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Lie Down with Dogs, Black Dog, Book 3, Hailey Edwards

Lie Down with Dogs, Black Dog, Book 3,  Hailey Edwards
Genre: paranormal/fantasy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’m really enjoying this series. Thierry is back from Faerie – only for a year though, then she must return for her coronation. That will tie her there for 100 years….but she seems trapped even though she doesn’t want to do it. Poor Thierry, she’s a great girl and always wants to help where she can. She’s got so many ties on her now though it leaves little left for her. She’s still supporting her mum though mum doesn’t know it, she’s tied to Shaw as he can only feed from her, married to Rook even though she was tricked into it, and if she doesn’t take up her crown then Faerie will be at war with devastating consequences for everywhere and everyone.
It’s real rock and hard place for her. A less caring person would say Not my Problem but that’s not Thierry, she always wants to help even when the cost is high to her. Its part of her personality. She’s still ensconced in the triangle too between Rook and Shaw, and after reading this novel I’m still uncertain which team I’m on. Shaw has redeemed himself finally, and the connection between him and Thierry is strong – but then so is her pull to Rook, even though she was manipulated into marrying him. I’m sure he’s got reasons but so far we don’t know them. So team? I haven’t a clue
Thierry is struggling to get back to normal, but not succeeding. When her roommate and best friend suggests a week at the beach she’s in…but has to take along her two Fae guardians and Diode. That doesn’t stop her running into trouble though, and getting embroiled in something very serious which proves to be incredibly dangerous to her. There are some real surprises in this book, as well as a plot that takes twists and turns and is very entertaining. Its an easy to read novel, even though its got some complex themes. There are a few new people that turn up and who they are is a shock. Its a great read and I’m keen to read the next (final) book and see how it all ends, though I’ll be sorry to leave the group. Its one to re read though and will join my keepers files.

Stars:  Five, a fabulous read .
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

Uncovering Ray, Edie Danford

Uncovering Ray, Edie Danford  
Genre: LGBTQIA, New Adult
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve always thought it’s the story that counts, the romance, not the sex of the characters, their race, religion, disability or anything. Then I picked up this book and it made me realise that maybe I’m not as open minded as I like to think…
Ray is a troubled 20 year old, and is having a hard time coping. Jerk father, uninterested mother and he currently lives with his sort of stepfather and young half brother Dave,in a basement flat from the main property. Allows a little independence while still letting stepdad keep watch.d I so felt for him and his problems. Ray tries to help but has problems too – and Dave tries to help Ray. Sort of recipe for disaster isn’t it – the blind leading the blind?
Rays a hard worker though, does frequent double shifts at the Ellery Diner as the money is needed. Then in comes Wyatt and his frat pals, and they’re pretty obnoxious. Ray is tall but also has a real androgyny appearance and that’s much of the problem. There’s no neat pigeon hole, Ray is clear that sexuality is fluid and we’re left wondering – after drunken Mike asks it-well, is Ray a boy or a girl ? And that’s where my liberalism was tested – did it matter, and why was I so curious if its really the story that interests me? Am I one of those who want to label people? I didn’t think so but the more mystery about Ray there was the more I wanted to know the answer. I think though – hope anyway- that its curiosity alone that made me want to know. Certainly it didn’t affect the story whatever the answer was, and I really enjoyed the way it played out. I so felt for Ray, struggling over issues of not only gender but how everyone treats it, and how to find a way in the world that didn’t involve using parents connections. Independence is great, but sometimes having a rich family can work against one and that’s what Ray seemed to fear. Wanted to be successful under Rays own efforts.
Wyatt – tall,handsome, manly Wyatt,is clearly interested in Ray, but his early approaches get rebuffed. He’s persistent though, in his gentle,polite way and somehow he gets closer and under Rays barriers – though there are lots of push backs. Even when they’re at the kissing and touching stage its still never clear what sex Ray is and it doesn’t seem to matter to Wyatt even though so far he’s been only interested in girls…and soon they’ve gone further and are lovers. Its a very touching,emotional relationship, with Ray still have huge problems to overcome, and keeping so much hidden from Wyatt though he probably knows more than anyone else. Then – wham, everything catches up with Ray just at the point where, in an attempt to help, Wyatt contacts someone he doesn’t know is from Ray’s past….and its a huge blowout. That coincided with other major events in Rays life,and the beautiful romance looks to be lost. I was so upset, could see both sides, loved them both and understood why they did what they did,but the big question – could they get past that and make things work?

Stars: five, for me this was a really great read,very full of drama and emotion and just the sort of romance I love. It made me think too and question my own perceptions and that’s good. We all need to be challenged sometimes.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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