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Michelle Valentine bargain bundle


Just a quick post here. I saw this and remembered I’d bought first book ages ago  when it was on a 77p promo – I do like a bargain. So in the spirit of bargains I thought I’d post this one. The whole collection of “rock” novels at just 99p….great for those who like rock star romances. TBH I can’t quite remember how I got on with this one, I’m planning a re read, but I think it was one I enjoyed, being one of those second chance romances that are such fun, and with the rock star theme.


Witch Upon a Star, A Midnight Magic Mystery, Jennifer Harlow.


Witch Upon a Star, A Midnight Magic Mystery, Jennifer Harlow.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: paranormal, romance, suspense.
My first read of Jennifer’s books, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cover image and text suggested a kind of humorous, light and fluffy, chicklit style, paranormal romance, but this book is so much more than that.
We meet Anna when she’s just nine, an incredibly self confident and powerful though untrained witch, brought up by her dad after her witch mum left. He has a revolving series of short term girlfriends around and uses Anna  to make potions to support his drug habit. Asher wants a raising done, and Anna’s dad happily sends her off into the night with a strange man to do it – all he’s bothered about is the money. Something in Anna stirs Asher from his remoteness, and he rescues her from her father and takes her to live with him. He’s  a few hundred years old, and has plenty of money so they tour the world staying at his various homes, and with Anna picking up an education along the way. She was over her age for a nine year old, and being with Asher she seems so much older, but emotionally she’s still a teen. She thinks she loves him though and they become lovers after she seduces him at fifteen. Anna’s happy at home, just the two of them but though Asher has been playing at home for a few years, his true nature comes out and he starts the party circuit.
I really felt for Anna, she’s still a child and yet has had to grow up so quickly. Asher’s lifestyle isn’t one she should be involved in, and yet she’s so obsessed by him she won’t let him go alone, knowing he’ll get involved with others. Going with him doesn’t really work either though – she soon gets pulled in to the hedonistic vampire lifestyle. She’s not vampire though, and its taking a toll on her health. She’d do anything for Asher though, she’s besotted with him, and once his old friend Christine comes on the scene Anna starts to get a secondary role despite Asher’s promises to her.
Asher – at heart its hard to judge him. He’s a vampire, and they just have a totally different outlook to humans. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, its the life he’s lived for hundreds of years now… He rescued Anna on impulse, bored almost to death with his current life he let her fill the vacuum of it for a few years – and he was good to her at first. Christine however sees Anna as a rival for his affections, she’s successfully despatched a few of those over the years and the gloves are off. I wanted to hate Asher for being with her, taking her into their life, for believing her lies, for being so cruel to Anna even though he didn’t feel he was. She didn’t want to share, didn’t want to be pushed out to his friends, but Christine is a master at manipulation. If she hadn’t been there would he have stayed true? I don’t know – its a tough call, I think he’s still have partied and made Anna unhappy.
Eventually Anna gains the strength to realise this lifestyle is killing her and she deserves more – she appeals to Asher, but he doesn’t seem to want to believe she’ll leave – but she does. Full of hope for a new life she’s happy for a few hours, and then…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself!
Its a wonderful read, full of depth, with some incredible characters. Christine is a master manipulator and a real b1tch, and I so love those characters. They add a dimension to stories that gives so much extra. She plays a huge part too – she’s not just there for a few pages. Its really bittersweet in that in a way Asher still loves Anna, but his love is stifling and selfish – she says to him if he loves her he’ll let her go – but he won’t do that, and when things go wrong they really go wrong. When she eventually falls in love with Nathan, a fellow F.R.E.A.K.S colleague we see just how good he is, a true man who loves her as she deserves. That’s challenged after several years though by Asher, whose decided he wants her now he’s found her, and who want Nathan out of the way, and Anna and their children for his own. It leads to some serious dangers for Nathan and Anna.
I loved this book, devoured in it one long read. Its around 300 paperback pages, and has the length to give lots of detail in the story, to really make the plots work and make the characters come alive. I felt the love, and the sorrow and then the danger. Poor Anna, and in a way poor Asher too…all he did was act as a vampire does, and the ending – well, that was perfect. Just perfect.
Stars: Five – its a book to join the keepers for re reading and I’m going to read more from Jennifer when I can.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

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