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Misfits, Garrett Leigh

Misfits, Garrett Leigh
Genre: LGBTQIA, Literature/Fiction (Adult)
.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
What I love about Riptide books is they always deliver a story that’s solid, not just a sexual frenzy, but one where the sex scenes are part of a moving and thought provoking story. I don’t just want to read sex, I need an emotional story to put it in context, otherwise its just meaningless. This time it’s a duo about to become a trio, and  where one of the three has Tourette’s
I know nothing of TS, and was so glad when I read that the author hadn’t just Googled it, but actually spoken to someone with it and learned more that way. It feels very real in the book, and I really felt for poor Jake. It must be so difficult having no control over movement and speech at times, and having people being so judgemental thinking you’re just an abusive drunk or something.
Anyway – the research – that’s what gives this book the edge for me, that it felt real, that both Cass and Tom asked the wrong questions at times, didn’t always know the best way to act, that how Jake coped was individual to him, and that he had good and bad days. As a wheelchair user I get furious in a book where someone is in one and does things that just aren’t possible, or just swans through life without any of the everyday problems we face in reality. I like books that are different but they need to be researched properly, and here this felt to me very genuine. I felt Jake was a real person, and was so upset for him at times, and understood why he held back, having learned via his past that people didn’t always react well. When he laughed at his swearing it made me laugh too – it was good that he could see the humour in it at times. When he’s talking to Tom and says his TS swearing is coming out as XXXX and Tom says “ so when you call me a b astard you mean it, it’s not the TS!!” – made me smile that part.
So the story is how the three find a way together, Tom with his middle class background and loving, accepting family, Cass whose past has been problematic and rough, and who’s very quiet about most of it, and now Jake who also has had a tough past. He can’t quite believe that a couple as solid as Cass and Tom want him with them. He’s not sure if Tom is just being kind, if Cass accepts him to keep Tom happy – and given the way he’s usually treated it feels like he’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Over time though they show him they do want him, for himself and as part of them, and its very emotional. Tom goes slowly with him, helping where he can without picking at his pride, when you’ve got nothing it’s hard to take from someone, however well meaning, when you know they’ve never really been in your position. Tom is wonderful though – so loving and one of those genuinely kind people who want to share their success, and help others less fortunate. He slowly pushed Jake into work situations and they find out what he is good at, and it turns out he’s just what they need  at work as well as completing them as a trio. Its not all smooth though, there are some really sad hiccups along the way, times when the wrong thing is said or done, times when Jake doubts them and himself and then a huge spanner thrown in at the end which could derail them all and it’s up to Jake to be the one to pull them through.
Stars: Five, a great read full of emotion and realism.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.


Playing Knotty, Elia Winters

Playing Knotty, Elia Winters
Genre: Romance
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, this isn’t a very long read, around 3500 kindle locations, but its packed with heat, and a fun story.
Emma- I loved her, she’d worked hard to get past her mothers constant comments about her weight, and yet its easy to see how it still affects her, how she tries to dress to disguise her curves, even though as Ian says, she’s gorgeous. Its affected her confidence to in that she doesn’t stand up for what she wants, even with her friends, but has this need to go along with whatever they say, as she just wants everyone to like her. That’s down to her mother, and when we see them all together at a family meal its easy to see why. Later in the book when her mum does some explaining I found I felt so sorry for her, and could see her reasoning even if it was flawed, and that from really disliking her and seeing her as a bully I came to like her…I enjoy when that happens, when my perceptions are changed, and it made me think how easily we judge people sometimes without knowing all the facts.
Then Ian comes along – he’s an accountant but also does rope bondage workshops and is active in the Kink world. It comes as a huge surprise to Emma, but in fact it really brings her out. She can see that Ian’s aroused by her curves, that he enjoys seeing her tied up, and it makes her feel very sexual too. So much so that right from the first time they’re soon in a hot and heavy sexual frenzy each time they work together. She’s come along way but…she still lacks confidence, and doesn’t know if what she and Ian have is a relationship, or just hot and convenient sex. She wants more but years of just fitting in with others leaves her unable to ask him. He doesn’t make it clear what he wants, but we can see that for him its because he knows she lacks confidence, and doesn’t want to push her outside her comfort zone and lose what he hopes could be more than just friendship and sensual sex.
Its looking good, they get closer, Emma gets more confident and then…an overheard snippet of conversation brings things crashing down. Can they get back on track or is it all going to fall apart?Well, I was so frustrated – wanting to shout “JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER” -but no…things got more stilted and I was in despair for them. I really wanted to shake the pair of them

Stars: Four, a fun and erotic read.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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