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Sing Sweet Nightingale, The Dream War Saga, Erica Cameron

Sing Sweet Nightingale, The Dream War Saga, Erica Cameron
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Teens and YA
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
This was a fun read, at the upper end of YA I think, and suitable for adults who enjoy a well written and easy to follow story.
Its something very different to most paranormal reads, where there are Demons but they visit young people via dreams, posing as angels, promising them a life in Paradise as a specially chosen one, something no-one else can have, if only they give up something. Of course in reality Paradise doesn’t exist, and the demons simply want to obtain whatever talent that person has, strength, artistic skill or in Mari’s case a wonderful voice. Orane asks her to pledge not to speak, and she’s been electively mute for four years now. Its not just that though, her memory seems to be going and she’s withdrawing more and more from life, to the concern of her loving parents.
Hudson – he managed to escape his demon and kill her, but its left him with some odd side effects, weird eyes, quick healing and an ability to see those who are being sucked in by the demons. He’s been dreaming about someone in this town, so he and Horace have moved here to find them and see if they can save her. Horace has kind of adopted Hudson after his parents threw him out, as Hudson had saved his life some time before. Luckily he’s very rich so money for the much needed crystals etc isn’t a problem.
Its a fascinating read, and I really enjoyed the way the crystals were brought in. I’m a bit of a crystal fanatic myself, have different ones dotted around, I just love the colures and textures, and as they are so old I can’t help but believe they “may” have some other uses…
The story flows well, is easy to read and intriguing. and although this particular problem with Mari gets sorted, it opens up a way for the novel to continue into a further series and the plots are certainly strong enough and have potential for more stories.
Stars: Four, it’s a solid read, satisfying ending and opening to the next story. .
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

Intimate Geography, Book 2 of The Compass Series, Tamsen Parker

Intimate Geography, Book 2 of The Compass Series, Tamsen Parker
Genre:  Romance, Erotica.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
This picks up where book one left off, and India has dropped everything to be with Cris in the hospital. She barely moves from his side while he’s unconscious. He’s of course delighted to see her after she broke things off once he wakes, and it seems as though she’s taken a huge step forward with what she can give emotionally. Soon he’s home with a private nurse staying, and though India stays at first she has to return to work. It seems hard now being away from Cris, but they phone frequently and she’s back to visiting when she can. Cris cautiously makes a huge breakthrough with her when she agrees to meet his parents, but the anxiety it causes is huge, even though she was fine talking to them in the hospital.
Work is giving her problems too – she’s doing really well but two key staff members leave at a really bad time. It means she has to take on even more, and of course Jack is always seeking new work – that’s the point of owing a business of course, so there doesn’t seem to be any let up. Pressures mount and what she’s been avoiding for many years happens, she gets sent to troubleshoot a problem in Chicago…..the city which she swore never to return.The work pressures are mounting, her worry over Chicago is taking over her thoughts, and its only her time with Cris that keeps her going. This continues over the next few months, and its hard for both with her free time being very restricted.
Its an on-off round about romance. They’ve moved forward a few steps but India seems to Cris to drag her heels every step, and there comes a time when it looks like she can’t or won’t move forward any further. In the midst of this she and Cris split. He wants more than she can give, of course he does. They’re clearly far closer than just Dom and sub, but India is clinging to her rules, to the format that’s kept her mentally sound for so long. Cris wants more – or at least the hope of more, and she just can’t give it. He has to decide – is this weird half life romance going to be enough for him or is it time to cut loose? Its comes at a harsh cost for both of them. She’s heartbroken all over again and the wonderful Rey once more steps up. She can’t go back to her old casual one off weekends though – Cris has changed her and that just doesn’t appeal any more. It means she makes what could be a very dangerous decision.
I love Cris, he’s a really wonderful, thoughtful, giving man and what he wants is really very simple, someone to share his life as a partner, not as a sub with rules and restrictions on what he can do and say. Its not really so much to ask is it – especially as he’s clearly very understanding of India and her problems? After all if you love someone you don’t want to hurt them do you? I so felt for him, he seemed to be the one doing all the giving, making time to understand India, to work with her and help her and she seemed to me to be all take.
India – I found it hard to like her to be honest, and I think that’s the root of my problems with the novel. I know she’s had a traumatic childhood, and then the disastrous years with Hunter, but one can’t keep hanging on to hurt forever, and using it as an excuse to keep others at a distance. That’s putting the blame on them for things they haven’t done.  She seems to do just that though.
Rey, what an incredible friend, he gives up so much for her, drops everything to be with her when she needs him, no matter how important it is. He’s looked after her for so long and yet I can’t seem to pinpoint anything she’s actually done for him – it’s a very one sided relationship, much as I see her relationship with Cris. Her need to keep her life compartmentalised just isn’t working any more, but she’s stubbornly clinging on. Then Rey does something, it’s needed and had a good outcome but she’s distraught, angry at him, hurt, and she cuts him off. He knew this would likely result and yet as a true friend he put what she needed first. She can’t see that, can’t see how much she’s hurting him and once again I get the feeling she’s very self centred.
Can she find a way forward with Cris, can she find the right life/work balance and can she ever forgive Rey, and get back their friendship? Its all in the balance, and we see much more of her life at work and outside the sexual side, in this part of the story. We see how she’s slowly changing, how she overcomes some of her huge fears that have held her back, and through that she looks at herself IMO and sees how difficult she makes life for others, even her subordinates at work.
I enjoyed this book more than the first, there seemed much more story, and I enjoyed that, looking between the lines, the events, to see what I thought would be the outcome. There’s a brief epilogue too, showing the reader how things turn out. I like those, they satisfy my curiosity about things – that the HEA really is going to work and isn’t just a quick fix that falls apart once again.

Stars: Four. I felt this had much more balance and story that part one and I enjoyed it. I could see India moving forward but TBH I still found her hard to like, and that’s probably why this isn’t a five star for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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