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Into His Dark (The Cimarron Series 1), Angel Payne

Into His Dark (The Cimarron Series 1),  Angel Payne
Genre: Romance, erotica
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love complex reads, paranormals, romance and contemporary, but sometimes I just want a fun read, a good old fashioned sexy romance. This was just perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a sensual, erotic scene where the participants don’t actually have penetrative sex together – that really amazed me, that a scene could be so incredibly tempting, tantalising and moving without going the whole hog. Such a beautiful change from the endless pages and pages and pages of samey sex we often get in erotic reads, and somehow Angel continued it for some time without repeating parts.
Poor Cam, still pining for Harry after the end of their affair, but they’re just friends now and he’s bringing along Beth, his new girlfriend, to the filming. She wants to dislike her but can’t even get the satisfaction of that – Beth’s a nice girl…Harry is still oblivious to her feelings – the man is very single minded, and I got the impression only filming and directing are the true passions in his life, leaving little room for relationships. Then she sees Evrest and its like lightening strikes between them. Its a formal dinner and he breaks protocol by coming over to her. Of course one of his twelve would be wives – the alpha one – isn’t happy about that!
Evrest was hoping she’d be there, thought it really unlikely, a very tenuous connection that she’s know Harry and be asked to help but after seeing her years ago when visiting her university he can’t get her out of his mind. He doesn’t even know if she knows Harry but is hoping, pleading with the Creator.  When they meet it’s as if there’s some kind of supernatural connection between them. He knows nothing can come of it, she knows in six weeks he has to choose a wife from one of the twelve and yet….they can’t keep away from each other, and very quickly have some torrid, secret liaisons. Someone is watching though, and determined Cam won’t get to upset what she thinks is rightfully hers. There are some real dangers ahead for Cam, and she needs to take care.
Its a great read, very full of heat and with a decent plot backing it. The only thing that’s not right for me is the time span, the main thrust of the book and their romance covers just a few days, and I just find that a bit hard to believe. If it was a few weeks, preferable 2-3 months for me, I’d have found it more realistic. I know people do fall in love instantly, but with all the barriers here its hard to see how in such a short time. Longer would have allowed full flow for Chiarra, the Alpha distinct, to really let her jealousies flow – and I love a good jealous b itch! .
Stars: Four and a half, a very sensual read.
ARC provided by netgalley and publishers


Travel Glasses, The Call to Search Everywhen 1, Chess Desalls


Travel Glasses, The Call to Search Everywhen 1, Chess Desalls
Genre: Teens and YA, fantasy
.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Some YA reads contain a story that appeals to all ages, the only different from adult reads is that the plot is solid but the text is easy to follow and this is one of those. Well written and intriguing it caught and kept my attention right through, and was what so often appeals to me about YA, a great story and relaxing to read. I certainly want to know more…
Calla, she’d had a bit of a tough upbringing, and in recent years been a loner to due some horrific cyber bullying by an online “friend”. She’s a bright girl, and her uncle who she lives with worries about her and her isolations. So when she comes across Valcas and he asks her to dinner that night she accepts, thinking it will please uncle Al. It does, but in also starts a chain of events that take her to other worlds and times, with danger shadowing her every step.
Its a really fun read, very unusual and with some novels like this I’ve a shedload of questions that never get answered, but here – each time I think “ I wonder why/how/who/what?” the answer comes, and not through that horrible device so often used of simply telling the reader the answers, but by Calla thinking her way through, using logic to find them, or by looking at what’s happening to her, or sometimes just asking questions of another traveller. That makes the story so much more realistic, more interesting than what often happens, where we just read pages of text giving the reader the answer. I want to feel as if I’m Calla, and learning along with her from events and mistakes. I need to feel “in” the story to fully enjoy it, not just be an onlooker.
Its a real fun journey, but fraught with danger, and Valcas, from seeming a young, kind and good looking man, now seems to be so much more and to be pursuing Calla possibly to harm her. I really liked him, and being an incurable romantic can’t help hoping there’s some solid reasons behind his behaviour. We learn so much about him through her travels, and about other travellers, and I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next.
Stars: Five, a great read full of fun and drama and suitable for teens and adults alike.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

Dead Heat, Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat, Patricia Briggs
Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love Patricia Briggs writing, bought the Mercy Thompson novels as paperbacks, and then once I’d moved forward to Kindle I bought them all over again as I love to re read them….the really best type of five star reads. Then I found the first couple of Alpha and Omega novels and fell in love with them too. Both series interlink, with Bran and the Wolves being central but involving vampires and Fae. Patricia vampires aren’t sweet and romantic, and the Fae aren’t pretty but blood thirsty and cruel at times. I think you could read either series without the other ( but why when they are so good?) but to get the best from either of them they need to be read in order.
Charles and Anna are Mates, sharing a special bond. Anna is an Omega wolf, very rare and much needed as she’s able to calm aggression, and not subject to Alpha control. It gives her a special place and skills necessary for many of the journeys she takes with Charles. He’s special too – the only born werewolf, with a background that involves magic and which he is able to tap into at times. He’s known as his fathers enforcer, the man sent to kill werewolves when its necessary, and he’s been a very solitary man until he met Anna.
Its coming up to Anna’s birthday, and he has an old (human) friend that breed horses and he wants to take Anna to see of they can find one for her. Of course its never that simple, and while they are there his old friend’s daughter in law is subject to a Fae attack. After the events of the last book the Fae withdrew to their own places, and have kept away. A war between Fae and humans would be a massacre for the humans, there’s no defence they have against them, and Bran doesn’t want to involve the wolves if he can help it – far better to try to head off this before it erupts. Fortunately the humans have created special forces to police the supernatural, though of course the people in them vary greatly. We meet FBI Leslie from the last book, one of the sensible ones who will listen and take advice, and who knows how Anna and Charles work. Alongside them are two more police agents, Marsden and Leeds, who are thankfully open minded. Not all of them are and that’s when the problems get larger. This group can work with the wolves, and listen to them. Leeds is a great guy, I hope we see more of him. When he’s looking at the Fae object where we first meet them he’s like a big kid, beery excited, very enthusiastic and keen to know and learn everything he can. He’s a surprising amount of knowledge already, and the two prove a great help.
The story bring in so many things, the humans and their relationships. There’s Charles old friend Joseph and his wife Maggie, their son Kade and his wife Chelsea and their children and Hosteen, their friend who’s the local pack Alpha. Its soon clear Hosteen doesn’t like Chelsea, Maggie is  jealous of Anna, and Kade wants Charles to Change his father as he’s dying….a really tangled mix into which the Fae drop.  Chelsea is attacked leading to serious consequences for her, and Charles and Anna become involved, having the best skills when its become clear the attack is supernatural. Then they discover its a Fae attack, and link to other strange events locally. Its becomes ever more dangerous and the story spreads to encompass a missing child, linked to others in the past. Of course before the Fae and Wolves were Out humans passed off any descriptions involving green men etc.  but now going back to cold cases they can see some links.
As ever Charles and Anna get brought into danger, and we see a story that seems to grow and grow, taking in more and more people and supernatural elements. There’s the frustrations the police feel of trying to fight a foe they have no defence against, Charles trying to avoid a war between them that may involve the wolves and lead to huge losses for all, and at the heart a missing child for whom time is running out. Against all that adventure is the day to day life of the horse ranch, the search for a mount for Anna, and the human daily life of Joseph’s family. The grandchildren, especially Max, are terrific and make the story real, not just a fantasy adventure, but feeling that If Fae are real ( and other Supernaturals ) then this scenario is just what could happen. I need that root of reality even in fantasy to enjoy it – I like to feel I could be there, be part of it even as just an onlooker.
Once again its a fabulous read, and one I’ll re read over and over. In the best books such as these I find on second and subsequent reading I find things I missed first time round, little clues that now I see knowing what’s coming. That keeps the story feeling fresh and I get great satisfaction from it. Although its part of a series each novel is complete in itself, and it’s characters and background events that are linked.
Stars: Five, a great read for fans of Patricia Briggs, and a terrific addition to the series.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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