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Mojo Queen, Red House, Sonya Clark

No reviews scheduled for today so I’ve dug out an old, preblog review from the  talented Sonya Clark. (look out for her trancehack trilogy too) I can’t add a link though as I can’t seem to find it online anywhere 😦 hopfully that’s just temporary as its a great read.



Mojo Queen

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I started this series by getting the terrific Red House to review – that’s the follow on book to this one. I loved it so much Sonya kindly gave me Mojo queen so I could start the series from the beginning ( and I’m hoping Sonya is busily writing more of Roxie and Blake. It was good to see the beginning of Roxie’s adventures and how she meets up with Blake. She a very talented witch using many different forms of magic but always with the ethos of “do no harm”. He’s a sorceror, definitely yummy and sexy but with an ambitious dark side that’s led him to become involved in demon summoning – unfortunately demons lie…as Blake finds out to his cost and Roxie gets hired to help despatch this particularly nasty one back before she can extend her killing spree.
Its edge of seat action from the start, and yet even when in the middle of a really tricky situation Roxie still has that great sense of snarky humour that makes her such a fabulous heroine. Its seems little really fazes her and she’ll always do what’s right regardless of the cost to herself. Sadly this leads to her car, home and office being damaged badly and her life being in danger. All in a days work for the fearless Roxie though. I loved the introduction to her Root magic, and found it a very interesting balance to the traditional spells and incantations so often used to describe magic.
Having seen how Roxie meets Blake and what results I can see why her cousin/ancestor vampire Daniel dislikes him so much. Daniel is very protective of Roxie and hates that Blake has put her in danger. Blake’s reaction at the end of the novel would make me feel the same way as Daniel and Roxie and he has a lot of ground to catch up on in the next book.
Roxie is a heroine in the best of traditions, smart and sexy, sassy and yet sympathetic, impulsive but also thoughtful and always on the side of Right. Daniel is the perfect foil, quiet and protective, strong yet smooth and always wanting to look after Roxie. He’s the only one of her family that accepts her for what she is, the rest are afraid of her magic and would rather ignore it regardless of the problems it would cause her. Daniel is just perfect and for a change there’s no romance between them, just a very intense feeling that they will protect each other no matter what. Daniel is shown as a real vampire with a need for blood and we see how he’s not just a typical PNR sexy vamp but also one that can be very dangerous when the vampire takes over even to those he loves. Blake – well – what can I say, you messed up big time Blake with the demon summoning but didn’t mean to, and generous hearted Roxie is ready to try to forgive that but then at the end – Just What did you think you were doing? I’m not going to spoil it – but just say that was a huge surprise for me and thank goodness book two is already out so readers can catch up with what happens next.
Stars: five – great book, well priced and one to join my favourites re read series.

Arc supplied by author

Red House Sonya Clark

Well – what can I say about this book? Except – it was so good I simply have to read the first one and see how it all started. The main characters, well to begin we have Roxie: She’s a witch trying to get past the recent disasters where she almost drowned, lost her home and business to the floods and yet she still keeps on trying – however hard she finds it, and however much she struggles, and currently she is really fighting herself not to give in and go under. Then there’s Daniel her vampire ancestor, and the only one of her family who understand her – he’s a great character and has some good lines, and is a real friend to Roxie and of course Blake….oh Blake – the sexy sorcerer – of course he disappeared from Roxie’s life without a word and Daniel is Not Happy about his reappearance. Roxie isn’t sure – her heart says yippee and her head says slowdown – which will she listen to?
We wade straight into the story and see from the start just how dangerous Roxie’s job can be – but with no home and no business she needs the work to try to rebuild. She is asked to take on a haunting of a local popular B&B Maple Hill, trouble is the floods seemed to have stirred up more than water and the ghosts have definitely come out or the woodwork here and gained in power. It proves to be a dangerous job for Roxie.
Blake – he the great seducer and his relationship with Roxie goes from stop to full on and back to stop. We learn more about him and why he’s like he is, and that there’s a soft centre to the hard nosed seducer. Maple Hill needs all of them to pull together if they want to put the ghosts back in the box so to speak, and leaving them out isn’t an option Roxie will countenance. The sex scenes between him and Roxie are hot – well written, no sappy cringe making phrases and fit the story well. Some authors just haven’t got what it takes to write sex in a novel and reading it is an exercise in endurance but not Sonya.
I loved this book – great plots, and interesting stories of the people and places brought in, not just a one plot novel but lots of divergences to keep the story interesting, and that’s what makes a boo for me. This is definitely a keeper for the re read collection along with the previous book which is now on my “want” list. And I want to read more of Roxie and Co in future novels. I’ll be looking to see what else she’s written to – clearly an author whose style I enjoy.
Its priced at £3.20 for 184 pages – I’d have liked it to be even longer but that’s just my personal preference and for a good story the price is comparable with others. Published by Lyricalpress.
Stars – a well deserved five stars from me – I simply loved this story and the characters within it.

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