connection that links the books, it felt like meeting an old friend when Gage was mentioned, and its clear the others will crop up in all books, and that’s something I enjoy. Its a shortish read, but as we already know the setting and the characters it means Elle can jump straight into the romance part. Parts seemed a little forced though, but the sex scenes were certainly hot and well done. The big break up seemed a bit storm in a teacup to me, I really needed stronger reasons. Still, it was a solid easy read and a good way to lose myself in a book.
Stars: Four, a fun read, though a little light.
ARC supplied by publishers

One Night of Sin (After Hours 1) Elle Kennedy
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance.
I love Elle’s writing style, and wished this book was longer…some books are long but padded, some short but could be expanded, and for me this is one of those! Still, lots of reader want novellas..one of my friends says she can only read about 15 pages before falling asleep so at least with a novella she gets a chance to finish a book while still remembering how it started!
Anyway, short, sweet and seriously hot this one is. Loved Gage, loved Skyler. He’s a real gentleman even though he’s had a chequered rough history. Caught up in fighting again for someone who’s dodgy he’s not happy when the man wants him to do more. He only did the last few fights to pay off his addict brothers debt, but now he’s being threatened on a more personal level. If it was just him he’d tell him to get lost…but having gone against his principles of no relationships it means Skyler could get drawn in. He doesn’t need to draw her into his world of danger, and thought now he runs a club with his two friends that world was behind him but somehow the past always stays around.
Skylar has her own history, her own gremlins though. She’s a good girl and Gage was her revolt, her walk on the wild side. Somehow though its turned into much more, surprising both of them, and she’s not just going to go away because Gage is worried for her safety.
Its a fun story, believable, and hot – some steaming, sensual sex scenes. For a short read it’s packed with passion and story. I’m looking forward to the next two in the series, about his business partners.
Stars: Five, short but hot and very fun to read. Its not often I give shorter books a five, given my preference for long reads, but this one deserves it.
ARC supplied by publishers.

One Night of Trouble, Elle Kennedy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Last book in the trio about the three friends that co own nightclub Sin. We’ve seen Gage and Reed find their partners, Reed with AJ’s ex Darcy, and only AJ is still single. He’s the archetypical Good Guy, always worked hard at school, always pleased his parents, a real gentleman, and yet when he sees Brett something in her appeals to a different side of him. It seems inside this Good Guy there’s a bad one just waiting to come out. Not bad as in hurting people, causing trouble etc. Just someone wanting a bit more adventure, a little less conventional that he has been. Brett has had a bad time with boyfriends, and her recklessness has made her family see her as irresponsible. She’s not – she’s made the same mistakes as her brothers, but while theirs gets glossed over her dad seems to expect more from her. She’s the youngest, and the only girl and has always been treated differently to the boys. She wants to be manager of the family’s latest Tattoo Parlour and needs to show him she’s changed, is responsible, can be trusted and when she meets AJ – well he’s the ideal boyfriend on paper to do all of that. She knows though that he won’t stay with her long term, she’s not the sort he’ll settle down with, and anyway she wants to concentrate on the shop. AJ can’t take his eyes off her, and he wants what she has to offer. If its just a short fling well he’ll take that and run with it.
I love both of them and it was interesting seeing what’s in their pasts that’s made them act as they have, and of course how AJ’s family ( and Darcy) acted exactly as she thought they would, confronted with the tattooed, streaked hair, wild girl that she is. She tried to fit the mould, tried to fit in but got judged anyway – its a lesson for all of us here about not judging people based on appearances, as Brett is far from the image she presents. She’s not set out to shock, to scare but just to show how individual she is. There’s lessons learned all round, but first there’s the problem of her feeling they’ll never accept her, and AJ wanting desperately to convince her they can and will make a fantastic couple, and have a solid future.
Its another fun read, another hot, sexy story and again knowing the background and characters lets us jump right into the story. I loved Brett, and understood who she was, and why she needed her individuality. I so, so felt for her when even though she tried her best she was judged as just not good enough for golden boy AJ. That was just so sad, so upsetting and I hurt for her. No-one worried about what AJ actually wanted though, how he felt, but just assumed they knew best and that he needed their protection. They did it from good intentions but caused heartbreak doing so.
Stars: Five, a fun read, though probably not one I’d reread
ARC supplied by publishers


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