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Hazzard Blue, Tabitha A Lane

Hazzard Blue, Tabitha A Lane
Genre:  Erotica, Romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, after reading so many novels that end up with a second or more part to follow it was great to see this in the description -Hazzard Blue is an erotic romance with no cliff hanger! It’s good to get all of the story rather than in bits
As an erotic novel its certainly hot – very sensual and carnal at times, and the attraction between Kathryn and Daniel was clear from the first glance. The sex scenes were very well written, and fitted perfectly within the plot. I had no problems with that part of the novel – its when the romance and suspense angle came that it didn’t work so well for me. I just felt the two themes can work; do work in some books, but somehow here it didn’t for me. I wasn’t convinced of the dangers, and the separation between them – after the closeness they felt I didn’t understand why they didn’t just talk it over…but then there’s be no story eh?
Kathryn, somehow I just didn’t really connect with her ( or Daniel TBH) and I’m not sure why. I like to have an older main character – IMO it doesn’t happen enough sadly, but I didn’t really get a sense of her personality, didn’t feel I knew her. Same with Daniel. Usually that comes out in the story via interactions with others, or learning their history, what drives them, but for me I never seemed to see them as real people, and they remained just book characters….and I need to feel the people and events could be real, to empathise with them, to understand why they do what they do, and to laugh and cry with them.
Its a well written novel, and certainly took me by surprise when the person behind the …problem? …not sure how to put it –was revealed  but whatever its called, I had no idea That person was to blame! I do like to be surprised, and never saw that coming despite with hindsight seeing the clues. That disconnection between me and the story and characters though made it just a three star good read and not higher. Of course everyone has different tastes and I’m sure this will have its five star fans, it does deserve it with the right reader.

Stars: Three, some really good points, hot sex but I needed a bit more from the main characters.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

Miller’s Island, Leona Bryant

Miller’s Island, Leona Bryant

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Paranormal
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, this books contains so much….once you really get into the story. To begin I felt it was a little slow, but once I got to grips with the story and the characters I understood that slow start actually set a solid backing. Anyway Mari – mum to Miller – is lovely. Her sister Theresa, wife to Jake ( that man is a saint) has three kids, but has always felt second best to Mari and is very resentful of everything she has. When their parents died they were both left homes, Theresa the family one and Mari the family beach house ( not a shack but what sounds like a huge, sumptuous home) Under the terms of the will Theresa is allowed to spend two weeks at the beach house every other year, providing she notifies Mari first. The two now have little to do with each other, and Theresa hasn’t bothered to do that for the past few years, just telling the solicitors she’ll be there and turning up each year. She’s invited various friends too, giving them the impression its her house….and of course this year she doesn’t know that Mari has plans to stay there the whole summer, for the first time since she inherited it. Firecrackers in store!
That starts off a chain of events, with Theresa’s feelings about Mari quickly coming out – she wants to pack up and leave, but Jake and the kids have looked forward to coming and he refuses. The house is big enough for all of them to stay and not have to have close contact, and Mari is happy for that. She can see how disappointed the kids and Jake would be to leave, and she’s always got on well with him. Their aunt too is staying, and she’s a huge part of the story and a great character. Theresa’s anger and oddness get worse, some of the awful things she’s done in the past come out, Miller can see someone no-one else can, though others feel strange about certain parts of the house, and there are some odd happenings. Theresa has become someone Jake doesn’t recognise, not the wife he’s known all these years, the mum that loves the kids and does so much, the loving person he married, the woman everyone so much admires, she seems to have gone and this termagant taken her place. Everyone is upset and on edge, and then someone from the past appears, and that just tops off all the wicked things Theresa has done and brings them all to the edge.
Its a packed novel, full of everyday problems and things we all have to deal with, along with a mystery to be puzzled out and some very real dangers to some of the characters. Its a tale of love and loss, revenge and retribution – showing how anger in the end hurts the person concerned more than anyone else. Theresa’s anger and slighted feelings end up doing her real harm, and she faces losing everything that she has. It all felt very real, even the paranormal elements if you’re an open minded reader. I am, so had no problem believing that part.
Stars: Four, it’s a solid read, packed with multi layered plots that bind together, and come to a head in a shattering but satisfying climax.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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