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Forget Me Not, (Ceruleans 2), Megan Tayte

Forget Me Not, (Ceruleans 2), Megan Tayte
Genre: Romance, Fantasy/paranormal, YA/NA
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Loved the first book, and was keen to see where Megan took the story next. Its in ways a mix this part, there’s some really lovely romance here, and yet her knowing her time is limited gives it a really bittersweet feel as Luke doesn’t, and can’t, know what’s coming.
Scarlett is learning more about her future, about what’s coming and struggling with it. Well who wouldn’t? One moment you’ve found the love of your life, and they next you learn that times up for you pretty soon and you’ll be on to a new life, won’t see him again and there’s nothing – just nothing – that can be done. And she’s only 18 – six months ago – three months even – she knew nothing of this. Its a lot to take in. The only choice she has is which side to go to in her next life – good or bad. Tough times, and poor Scarlett not being able to explain to Luke why she was going through some odd situations. She’s learning too more about her sister, and worryingly, just where she is now and why she made that choice. Scarlett wants to save her but can she?
When Jude did that thing…!! like Scarlett I was furious. I know he meant well – maybe…but oh how sad for her, how devastating for her and what a difficult position for her to be in. Let things go? Or tell the truth knowing there’s no HEA anyway? There’s always a sense of mystery about Jude, even though we now know what he is. He’s still very enigmatic about what he reveals, and I feel he’s keeping things back though I don’t know why. His tattoo – I’m sure I recall Scarlett’s grandfather having the same one and that makes me wonder more about family history. Then there’s all the odd accidents happening to her, it doesn’t help when she’s trying to pack as much as she can into the time left to her – however long that is? I just can’t believe this is it for her and Luke, I have to think something is going to happen in future books to let them get together…I guess I’m just a romantic, and an optimist but they work so well together.
Stars: Five. A great read, full of mystery and questions.
ARC provided by author

Go Small or Go Home, Toronto Collection 2, Heather Wardell

Go Small or Go Home, Toronto Collection 2, Heather Wardell
Genre: Romance, women’s fiction
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I hadn’t realised til I looked it up just how many of Heathers books I’ve read – and how incredibly different they all are. All contemporary romance, all with great and realistic characters, and yet she makes each one very individual and fresh. Sometimes when authors have done a number of books in a genre they begin to feel very much the same, but Heather’s – no, each one I’ve read is very distinct.
Tess, what a lovely lady. she’s got family and work issues at the moment though, and as an artist myself ( online only) I understood all too well her problems getting her work seen, and parting with it to someone who doesn’t “love” it, but just wants it to fit a certain space or gap in their home….The way she describes her trials with galleries is very real, and one of the reasons I’m online only – and sell very little….I hate the marketing side too which takes so much time away from creating. I’ve seen artists who sell lots of works and make a living from it, but only a very few talented people get to paint what they want, most end up doing a kind of generic assembly line style, painting quickly to a selling format to keep up the turnover, keep the prices down and compete with IKEA prints! Tess’ work was taking so long, taking so much out of her and yet to make a living she would have to increase turnover to a point where it wouldn’t be enjoyable any more. That’s a hard choice, keep her dream but giving up her love, or keep the love of her work and give up the dream. I’ve made my choice, and really feel for her dilemma. I loved the descriptions of her diorama’s, I had mental images of them in my head.
Forrest, wow what that poor guy had been through. I could understand too how he felt about the fans, they’re a tough bunch in any sport and not inclined to be too forgiving! He understands too well their reaction and it hurts. When he and Tess first meet she knows nothing about hockey and has no idea who she is. They have a tough time working to get him fit, especially when he won’t take her advice, and also clearly something emotional/mental is holding back his recovery. That mind/body connection is very strong, and to be fully well needs to be in balance.
I loved the way they slowly grew to respect and like each other. Loved Tess’ friend Jen and her house decor fiasco, and Tess’ sister Pam. She had problems, Tess tried to help but sometimes people wont admit they need it. It was good too seeing some of the other players, and understanding more of how they worked as a team.
When there’s “that” scene in the hotel, I so felt for Tess. What an awful thing to happen, especially later when she learns more about her appearance. I just wanted to give her a hug. She’s great though, conducts herself with dignity and doesn’t let it affect her work, even though that’s tough when Forrest seems to go from friends to cool acquaintances and back. You never quite know which Forrest you’re going to meet at any time.
Stars: Five. Its a great read, very realistic, very drama filled and full of emotion. I loved it and its got for me the perfect ending. tars: Stars: Five, a fun and very real feeling romance.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

Her Soldier’s Touch, J.M. Stewart
Her Soldier’s Touch,  J.M. Stewart
Genre:  Contemporary romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I do like those second chance romances so was keen to review this one. Its a fun read, with a small suspense element added too.
Poor Rachel had a tough upbringing, and has learned to rely only on herself. when she finds she’s pregnant after one night with Colt she doesn’t tell him. Well, he left without telling her and she decided that meant he’d lost his chance to know he was going to be a father….over the years she’s felt guilty over that but now he’s returning home and she has to face up to things. Greg is now five and asking about his dad, so she needs to man (wo-man?)  up and tell Colt, and see how involved he wants to be. Colt’s upbringing was tough too – he and his brother and mother were physically and mentally abused by their father, which was the catalyst for brother Paul’s drug abuse and subsequent death. Now Colts back for the funeral, losing, he thinks, the last real family he has.
He’s shocked by Rachel’s news, but decides he wants to be a proper dad, not one like his father. Its tough though and I felt for him. Rachel was incredibly understanding when things got too much for him, but she also couldn’t help those old feelings cropping up – the ones that say to her she can only rely on one person, herself, and that Colt will only let her down. She’s battling them to try to work with Colt, to be a family, he’s struggling his demons which tell him he’s just like his dad and not fit to be a father, and then to add to the stress the drug dealer Paul owed money to comes looking for cash and try to get Colt to pay up, threatening Rachel and Greg…It’s something that brings them all into danger.
Stars: Four. Its a great story, felt very real and I wanted Colt and Rachel to work. They were two people who deserved to be able to love each other and to have a family together. there’s a fairy tale perception sometimes about families, the 2.4 kids, nice house and secure future, when for most of us it’s like this, a struggle, a battle against life, our pasts and problems, and we have to really work to find happiness. I relate better to stories with a grounding of reality.

ARC provided by Author.

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