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Only for You: One Night of Passion, Beth Kery

Only for You: One Night of Passion, Beth Kery
Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult)
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Another favourite author of mine. I first read one of Beth’s novels via the kindle free lists – it’s a great way to try out author styles and for authors to find new readers. I’ve gone on to buy many books where I’ve found via a free one that I enjoy that authors stories.
Gia and Seth have an impromptu meeting, where the passion between them in incredible and they spend one amazing night together. After she leaves though he doesn’t contact her as promised, and she’s gutted. She really thought they had something special but…Two years on she’s become a famous actress, and she in danger as a witness for a horrible crime. She needs hiding for a couple of weeks, and someone on the legal team knows of Seth and his incredible make up skills. Between them they agree that he’ll take Gia way to a secluded cabin and his skills will be used to pass her off as someone else, in case she’s seen. They’re aiming for seclusion but just in case, and of course there’s the journey there. Gia is horrified, still really hurt that Seth dropped her so easily, and hates the thought of three weeks with just him. She thought they had something special that night, and she’s not happy at the arrangements. It has to be done though, and of course once together that heat between them burns as hot as ever, and they agree to give in to it for the time they are together, and just move on once its over. Over the time Seth discovers that Gia isn’t just a shallow, fame seeking media whore,as he tars all actresses, and she learns he had reasons for dropping her so abruptly. They come to like each other as a person, and not just have the sexual heat that connects them but something more.
The danger to Gia though is real,and for safety while the trial is on she’s housed somewhere secure with just her mother for company. Now they are apart they realise that what they had between them isn’t easily dropped. It makes them look at the barriers and wonder if maybe, possibly they could….and then – bam- the defendants side hit in with some dirty tricks, and Gia thinks its going to ruin everything they have. Its brought Seth into the spotlight and she knows he’ll hate it and fears it will break them.
As always its peopled with great characters, and scenarios that feel real. that’s important to me, I need to think this could really happen. Its not my favourite of Beth’s books, but a good solid sensual romance none the less. The sex scenes are very seductive and not just repetitive pages as too many books contain, but feel original and fit the scenes.

Stars: Four, enjoyable romance.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.


A Curse Unbroken, A Weird Girls Novel, Cecy Robson


A Curse Unbroken, A Weird Girls Novel, Cecy Robson
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
I loved the earlier books so waded into this eagerly…but…though its written in the same excellent style we’ve got used to, I just didn’t engage fully with this story.

The Unholy Grail – AKA Shah, is a stone that can give the holder unlimited power. It seems everyone in the supernatural world wants to get their hands on it, but what they do with the power may not necessarily be good. The Weres send out Aric and the Warriors, and Celia gets send by the Vampires. Throw in some weird happenings that seem to be affecting Celia, her sisters, and many of the Weres and its another recipe for mayhem and bloodshed. And therein lies my problem. I felt the battles and gory bloodletting dominated the story, and became the story itself instead of experiences the people went through. It began to read like this: Celia goes into battle against one of her many enemies, gets shredded and bloodied, healed by her sister, goes into battle against one of her enemies again, shredded and bloodied again, uses a few nifty new powers and then gets healed once again…and rinse and repeat. I’m not a fan of new powers, I can live with a few but Celia’s talents now seem to increase every time, and cover every possible context she can find herself in. She’s at deaths door constantly, gets healed and way-hey she’s off into battle once again. I needed a bit less blood and gore, and a bit more actual story.

Shah, the supernatural stone….I’ve read things like this before ( in fact the very next book on my list has one, the Sahar Stone, and I read a Lisa Sherrin book years ago with The Saghred Stone…) and as ever I wonder why now? When the stone has been around for thousands of years I need to know why at this moment is everyone searching for it? Then there’s the clues; I love trying to pick up on little things which grow and develop as the story does but here – well with everyone rubbing their chests unconsciously at some point, either they’d all had a really bad curry and were in need of vast amounts of Gaviscon, or this was a clue as subtle as a sledgehammer 😉

Sadly Aric didn’t come out so good here either, not his fault of course but it added to the feel for me that it just wasn’t a story that worked well.

Stars: Two and a half, I didn’t dislike all of it but I can’t genuinely rate it a three – Good – stars.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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