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Breaking Leila, Breaking Joseph, Lucy V Morgan

another couple of older books today – I love both of these, dark romance, with some fabulous characters.

Breaking Leila Lucy V Morgan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews
This book is erotic romance with emphasis on the darker side of erotica, with sex scenes that fit well in the story, but if you dislike anything other than vanilla sex in your books be warned – this has more, much ,much more…
Leila Vaughn is a tax lawyer at a prestigious London law firm. Discovering her parents are in danger of losing their business and her childhood home having supported her through training, she takes a second job as a call girl – not a cheap street corner whore though, but a very very expensive, exclusive one working through an agency which caters to all sorts of fantasies. An affair with her older boss while she was still in training has given her a pit of darker desires, which her alter ego Charlotte the call girl has eagerly embraced. When her year as an escort is almost over and debts almost paid she’s ready to retire as a call girl. Going to the latest job she walks into the hotel room to discover the clients are…. her colleague Matt and her sexy boss Joseph…

Lucy uses her pen ( or more likely her laptop!) in the way a surgeon uses a scalpel – crafting words carefully that are sharp and accurate, they will cause pain but are tempered with mercy. This book is not a sweet romance with a few vapid sex scenes, not one with wall to wall, cringe making, sex and no real story to back it – its so much more. Lucy has created a world of believable people, with problems many of us face – Leila’s colleague Matt wants to rescue her and take her into a white knight romance, but its not what Leila needs and craves, Charlotte has been fulfilling the darkness she needs in her life. Joseph…ahhh Joseph, sexy and sharp, he wants to take Leila into where Charlotte reigns but he’s her boss, in control of her career. He’s well known for using call girls, will she become just another notch? He’s a reputation as sharp and contemptible to those he sees as lesser, well respected as a boss but not seen as an understanding person. Leila worries for her job – she needs it to finish her training and this could derail it.

The story is told from Leila’s POV through both dialogue and her inner opinions. These are in the form of a kind of stream of consciousness thoughts, and veer madly from topic to topic, making sense only when you strive to understand how Leila and Charlotte connect and crave danger, and yet fear it at the same time. In the aftermath of a passionate encounter Leila will drift off inwardly thinking what seem strange things, and yet they all connect sharply when you realise where she is coming from. Joseph comments one time something like “ah Leila, where have you been” so its clear this mental drift is outwardly detectable. Joseph himself has been seeking the same kind of danger, thus his use of whores because girlfriends don’t provide what he needs. Are they a match made in heaven or destined to slash and harm each other with their dangerous cravings?

Fantastic novel with sequel to follow and for anyone who wants erotica with a genuine story that holds up its a must buy. Well edited, and good length at 269 pages of well crafted and chosen words, not the filler sludge that so many books contain. Lucy makes every word count to create an exciting and erotic novel set in a believable world.
Stars: Full five, it will join my re read selection of favourite books.

ARC supplied for review.

Breaking Joseph. Lucy V Morgan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.
Sequel to Breaking Leila.
Lucy has sharpened the knife again for another erotic peep into Leila’s world. As part of his taking over Leila’s last three jobs Joseph has bought her service for the week long New York trip with the firm. Leila isn’t sure how it will work, it means her colleagues will know she is with Joseph, but in his usual I Am Important way he sweeps aside any concerns and does what he pleases. Explanations to other people are not something he concerns himself with. Matt still carries a torch for Leila and is jealous of Joseph, her old call girl colleague Aiden arranges to come to New York too, and there’s some jealousy and back stabbing going on within the other protégées. So far all looks fine 🙂

Joseph seems to know what Leila/Charlotte really wants and begins to push his darker desires onto her, seeing how far she will go with them. Aiden befriends Matt – an unlikely partnership, and not least because being bisexual Aiden would love to have sex with Straight and Traditional Matt… Joseph and Leila decide to try to have a proper relationship, but as always the path of true love never runs smooth, the knife bites sharply and wounds are formed.
Another cutting and biting novel ( literally at times) that entrances, engages and appeals to the sensual, erotic side of our natures. Carefully written to show how Leila and Charlotte have been created, Lucy gradually harmonises the two alter egos with Joseph’s help. From being a tough, harsh, unfeeling boss we thought he was, he shows a tender side to Leila, although its hidden in what seems cruel dark sex, but he knows just what she needs.  In this book there’s heartbreak and betrayal, blackmail, erotic and sexual scenes, wedding but no funeral and with what I love best – the Happy Ending. I’m a sucker for that, can’t take romance without a HEA. It’s peopled with a cast of fantastic realistic characters, feels like seeing a real drama play out, and is a great read.
Its  262 pages in e-book version and well worth reading if you like a romance with extras, darker and with lots of psychological insight. Again Lucy only uses what words are needed to make the story flow, no fluff and fillers here, just tough, gritty drama. There are what seems some very dark scenes, and some may find them too much, but for me they are needed to carry the story through properly and we see just how they’ve come to be. Its another fabulous read that had me laughing at some scenes, and then in tears at others.
ARC supplied for review.
Stars: Five again of course. Fabulous finish.

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