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Virgin’s Night Out, Shiloh Walker

Virgin’s Night Out, Shiloh Walker
Genre:  Contemporary romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
There’s a note at the end of the summary telling reader the bonus story of Tempt Me is included. I’d assumed that was just a short story, but its not – it 40% of the book, meaning the main story is just 60% of the whole. Together they’re just over 400 kindle locations, so overall even with two reads its not particularly long. they’re both very good stories though which I really enjoyed.
Sloane – wow, what a comeback, and when she hit Rodney I was cheering. Then she met Boone, only she didn’t know who he was, and he didn’t know she was his best friend’s little sister. They have one very hot, carnal and sensual night, don’t exchange names, he likes to keep to just one night and she isn’t sure how she feels, events just take over them and..she’s virgin no more! Then she leaves while he’s asleep, so imagine how astonished they are to see each other at the wedding – she’s maid of honour and he’s best man…
Well, inevitably the rest of the story covers separation and getting back together, albeit with a large complication. I really can’t write more about it without giving away things, but it was a short and fun read, easy to follow, and I loved both of them and was rooting for them. Their backgrounds have affected both of them by way of their present actions, and how they reacted to the events that unfolded. I always love to see what’s happened in the past that drives the person, their motivations etc and enjoyed making the link here.
The bonus story is excellent too, and another fun, easy and hot read.
Stars: Four, a great read,  I enjoyed both stories but they’re probably a one off for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

Blue-Eyed Stranger, A Trowchester Blues Novel, Alex Beecroft

Blue-Eyed Stranger, A Trowchester Blues Novel, Alex Beecroft
Genre:  Romance, GLBT
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Somehow I thought I’d read Alex work before, and in fact I haven’t – but certainly will look out for more. this was an insightful, tender romance that I really enjoyed.
Billy – somehow he reminds me some someone who’s really got a bit of Fae blood ( I read a lot of fantasy/paranormal and maybe it spills over a bit in my mind!). Its the way he’s described, he’s slight in build, very acrobatic and an incredibly talented musician, and yet the everyday world presents problems to him. He doesn’t have regular work, he’d be unable to cope, but he’s such a kind man, so much to give that he needs to be valued for himself. Part of the problem is his depression, but I get the feeling that sometimes all the noise, all the turmoil and people are just too much for him to cope with – as if he’s really used to a different sort of world. I loved him. He’s such a different character, and I felt so sad when his internal voices were putting him down. It didn’t help that he was all but invisible to even his friends, they interrupted him, talked over him, and didn’t listen to his views. Its a shame as he’s really a very intelligent man with a lot going on in his head – too much sometimes…
Then he meets Martin. Martin’s a teacher, but hiding his nature. His dad brought the family up to try to stay out of minority groups – having coloured skin can be a huge bar in career success – its shouldn’t be, but like many things it is, and so he’s hidden the fact he’s gay. He can just see how well that would go down – with teachers and parents screaming possible abuse. It always amazes me how some people think that just because someone is gay or lesbian – or some other minority – they’ve no control over their sexual desires. Why should the fact someone likes a different sex to the usual mean you’re some kind of pervert? We don’t expect hetero people to be jumping on everyone, so why should it be seen as ok to assume others will? Sad isn’t it? Its only a minority of course that feel this way, but as with everything they tend to be overly vocal about it….an artist friend paints erotic works, she’s a talented and popular artist but when the school where she worked as a TA found out they were Not Happy, and said she’s have to stop painting or leave. Weird, she’s the same lady she’d always been but the knowledge that she painted erotic stuff changed the head teacher’s view. It wasn’t pornographic, but….and that’s my rant over- back to the book!
Both Billy and Martin perform at country fairs, Billy with his Morris troupe and Martin with his Viking battle re-enactments. They manage to meet at several of the same events but Martin is very circumspect at these, making sure his group know nothing about his sexuality. He started the new group as the old one was very bigoted, and even though he’s deep in the closet he couldn’t take the snide remarks and jokes about gays any more. He tells himself and Billy that when the time is right he’ll come out, but really he’s scared of what people will think – he’s in need of a new job, he’s afraid of what his Viking group will think and his parents …well, his dad is always asking if he’s met a nice girl! Its hard living a lie though, especially now he has Billy and he’s so happy – at some point these two worlds are going to collide. Billy isn’t happy either being a secret when they’re out, although everyone knows he’s gay and his group have guessed about Martin… just know that there’s going to be a fireball at some time and when it erupts – wow, poor Billy! It just reinforces what his inner voices tell him, he’s worthless, not good enough and Martin doesn’t really want him.
As well as a thought provoking and tender romance the historical side of this was fascination, and I enjoyed learning more – though I’m not a musician I loved reading about the instruments and looked up more info. there’s something special about doing what people hundreds – thousands even – of years ago did.
Stars: Five, a really great read.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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