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Crave the Rose, Karen Kincy

Crave the Rose, Karen Kincy
Genre: Romance, New Adult.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Its a strange book, I enjoyed parts but too much of it left me feeling “ What? Why? How? Who?” There just seemed to be long gaps and jumps, and too many unanswered questions. That’s a shame as overall it’s got such great potential.
I loved the spontaneity of their first meeting, loved that Bram had epilepsy but was trying to hide his fits – it’s nothing to be ashamed of course, but the wide ranging effects and prejudice people have make his reactions feel very genuine. One of the things in UK is that driving licence must be surrendered until a certain time fit free has passed. That’s tough, but of course safety matters – Bram though doesn’t want to lose his licence and that’s just one of the reasons.
The story really revolves around Cassia and Bram, with little interaction from others. I felt so sorry for Cass after she caught Spencer cheating but TBH she was a bit of a b itch to Bram. He seems to have been entranced with her right from the start, and arranges for her to come and work in the gardens of the place his family are renovating. Only problem is the gardens are slated for demolition….I found his about face on that hard to take, I needed more than just Cass wanting them to stay. His family – loved his dad, but his mum…wow – she was cold, artic cold. She seemed to see his epilepsy as something of an inconvenience to her, and never thinking of how Bram felt. She never seemed to take anything he said seriously – but then again if he’s prone to changing his mind as easily as he did re the gardens that’s not a surprise.
It all kind of wrapped up too neatly at the end for me, I love a HEA but most of the book felt like it was coasting so when things went right there were no deep and angsty lows to balance it.
.Stars: Three, its an ok read for me, potentially very good but it never seemed to reach that point for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publisher


Red Carpet Day Job, Tasha Cotter

Red Carpet Day Job, Tasha Cotter
Genre: Romance, NA.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I like books that feature situations like this – the fairy-tale romance story. It was a fun read, but I felt that it was a bit light and fluffy which was a shame, as there were some good plotlines. Its a short read at around 137 pages and that restricts the story IMO, had it been longer and those plots fleshed out then I think I’d have rated higher.
I loved Nick, he seemed a really nice guy, admits his playboy past but says Sophie means more to him, and he shows it. Its that magic situation that makes a romance so enjoyable, the Cinderella type situation. Sophie, she’s a fun girl and with some terrific friends, who prove a great support when she needs it. they felt very real. Scott the boyfriend – his “chicken farm” in their flat and on the rooftop – that was just weird, and would have been better left out I think. Its just not feasible saying he has an egg business – he’d need an awful lot more hens, they lay one egg per day for part of the year, not all year round, so to make money he’d need hundreds of them- on a rooftop?? That lost credibility for me. He’d have been better in another occupation. I liked that they’d been together for so long, moved to NY together and then just gradually grown apart. That felt genuine and often happens when couples get together at a young age, and was a touch of reality after the chicken fiasco!
I loved seeing Nick and Sophie together, loved her actress client who proved to be a good B itch – every romance needs one of those for me – adds a needed edge of drama and that’s what keeps me reading, the bits where it goes wrong, not just the parts where it goes right. Overall though it just felt too surfaced based, too shallow for me to rate higher. I enjoyed it but as a one off read, and think for me it was just too short, too restrictive. I need to get deep into a story and this just didn’t allow it.

Stars: Three and a half

ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

Forgiving Love – Victoria Johns

Forgiving Love – Victoria Johns
Genre:  Romance,
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, we’re back with the girls again ( and the lads.) This time the focus is on Neely and Chris. I have to say when we first meet Chris he’s a jerk to Neely, and I wondered what on earth she saw in him. New man on the block, Ross, is a far better character. Still, Chris has his reasons, though continues his jerk behaviour for a long time yet. Polly, who lives on the ranch next to his, is convinced he’s hers, and to be fair in between shagging other women he does keep coming back to her. It made me quite angry really, she’s not the nicest of people but does she really deserve the treatment she gets from him? And how on earth can Neely be  in love with someone so shallow. Then she goes out with Ross and things heat up. I’m not really into the short skirt, no knickers dressing, nor the loving one person but using another to make them jealous, to the degree they almost have sex. I’m not a prude but there are lines I’d draw and these pass them by a long way…
Anyway on with the story. Of course once Chris sees Neely with Ross it gives him a shake up – he’s one of those guys who are scared of the future it seems, scared of settling down, and so while he’s playing the field having fun he’s just assumed Neely will be there for him if he ever wants to get together with her. Well, that’s how it seems to me, so when he hears of Ross moving in on what he’s privately seen as “his” lady he sees red. Ross is new to the group, though knows Jonas from their service days. He seems like a really genuine guy but he’s also got another unseen motive.
The secrets keep worming out – Neely is asked to do some confidential work on Chris’ ranch deeds, she’s a paralegal and this kind of thing is a little out of the norm, but her boss says they go with it so long as the firm isn’t compromised. A job’s a job after all. It puts Neely in a difficult position though – and then more secrets come out, bringing her into real danger. For a tiny rural town there’s some sophisticated illegal deals going down, and Neely can’t leave it alone when the authorities move in. She wants to do all she can to protect Chris from any fallout – she knows just how much the ranch means to him. He’s oblivious to begin, but when Neely runs into danger he finds out part, and then the sparks fly – he’s really unpleasant to her, and the tentative moves forward they’d made get pushed back – a long way back, which pleases Polly. She never takes no for an answer and there are some fun scenes between her and Neely.
Overall its a sexy, hot read, a fun mystery with some added dangers but what stopped it being five star for me once again is the characters. I just can’t bring myself to really like them, their behaviours at times are really unpleasant, juvenile, and – well – tarty. I need to like my main leads, to be able to put myself in their position and I just can’t bring myself to imagine I’d behave like that. Still, as ever – that’s just me, and others have a different criteria for enjoying a story. Its a hot and spicy read, with some decent drama backing it.
Stars: Four, sexy romantic adventure.
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Breaking Leila, Breaking Joseph, Lucy V Morgan

another couple of older books today – I love both of these, dark romance, with some fabulous characters.

Breaking Leila Lucy V Morgan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews
This book is erotic romance with emphasis on the darker side of erotica, with sex scenes that fit well in the story, but if you dislike anything other than vanilla sex in your books be warned – this has more, much ,much more…
Leila Vaughn is a tax lawyer at a prestigious London law firm. Discovering her parents are in danger of losing their business and her childhood home having supported her through training, she takes a second job as a call girl – not a cheap street corner whore though, but a very very expensive, exclusive one working through an agency which caters to all sorts of fantasies. An affair with her older boss while she was still in training has given her a pit of darker desires, which her alter ego Charlotte the call girl has eagerly embraced. When her year as an escort is almost over and debts almost paid she’s ready to retire as a call girl. Going to the latest job she walks into the hotel room to discover the clients are…. her colleague Matt and her sexy boss Joseph…

Lucy uses her pen ( or more likely her laptop!) in the way a surgeon uses a scalpel – crafting words carefully that are sharp and accurate, they will cause pain but are tempered with mercy. This book is not a sweet romance with a few vapid sex scenes, not one with wall to wall, cringe making, sex and no real story to back it – its so much more. Lucy has created a world of believable people, with problems many of us face – Leila’s colleague Matt wants to rescue her and take her into a white knight romance, but its not what Leila needs and craves, Charlotte has been fulfilling the darkness she needs in her life. Joseph…ahhh Joseph, sexy and sharp, he wants to take Leila into where Charlotte reigns but he’s her boss, in control of her career. He’s well known for using call girls, will she become just another notch? He’s a reputation as sharp and contemptible to those he sees as lesser, well respected as a boss but not seen as an understanding person. Leila worries for her job – she needs it to finish her training and this could derail it.

The story is told from Leila’s POV through both dialogue and her inner opinions. These are in the form of a kind of stream of consciousness thoughts, and veer madly from topic to topic, making sense only when you strive to understand how Leila and Charlotte connect and crave danger, and yet fear it at the same time. In the aftermath of a passionate encounter Leila will drift off inwardly thinking what seem strange things, and yet they all connect sharply when you realise where she is coming from. Joseph comments one time something like “ah Leila, where have you been” so its clear this mental drift is outwardly detectable. Joseph himself has been seeking the same kind of danger, thus his use of whores because girlfriends don’t provide what he needs. Are they a match made in heaven or destined to slash and harm each other with their dangerous cravings?

Fantastic novel with sequel to follow and for anyone who wants erotica with a genuine story that holds up its a must buy. Well edited, and good length at 269 pages of well crafted and chosen words, not the filler sludge that so many books contain. Lucy makes every word count to create an exciting and erotic novel set in a believable world.
Stars: Full five, it will join my re read selection of favourite books.

ARC supplied for review.

Breaking Joseph. Lucy V Morgan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.
Sequel to Breaking Leila.
Lucy has sharpened the knife again for another erotic peep into Leila’s world. As part of his taking over Leila’s last three jobs Joseph has bought her service for the week long New York trip with the firm. Leila isn’t sure how it will work, it means her colleagues will know she is with Joseph, but in his usual I Am Important way he sweeps aside any concerns and does what he pleases. Explanations to other people are not something he concerns himself with. Matt still carries a torch for Leila and is jealous of Joseph, her old call girl colleague Aiden arranges to come to New York too, and there’s some jealousy and back stabbing going on within the other protégées. So far all looks fine 🙂

Joseph seems to know what Leila/Charlotte really wants and begins to push his darker desires onto her, seeing how far she will go with them. Aiden befriends Matt – an unlikely partnership, and not least because being bisexual Aiden would love to have sex with Straight and Traditional Matt… Joseph and Leila decide to try to have a proper relationship, but as always the path of true love never runs smooth, the knife bites sharply and wounds are formed.
Another cutting and biting novel ( literally at times) that entrances, engages and appeals to the sensual, erotic side of our natures. Carefully written to show how Leila and Charlotte have been created, Lucy gradually harmonises the two alter egos with Joseph’s help. From being a tough, harsh, unfeeling boss we thought he was, he shows a tender side to Leila, although its hidden in what seems cruel dark sex, but he knows just what she needs.  In this book there’s heartbreak and betrayal, blackmail, erotic and sexual scenes, wedding but no funeral and with what I love best – the Happy Ending. I’m a sucker for that, can’t take romance without a HEA. It’s peopled with a cast of fantastic realistic characters, feels like seeing a real drama play out, and is a great read.
Its  262 pages in e-book version and well worth reading if you like a romance with extras, darker and with lots of psychological insight. Again Lucy only uses what words are needed to make the story flow, no fluff and fillers here, just tough, gritty drama. There are what seems some very dark scenes, and some may find them too much, but for me they are needed to carry the story through properly and we see just how they’ve come to be. Its another fabulous read that had me laughing at some scenes, and then in tears at others.
ARC supplied for review.
Stars: Five again of course. Fabulous finish.

Lessons for Suspicious Minds, Charlie Cochrane

Lessons for Suspicious Minds, Charlie Cochrane
Genre:  LGBTQIA, Romance, Mystery
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Saw this and it reminded me a bit of a non paranormal Magpie Lord series read. Same gentile, subtle humour. Not in your face, overt stuff, but the more subtle humour, where a nuance of tone or facial expression can make all the difference. Anyway I was astonished to see this was book ten in a series I’ve somehow completely missed – so many books so little time!! Still, book one is still free on amazon, and gave me a great insight into the two characters and the writing style used, and I soon fell in love with the duo. So opposite and yet so perfect together. What a terrible time it must have been when homosexuality carried a prison term…I read that Queen Victoria refused to sign the first Bill her minsters brought before her, not because she was a liberal minded person but because she simply could not believe  that ladies would enter same sex relationships. Whether that’s simply an urban myth I don’t does seem that focus of the time was on male homosexuality.  Sadly there are days when I feel although the law has progressed I’m not sure mental attitudes have…One of the saddest things I read in recent years was the petition for a pardon for Alan Turing, regarded as the Father for Computing Science, and a pivotal member of the code breaking team in WW2, who was convicted in 1952 of homosexual acts and subjected to chemical castration! He died two years later just 41 years old. He finally got his pardon in 2013, and has been widely recognized for his work since, but how odd, how ignorant, to lay a mans sexuality ahead of all the great things he did. Look it up – it’s heart breaking…
Anyway, back on track…The book. Loved it, love Jonty’s puppy like ebullience, his way of turning the most innocent of looks or words into something salacious, against Orlando’s more phlegmatic, pragmatic, logical, approach. They counter each other wonderfully, and make a superb team. We see more of Jonty’s parents here – and they are perfect. When homosexuality is such a crime they have a difficult line – they want their son to be happy, and know that for him its Orlando. They genuinely love Orlando too and have taken steps to make him their ward, so that the two can have a public friendship that won’t be looked at as unnatural!! Sad that even then, with so many problems around people focussed on that. Somehow the duo and Jonty’s parents have found a somewhat precarious way through the maze.
The pair have gained a reputation over past years ( and books) as being good at solving odd cases, and now get requests for their detective services. This time is a family affair with Jonty’s parents being roped in, once the duo discover there are not one but two possible murders. I love the way they set about questioning, Jonty and Orlando having their own ways of obtaining evidence and asking questions, while the parents – well, his mother is so perfect. She just kind of very politely bulldozes her way past all the gentile objections and reservations of what isn’t seemly….Between the four they somehow find the answers, though its a convoluted tale, and took me along all sorts of false trails! I didn’t see the end, and thoroughly enjoyed this read. Its not heart stopping danger, and overt, in your face, graphic sex, but lots of double entendres, alliterations, and subtle touches that make the men’s relationship so tender and romantic, and the dangers are there, but in a more subdued way, not edge of seat gripping theatrics, but as things that have to be considered and the relevant precautions taken.
Stars:  Five, a fabulous read transporting me to times past.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

Mojo Queen, Red House, Sonya Clark

No reviews scheduled for today so I’ve dug out an old, preblog review from the  talented Sonya Clark. (look out for her trancehack trilogy too) I can’t add a link though as I can’t seem to find it online anywhere 😦 hopfully that’s just temporary as its a great read.



Mojo Queen

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I started this series by getting the terrific Red House to review – that’s the follow on book to this one. I loved it so much Sonya kindly gave me Mojo queen so I could start the series from the beginning ( and I’m hoping Sonya is busily writing more of Roxie and Blake. It was good to see the beginning of Roxie’s adventures and how she meets up with Blake. She a very talented witch using many different forms of magic but always with the ethos of “do no harm”. He’s a sorceror, definitely yummy and sexy but with an ambitious dark side that’s led him to become involved in demon summoning – unfortunately demons lie…as Blake finds out to his cost and Roxie gets hired to help despatch this particularly nasty one back before she can extend her killing spree.
Its edge of seat action from the start, and yet even when in the middle of a really tricky situation Roxie still has that great sense of snarky humour that makes her such a fabulous heroine. Its seems little really fazes her and she’ll always do what’s right regardless of the cost to herself. Sadly this leads to her car, home and office being damaged badly and her life being in danger. All in a days work for the fearless Roxie though. I loved the introduction to her Root magic, and found it a very interesting balance to the traditional spells and incantations so often used to describe magic.
Having seen how Roxie meets Blake and what results I can see why her cousin/ancestor vampire Daniel dislikes him so much. Daniel is very protective of Roxie and hates that Blake has put her in danger. Blake’s reaction at the end of the novel would make me feel the same way as Daniel and Roxie and he has a lot of ground to catch up on in the next book.
Roxie is a heroine in the best of traditions, smart and sexy, sassy and yet sympathetic, impulsive but also thoughtful and always on the side of Right. Daniel is the perfect foil, quiet and protective, strong yet smooth and always wanting to look after Roxie. He’s the only one of her family that accepts her for what she is, the rest are afraid of her magic and would rather ignore it regardless of the problems it would cause her. Daniel is just perfect and for a change there’s no romance between them, just a very intense feeling that they will protect each other no matter what. Daniel is shown as a real vampire with a need for blood and we see how he’s not just a typical PNR sexy vamp but also one that can be very dangerous when the vampire takes over even to those he loves. Blake – well – what can I say, you messed up big time Blake with the demon summoning but didn’t mean to, and generous hearted Roxie is ready to try to forgive that but then at the end – Just What did you think you were doing? I’m not going to spoil it – but just say that was a huge surprise for me and thank goodness book two is already out so readers can catch up with what happens next.
Stars: five – great book, well priced and one to join my favourites re read series.

Arc supplied by author

Red House Sonya Clark

Well – what can I say about this book? Except – it was so good I simply have to read the first one and see how it all started. The main characters, well to begin we have Roxie: She’s a witch trying to get past the recent disasters where she almost drowned, lost her home and business to the floods and yet she still keeps on trying – however hard she finds it, and however much she struggles, and currently she is really fighting herself not to give in and go under. Then there’s Daniel her vampire ancestor, and the only one of her family who understand her – he’s a great character and has some good lines, and is a real friend to Roxie and of course Blake….oh Blake – the sexy sorcerer – of course he disappeared from Roxie’s life without a word and Daniel is Not Happy about his reappearance. Roxie isn’t sure – her heart says yippee and her head says slowdown – which will she listen to?
We wade straight into the story and see from the start just how dangerous Roxie’s job can be – but with no home and no business she needs the work to try to rebuild. She is asked to take on a haunting of a local popular B&B Maple Hill, trouble is the floods seemed to have stirred up more than water and the ghosts have definitely come out or the woodwork here and gained in power. It proves to be a dangerous job for Roxie.
Blake – he the great seducer and his relationship with Roxie goes from stop to full on and back to stop. We learn more about him and why he’s like he is, and that there’s a soft centre to the hard nosed seducer. Maple Hill needs all of them to pull together if they want to put the ghosts back in the box so to speak, and leaving them out isn’t an option Roxie will countenance. The sex scenes between him and Roxie are hot – well written, no sappy cringe making phrases and fit the story well. Some authors just haven’t got what it takes to write sex in a novel and reading it is an exercise in endurance but not Sonya.
I loved this book – great plots, and interesting stories of the people and places brought in, not just a one plot novel but lots of divergences to keep the story interesting, and that’s what makes a boo for me. This is definitely a keeper for the re read collection along with the previous book which is now on my “want” list. And I want to read more of Roxie and Co in future novels. I’ll be looking to see what else she’s written to – clearly an author whose style I enjoy.
Its priced at £3.20 for 184 pages – I’d have liked it to be even longer but that’s just my personal preference and for a good story the price is comparable with others. Published by Lyricalpress.
Stars – a well deserved five stars from me – I simply loved this story and the characters within it.

ARc supplied via publisher

Red Hot Beginnings (14 Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Books Box Set) Cora Seton , V. M. Black , Skye Warren, Blair Babylon, Lacey Silks , Sarah M. Cradit , JJ Knight , Clarissa Wild, Liv Morris , JC Andrijeski , Alica Knight , Jacqueline Sweet, Pavarti K. Tyler , Alisa Woods


Red Hot Beginnings (14 Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Books Box Set) Cora Seton , V. M. Black , Skye Warren, Blair Babylon, Lacey Silks , Sarah M. Cradit , JJ Knight , Clarissa Wild, Liv Morris , JC Andrijeski , Alica Knight , Jacqueline Sweet, Pavarti K. Tyler , Alisa Woods
Genre: Fantasy & Sci-fi, Romance, erotica, Paranormal.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love these bundles, they prove a great way to try authors and series that are new to you. Some of the stories are first in series or side novellas, some are the first in a two or three part selection, and some are standalones, so there’s a real mix here.
I’ve read a few of these before: I wasn’t keen on Skye Warren’s – Beauty Touched the Beast, it was a good book but just not my kind of read, the Liv Morris one I read as a review book a while back, I enjoyed that and the second book that followed to complete the story. That was a hot, erotic romance. I’m currently reading the Cora Seaton one – have read some of her books before and they are the sort I read when I want something easy and not too in-depth – a book to just relax with, a fun read. I’ve also read and enjoyed the Lacey Silks Layers Trilogy, though not the prequel that’s in this bundle, and so that’s one I want to read. ( And what a name – Lacey Silks, makes me smile every time I read it). The gem for me of course though is JC Andrijeski’s – New York, a novella from the Allie’s War series. We see more of Revik and Allie before she knows what she is, but where Revik is watching over her, trying to protect her. What’s interesting to me is not just the pull he feels to her, but the way she’s attracted to him, feels some kind of connection even though she doesn’t know him. It’s for me part of that real soul mates thing, that makes their relationship so perfect, it’s fiery, full of passion and drama, and at times I feel they’re on the verge of disaster but somehow that pull, that magic between them always brings them back. They really are like two halves of a whole. There’s a real mix here of magic and mystery, shifters, supernatural and straight forward romance along with some real erotica.
Stars: Five, a bargain way to try lots of new reads.
ARC provided by author

Shadows of Fate, Angela Dennis

Shadows of Fate,  Angela Dennis
Genre:  Paranormal/Fantasy Romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
This sounded a great read, and looked to be one that may continue into a series, and I love those. Sadly, though its well written, somehow I just couldn’t really get into the story.
I found myself putting it aside for other reads then picking it up again. I restarted a couple of times thinking maybe I just hadn’t quite understood who and what everyone was. Its a very different sort of paranormal, with so many types of creature/person that its hard for me to sort out who did what and how they fit together. Each of them had different skills, and even within the small groups they all kept things hidden from each other. That I think is why I didn’t feel I knew any of them well, and couldn’t feel connected or invested in the story.
Its a romance, but not in the usual way, with a slowly developing connection between Brenna and Gray, even though they don’t trust each other. There’s lots going on, murders and double dealing, lots of things to try to understand in the different ways people are killed, and trying to work out who is behind it and why. There’s one fairly major thing I’d worked out pretty early on, but that didn’t spoil it for me, just led to me looking for things that supported my theory.
Its a possible five star read for many, full of twist and turns, paranormal creatures, plots to overthrow groups and dastardly murders – and of course that slowly growing romance, but somehow it just didn’t connect with me. I’m hovering between a two and a three but on balance I can’t quite bring myself to rate it a three – for me that’s a good read, just not a great one – and this wasn’t good for me, even though I just know it will be for many others. That’s how it goes, we all want different things, so I’m giving a two and a half – will show as a three of course, as no half stars…
Stars: Two and a half, but as I said it’ll be five for many readers. It has quality but just not a book that worked for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

brilliant, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou – i’ve been struggling to get the “old” version each time I blog – I have to keep remembering to go to new post via a certain route – now I’ve done all the above instructions, and I’m a complete tech washout but it was easy – just clicked on the new post link top right of home page and classic edit loaded up. thankyou so much to all who’ve spent time on working this out for users like me who are not tech minded – its so much easier than the “new, improved” version.

Diary of Dennis

classic editor wordpress

The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out…

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Tiger Lily 2 Amélie S. Duncan


Part Two of a Three Part Series

Lily Salomé knows one thing: Jonas Crane is the lover she always dream of. Smart, powerful and sexy, both in and out of the bedroom. Her own alpha loving dominant male. For the first time in a long time, things are looking up for Lily. With the city’s most eligible bachelor on her arm, life with Jonas might just live up to all it’s beautiful promise. That is until an altercation with a man from her past leaves her bruised, frightened, and too ashamed to tell the truth. She can run, she can hide, but for how long?

My Review

Tiger Lily, (Tiger Lily 2),  Amélie S. Duncan
Genre:  Romance,
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.
I loved part one, and this is a great follow up. Thankfully Amelie is bust writing the final part now so it shouldn’t be too long before the story is complete
After Fifty Shades there’s been a multitude of erotic romance reads in this theme of rich guy/not so rich girl, and so many are frankly dull, bland, copycat failures for me. Tiger Lily though has that something special, great characters, interesting storyline and erotic and varied sex scenes. I so hate it when the sex not only takes over the story but is bland and repetitive…not here though – perfect balance of sex and story.
I had to re read the end of last book – I read so much that its easy to get confused, and I couldn’t quite remember how this had been left…anyway here we are with poor Lily wanting more from Jonas, and stubborn man that he is he’s sticking rigidly to the companion only line. So for now they are apart. Gregor, her boss,  can see she’s upset but there’s history between him and Jonas, and he thinks its for the best, he thinks Lily is too good for Jonas and that history will repeat itself. He wants more from Lily too – and so does someone else, Jonas’ friend Ian. He’s met Lily when she was with Jonas and now Dani ( Jonas’ ex wife, a caring lady) has involved him in Lily’s attack. Her ex attacked her at the end of the last book, and Dani and Ian would like her to press charges. She doesn’t want to though, even though he’s done it before. Declan has promised her he’s going to rehab and getting help, and she doesn’t want this to ruin his life. After all she was in love with him in the past, and he was a great support when her parents died. Ian insists she at least makes a legal statement to him  in case of any future problems or she changes her mind. She agrees, but insists they keep it all from Jonas. She knows he’ll come back if he hears about it and her heart just can’t take it, knowing how he feels won’t change. Poor Lily, she’s in a hard place. Life is going to get tougher for her very quickly though, with more problems from Declan, Ian and Gregor both hoping for more from her, and Jonas still keeping tabs on her. Then she finds out he’s gone back to Melissa. Lily is gutted, and along with the issues from Declan she spirals into despair.
Poor Lily – it seems everything hits her at once in this book. Jonas won’t move forward into more than the companion role for her, even though he knows she’s in love with him, and its clear to everyone he feels more for her that he’ll admit. He can’t bear for her to be with anyone else though, was furious when David ( the chauffeur) told him Gregor kissed her, furious when he saw her with Ian, and yet he’s now with Melissa.
Dani – she’s a real star and a literal lifesaver. I thought she was going to be one of those friends on outside but evil inside types, but she seems a genuinely lovely lady so far. Melissa though – she’s great, a real nasty b itch, and every good romance needs one of those IMO! I can’t believe Jonas can be so obtuse as he is in this book – but of course if he wasn’t then things wouldn’t be nowhere near as much fun. Once again Amélie has written a gripping and sensual story, with unexpected plots and I’m so keen to read the final part and see how it all ends. Its definitely one I’ll reread when its all released so I can go back to back on the instalments and read all in one go. That’s the way I enjoy these stories best, when I can get the full effect of the drama.

Stars:  Five, a fabulous read .
ARC provided by author

Tiger Lily  1  Amélie S. Duncan
What started as an assignment became more than Lily could have ever hoped for…

Lily Salomé has encountered more challenges than the average twenty-four year old. After a horrendous crash killed her parents, an abusive relationship was all she needed to calcify her broken heart to stone. So when Lily’s boss comes to her with a challenge most girls would balk at, she knows there isn’t much left in this world to be afraid of.

The target: Jonas Crane, a brooding business mogul who hasn’t smiled once since his divorce. Dark, dangerous and mouthwatering, Crane has written a book about life in the fast lane and with the recent publicity, Lily’s boss wants the rights. Problem is, Crane won’t return a phone call, let alone agree to a meeting. But if a pretty publishing assistant happens to run into him at the Waldorf, with a business card and a smile…what could go wrong?

A lot, it seems. Lily thinks she’s going to the Waldorf to meet a rich jerk, or worse, a playboy, but the truth is way more challenging. Jonas Crane is smart, engaging…and devastatingly out of her league.
My Review

Tiger Lily (Tiger Lily 1)  Amélie S. Duncan
Genre:  Erotic romance
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I loved Amélie’s Debut book Little wolf, and was pleased to review this one. I really enjoyed it once again, the same perfect blend of sex and story with neither dominating the other.
Lily has had such a lot happen in such a short while, and the most recent being her fiancé dumping her after she moved across country to be with him. He’s a jerk, as we see later in the book, an abusive jerk at that. Lily is strong though – at least she tries hard to be knowing that’s what her parents would want. The Salome name was everything to her dad, and he seems to have had a motto including it for every eventuality! She’s finally found a job she loves after she finished her degree, and her boss asks her to do something to help the business one evening. She respects Gregor greatly and he’s been good to her, so she thinks that maybe this will help her get a promotion, and it will certainly help the business if she can pull it off. Its simply meeting with Jonas to push their firm for his book. Of course they wouldn’t normally be in the running for something like this, so the meeting isn’t quite as business kosher as it seems, more that Gregor just happens to know where Jonas will be that night, and wants Lily to talk to him – have a sort of off the cuff “accidental” meeting.
Poor Lily is a klutz… I know how she feels only too well, and while she’s mulling the best way to approach Jonas to make it look natural she drops her bag, which skims over the floor to land at Jonas feet! From then on they talk and ….before long they are in a most strange relationship. well strange for Lily, not for Jonas.
Jonas is divorced, but gets on well with his ex and sees his teenage son frequently. He’s as the description says, Dark, Dangerous and Delicious, and the tension between him and Lily is palpable. He’s not interested in another long term or permanent relationship though – his divorce has left him feeling that simply sexual companions is the most he can do. Poor Lily thinks she can do that – but she’s much too gentle of heart. They are at opposite ends of the sexual spectrum, she’s naive and gentle, looking for love, he’s been there done that and just wants a friend to accompany him and stop him feeling lonely, and to be available for some hot and steamy sex whenever he wants. When she agrees to his request they have some incredible sexual encounters, and are soon in an intense and erotic sort of liaison. It is good to have once again the sex scenes well written and varied, they feel erotic and sensual and not just “more dull sex” as we get too often. That’s one of the things I enjoyed in “”Little Wolf.
As always just when things look good the cracks appear, secrets from the past creep out, Lily starts to get emotionally involved, her outside life and the one with Jonas overlap, and his need to control everything causes tensions and lies. Suddenly everything has hit at once, Jonas and Gregor’s shared past, Lily’s past with her fiancé and reminders of her parents death, and it seems like it’s all over.  I like all the people here, they feel very real, and the ex being kind for a change was refreshing. Lily needs a friend, and she could be just that the way things are going.
Stars: Five, cracking read,
ARC provided by author.

Goodreads Link:
Author Info

Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances with a dark edge. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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