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Dragon, (Allie’s War Book 9), JC Andrijeski

Dragon, (Allie’s War Book 9), JC Andrijeski
Genre: Romance, Fantasy/Sci-fi.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well – we’re on to book nine, plus of course lots of side novellas. This series is great value for money for those of us who love longer books, with this one being 689 pages for £4.99.
Once again its a rocketing journey, a race against time with a new player in town. Trouble is which side is he on? Feigran indicates he’s important and Allie has learned that though Feigran tells her things in an abstract, confusing way he knows things that others don’t, and that his information isn’t to be ignored. Its often linked to things she’s dreamed about, and she knows they need more info on Dragon. When she gets it though – wow – he’s incredibly powerful, and she’s powerless against him….that comes as a shock. She’s still not sure whether she escaped from him or whether he let her go, whether he’s on their side or laying a false trail, and when the future of the world depends on getting things right…well, no pressure then. Even though I’ve finished the book I’m still a bit confused over Dragon. Feigran too confuses me, sometimes he’s just kind of coarse about sexual things, and then he surprises me with his gentlemanly way of speaking and the things he does. He’s kind of like one of those Savant types, where the brain just works differently to most peoples, where so much of what he does isn’t intended to cause offence but just him saying things as he sees them. In through the out door – that phrase still has me wondering….I guess with Terian (or the Terians) being part of him so much has been taken out that maybe would have moderated him, and likewise Terian has characteristics from him and whatever bodies he uses…maybe? I’m still, after all these books, working that one out. Throw in Menlim and what he is and – well, thankfully not fully understanding doesn’t stop me enjoying the story, and as the series grows so does my understanding. Its the first time I’ve read anything like this, so I don’t have a background of Sci-fi reads to work from. Maybe that would have made a difference, though maybe not?
She and Revik ( swoon…) know now that Menlim isn’t dead, that he’s the real force behind things and he needs to be stopped. Trouble is how? He can’t be killed in the conventional way as he’s a kind of flesh puppet – reminds me very much of the battle to kill Terian. They come up with a plan though to work round him – but have to keep it secret as there’s a mole in the group, and they have no way of knowing who. That’s really distressing. It was a shock when Dorje proved to be working for Shadow, and to think someone they know well, trust and have been friends with for many years is against them is awful, and means looking and treating everyone as if they were against them. What a nightmare. Revik has to do something that brings him right into the centre of danger, and if his plan fails – and its very likely to – then that’s it for him. Allie too has to carry on knowing this time she can’t help him, she has her part to play and it makes her friends into – well, not enemies but they really dislike how she’s acting and show it. That’s very isolating for her. Still, she and Revik never shirk from doing what’s needed, even when it comes at great personal cost. Its all leading up to a huge confrontation with Shadow, Dragon. Allie’s people and the President of the USA, where the cost is incredibly high both on a personal and a worldwide level.
Poor Allie and Revik, seems to me they never get a break. That’s what being Bridge and Sword is though. When I look back at the start I see how very far everything has gone and need to remember that all this has taken place over several years. I just hope its all worthwhile for them in the end, as well as the rest of the world of course. They’ve sacrificed so much and what has to be done in this part comes at a level that will take a great deal to get back to. They’ve both had to do things that they know will cause problems in their relationship after, knowing it had to be done is a brain understanding but of course the heart – that’s always a weakness with them both, and even if their plan succeeds can they overcome their actions to stay as a couple? I really, really hope so – their connection is a genuine soul mate type, as if they are two halves of one unit and they need to be together. Thank goodness Seers have long lives, as they’ve used up so many years in things that have caused them grief.
I feel I know so many of the group as people now, not just as slightly weird names…and when some die I grieve for them. I still miss the lovely Garensche, he was such a great part of the group, talented but on a personal level very good at coping with others high emotions and bringing trigger points down. When a series continues for so many books its inevitable some characters die, but I miss them.
I’m an avid reader, I’ve just under 5,000 books on my amazon cloud and I’ve read maybe 3,000 of those with another 1,000 or so books at home that I’ve read, and probably 2-3,000 borrowed from library over the years, and yet this series is still in my top twenty. I don’t have a fav series or book, just a top few, and though this seemed like a type of book that wasn’t my sort of read I found I became hooked on it from the start. I’ve recently reread my way through books 1-8 and the novellas, and found that I have a deeper understanding now of events and people from it, and I see actions differently to when I first read it. I don’t know how many more books are to come, each time I think we’re on the home stretch JC takes us off on another tangent so who knows? I’ll be sad to see the end to the series, though I’m so hoping Allie and Revik finally get a happy ending and live out their lives in peace and love together, but I’ll miss looking out for the next instalment.
That teaser: Gah! When I read that – the beach scene – I had to know what happened. It was about 3 days prior to release I found it and from then on I was checking Amazon every few hours desperate to get Dragon and see what happens. I was so taken in, so on edge, that actually I just had to peep at the end just to see what transpired. I’ve done that a few times with books that really hook me, too impatient to wait. For some people that spoils it but not for me, and I’m always happy to re read good books, even though I know what’s coming. I love to read my way through a full series back to back. I read this one over the weekend, read a review werewolf book and am currently reading through a contemporary romance trilogy from last year, where I can finally get the books read back to back and really get “into” the story without stopping. I like swapping genres between books.
Stars: A solid five.

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