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Deep, Kylie Scott

Deep, Kylie Scott
Genre:  Contemporary romance, New Adult.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I bought and loved the first two books, somehow missed book three ( one to catch up on) so when I saw this I really wanted to review it!
Once again Kylie has brought in the magic of the music scene, and tied it to a gripping story full of emotion and drama and with some scorching sensual moments. I loved Liz, sister to Anna, Mal’s wife, who when she sees Ben is just smitten. She can’t get him out of her mind and pursues him putting herself where he’ll see her,and texting him constantly once she’s deviously got his number. Now Ben’s already been warned off by Mal, he doesn’t do relationships, simply one nighters, and that’s not what Anna and Mal want for little sister Liz. So he could have just avoided her, didn’t have to respond to the texts, and keep up the flirty messages….but he didn’t, so I feel when Liz says she’s to blame for everything I think she’s being harsh on herself. She’s 21, he’s 29 and should have had more control – if he wanted it – or admit to his part, instead of letting everything fall on her. When he first finds out she’s pregnant he’s a real ar se, talks about lawyers etc and poor Liz, though she says she didn’t want the fairy-tale, didn’t expect more, I feel that inside herself she was hoping anyway, so his talk of contracts and lawyers comes as a real shock of cold water to her. She’s gutted, and tells him to get lost. Good for her! At this point I thought he was a real jerk, a hot one, but an ar sehole jerk none the less….
Then time moves on and we see more of him, and I understand a bit more why he’s this way. Liz is incredibly understanding, she gives him so many chances, and he just tramples her when he says it’ll be different and then it isn’t. How many times can she give him another chance? At some point she has to look for herself and what its doing to her, and when something Huge gets out – breaking all hope she had she finally gets tough. That was a real low ( high for me of course) point – she was devastated, absolutely torn up, and it showed. Is there anyway on from that or is it the end for them? It really feels this time its the point of no return but maybe, just maybe, Ben will finally realise what’s in front of him, and what he’s risking by his failure to commit, and perhaps he needs to face his fears and man up.
A great read, full of drama, and lots of emotion. I enjoyed meeting the other band members and their ladies, and getting an update on them. Vaughan from the supporting band was a great character. I’m hoping there’s a book in store for him as he deserves one.

Stars: five, a great story full of love and drama.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

The Unleashing,Shelly Laurenston,

The Unleashing,Shelly Laurenston,
Genre: Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Having not read any of Shelley’s novels I wasn’t sure what to expect, what her writing style was, and TBH I found this read really confusing to begin with. Once I got to around 12% I went back to beginning as I’d kind of lost the plot ( literally!) and I found that was a good move as I’d an idea by then of how the world and characters was shaping up.
Kera – I really liked her, and especially the way she was so anti killing just for the hell of it. She needed a reason, it was no good telling her that Crows kill, and she just had to do as she was told, and I’m with her there. It made some the others feel she was a bit of a wimp, and they were angry with her. I can see their point when the people and creatures they sometimes deal with won’t hesitate to kill them, and there isn’t always time to stop and assess, and if Kera couldn’t kill when she had to then she risked all of their lives. They needed to function as a team and support each other. Kera had reasons though, mot just the morality of it, though that played a part but something else too that comes clearer further in the book, and once they understood that their fears were less. Her sister Crows: there were some mixed characters, but their creed was Crows look after each other – can’t exactly recall what it was, but it meant whatever their personal feelings they always had each others back. Kera’s dog, Bridie Hawaii – she was a real star and I loved her. Vig and his  Raven friends were a good mix. He was a fun person, so attracted and gentle to Kera and yet others were terrified of him and his “1,000 yard stare”! Loved it.
Its a big undertaking setting a new series in a world so different to the usual paranormal reads, but it makes for a fun story, and one I enjoyed. It didn’t have that 5* can’t pout down feel but as a first book delivering the beginnings of a new series it was certainly a good read, and makes me want to consider more of the series. Its got a great mix of characters, an exciting storyline with the potential for lots of new and unusual plots and some terrific snippets of humour that lightened some of the darker moments.  –
Stars: Four, a great start to a new series. Its possible once I’m further in to the series, that if I go back and re read I’d rate this a five. That’s happened before for me!
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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