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The Curse Servant, J.P. Sloan

The Curse Servant, J.P. Sloan
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal,
Well, I loved the first book, so was pleased to see Dorian’s world once again. I’m one of those people who don’t find it hard to believe in the possibility of the paranormal, so I can relate to this world easily. Maybe I’m open minded, or maybe I’m just gullible…. but to me J P Sloan’s world is  just like the one we live in, except with an extra, mostly hidden, dimension. Throughout history the idea of magic has been considered and believed in to different degrees. In a way its no more impossible to think it could be real that it is to believe in the concept of God – any God or God( s ).
Anyway, at the end of the last book Dorian had lost his soul and is desperate to get it back. Poor Dorian, he’s a good guy, tries to keep his hands clean, not to do harm, and yet somehow he’s a magnet for trouble. Once again his actions lead to more danger and disaster. On the track of his soul he comes into contract with some Practitioners who aren’t so bothered as he is about the morality of what they do. Sadly there’s always people like that, who want the gain today and worry about the future later. Even though he tries to keep on the right side of Karma he gets thrust over to the Dark side by circumstances. And seeing and knowing what he does, would anyone else who cares about people have taken a different decision.
Its a great read, starting from a simple search for the return of his soul, he somehow stumbles into some Dark magic, that puts all those around him into real danger. Politics rears its ugly side too – he’d only joined the Mayor’s team as a job, to boost his finances, and yet its pulled him into some awful circumstances, and its hard to know who to trust. I love the way everything builds on what’s gone before, what starts off simple becomes complex, and of course just how narrow this part of the world is, with everyone knowing each other. Dorian has a very fine line to tread, and trust is something he needs to be very careful of.
I feel I’ve got to grips more now of the particular flavour of magic these books use. Its complex and I love reading about the practicalities Dorian uses when making a hex, the actual ingredients used, the sigils written etc, and it’s clear JP has either great personal knowledge of this  Craft, or has done an incredible amount of research. I know a few terms from other books, and when I found an unfamiliar word or term I used the kindle look-up function and found its all genuine, that he hasn’t just thrown in mumbo-jumbo sounding words and terms to make it look good, but used genuine terminology and formulae. It makes reading it a treat because I can feel I’m there, and I’m wanting things to go well as I really like Dorian – and his friends Edgar, Wren and the kids. I often stay away from books written by men, not because of sexism but simply I’ve found very often they get complex in areas that simply don’t interest me, and much of the story just goes over my head. This book though, and the one before, is perfect for me, enough complexities of plot and method to keep me interested, a hint of romance, lots of twists and turns that led me right down the wrong roads!! I really didn’t see what was coming – and I love to be surprised, especially once it all comes out and I can look back and see little clues I missed. I’d happily re read this and the first book again.

Stars: Five, a great read and I hope there’s more to come.
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