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Blue Midnight, Tess Thompson


Blue Midnight,  Tess Thompsonbmimg
Genre:  Romance, Mystery and Thrillers
I really didn’t know what sort of read this would be, but I love second chance romances so started eagerly. Poor Blythe, she’s given her all to her marriage, put her own career, hopes and dreams aside for her husband and family. The more we read the more we see how he belittled her, one of those men who say things under a guise of kindness – you know “ don’t wear that darling, I wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed”- that sort of comment. Its sucked the life out of her and now the B stard has gone off with someone younger, still blaming her for his defection. She’s gutted but luckily her sister Bliss steps in. One change of image, clothes, hair, makeup and Blythe is off on an adventure complete with new camera courtesy of Bliss’ chequebook. Her photography was another think the jerk stopped “ its a little hobby darling, you’ll never make any money at it”. ar sehole. Bliss is determined her big sister will move forward, and regain what she loved.
The starting point is the search for Finn. It takes her on an adventure where she comes across all sorts of things, a ghost, a witch, lots of unexplained things, and a search for the truth for Finn’s family. Its a wonderful read, slowly meandering along, not a breakneck speed race. It made me feel I was there with her, made me smile, made me cry, or at least get tears, several times. Families and people are more than the surface front they present and slowly we see the layers underneath Finn’s family, and as they get revealed they bring up some danger that’s been hidden for years. Towards the end as the secrets begin to unfold the danger stacks up and the story goes from a slow ramble through the town to a fast and climatic ending. I love the characters, from the bothers and Kevan’s daughter, the mysterious Moonbeam, the typical small town characters that know everything – or at least think they do. Then there’s Blythe’s daughters, they were so sweet. We don’t see much of them but what they do add is just perfect. I wanted her ex to get his comeuppance, that’s just me, I hate characters like him and want them to get what they deserve, be sorry what they’ve lost, but from what the girls say its clear not all was perfect in paradise. I love their recollections of the new wife’s comments!! The story brings in events that could be supernatural, or could be just coincidence. Did Blythe really see what she thought, or was it her imagination, a breeze bringing shadows perhaps, a bit of a waking dream?  Is Moonstone really a witch, or just someone unusually intuitive?  Its one of those stories that could be explained away, but I like to go with the supernatural element. Its comforting to think that maybe there’s more than just us, maybe those we’ve lost can still watch over and help us. I can’t leave without mentioning Shakespeare. Anyone who’s had a much loved pet will feel for him, a wonderful addition to the characters, he’s just so lovely, retreating to his bed when the commanding family matriarch  appeared, and I’d have been there with him too! Its hard to see a pet ageing, and things like him not being able to jump up into the truck anymore, but needing to be lifted will strike a chord with anyone whose had an aging dog. He  added to the very real feeling this novel gave me.
Stars: Five, one of those books which stay with you for a while. Its not one I’ll read again soon, but maybe pick up again in a couple of years.
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Diamonds & Desire, Book 1 of The Priceless Collection Series, Angelita Gill

Diamonds & Desire, Book 1 of The Priceless Collection Series,  Angelita Gill
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance
This was a fun read, with Jordana being a great character, very genuine, very caring. It’s that caring part of her nature that brings her into contact with Logan, when she overhears something he needs to know. There’s an attraction between them, but he doesn’t do love and romance, and knows she’s too good for his usual friends with benefits type affair. They start meeting for lunch though, simply enjoying each others company, and those lunches somehow lead to more when Jordana needs his help over her sister.
They get closer…and closer… and soon are in a hot and heavy affair, even though he’d determined they wouldn’t, and  they’re having some seriously steamy sex. Of course as always things crop up that cause issues and friction, and just when you think things are going well they aren’t. I loved that it wasn’t a quick fix to the problem, that it was dragged out and we could see how both of them were so affected. I like my sad parts to be solid, not a two page over and done and it was perfect here. It let me indulge, wallow for a bit!
I loved both of them, and the story was a fun read, with some sensual and seductive scenes. Its a book that I might re read, after a period of time, it’s not one that’s deep and full of mystery, but a light and fun read. There’s a place for those as much as there is for those deep, dark  dramas I love. This is perfect when you want something lighter but not chic lit type light, a solid romance but with some spice and fun.
Stars: Five, a fun, sexy read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Knight of Rapture, Ruth A. Casie


   Knight of Rapture, Ruth A. Casie
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy
** Warning: Spoilers for Book One**
This appealed to me, and as it was the second part of a book duo I read the sample of book one to get some background info. I’ve done that before and find its usually enough to get me up to speed, but I was so hooked on the plots that I ended up buying part one just so I could get the full story. In that part we see the beginning of how Rebeka accidently goes back in time, and discovers that actually that’s where she started and her father brought her forward 400 years for her safety. He’s dead now and seems he never got a chance to explain. At the end of the book something goes wrong, Bran interferes yet again, and Rebeka is thrown forward into the future again. Arik and she are both distraught and seeking a way to bring her back in book two.
Arik has been working with his brother Logan to find Rebeka and bring her back. Unknown to him Rebeka has help from Barrister George and his sister, both powerful druids, and they’re also working to find a way back for her. With help from both ends Arik ends up in 21st century….but although Rebeka had her memories of Arik and the past when she came through Bran has interfered yet again and now she’s has no knowledge of it. Luckily George and Cora do, so they help to try to break Brans enchantment and bring her memories back while also researching a way back for them both.
To complicate things there’s problems over ownership of the Manor, and the documents needed seem to be missing. It means a huge amount of research, while at the same time trying to make the Manor pay its way with the new ventures started. This book takes place mainly in 21st century as opposed to the past in book one. Arik is able to help with the reconstructions, and make the ventures of visitors seeing the past and feeling the whole experience as real as possible, and he has some ideas too about further renovation of the mill and village itself to help the experience and the income. It seems though that they have not only Bran working against them but trouble from an unknown source which creates more problems, and they have little time to work it all out.
Its another great read. I love the way Arik blends in and they way the staff pull together, and the story they concoct to explain him. The Major and his soldiers are a terrific addition, and the descriptions of them training, rebuilding the mill and village, renovating the old weapons and learning how to use them to create realistic re-enactions for the visitors is especially interesting. I love the way the druid magic works, through runes and chants. Its not a quick found magical wave-of-hand solution, I hate those, and the ones where the main character gains some new unheard of power at the crucial moment. Instead it’s one where they all work hard, by means of research and trial and error experiences, to find the right combination of chants and runes. There’s drama too from Bran and the mystery protagonist, which at times is life threatening. I’d guessed about just after halfway through who I thought was behind it, but couldn’t work out why. I did get somewhat confused towards the end about the travelling issues, and why some of them were restricted – its hard to say without giving too much away – but rather than get bogged down by detail I just accepted the story as it and it flowed well from there, and made for a fabulous and satisfying ending.
Stars: Five, a great read to enjoy both the characters, the history and the magic. One you can really get lost in for a few hours.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

For Real, Alexis Hall


For Real, Alexis Hall

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre: Romance, GLBT My only other Alexis Hall book has been Waiting for the Flood, which I loved. I didn’t realise it was part of a loosely connected series ( connected only by characters that crop up in other books ) and it wasn’t until writing this review that I realised Edwin in here at Oxford was the Edwin from WFTF….I’m glad I know he has a happy ending as I felt really sorry for him when we met him here. Anyway – once again a terrific read. It seems Alexis is one of those authors I love, who can make a character feel so real, who can use words to let me “see” a person who I feel I know, who I can understand, empathise with, and want to be happy. That’s really important to me. After reading this book I read another romance where frankly I didn’t like any of the characters, and it spoils the story for me. I have to feel they are real, alive and then I’m happy and sad along with them. That sadness is essential too for me, I don’t want a read that’s just happy, happy, happy but need some darkness, some sadness to balance it. So, here we have Laurie, who’s still not over his last relationship even though they split six years back. He hates seeing his ex with his current partner, the breakup was traumatic for him and he just can’t bear seeing that he’s moved on. Laurie’s kind of jaded, lost, and it feels like he’s just marking time passing, not enjoying life at all. There’s no joy in him and I felt so sad that he was this way. He seems to have few friends, Grace and Sam are great, but there don’t really seem to be any other really close ones, and he has a cold, closed off relationship with his parents. He feels so alone, so lonely. Then comes Toby and he’s such a gem. I love the way Toby is portrayed, when he’s talking at a million miles a minute I can just feel his youth, his enthusiasm and the joy he takes in life when it goes his way. He’s got a kind of hidden backstory which we don’t find out til close to the end, but he lives with his very bohemian, artist mother ( who’s younger than Laurie!!), adores his grandfather who’s close to dying, and cooks in a cafe despite his clear intelligence and capability. Despite his youth he’s in many ways far older than his years, and he’s clearly very close to his granddad. He’s taken many of the things granddad has taught him into his everyday life, the songs, the dances and the kind of old time gentility he displays. I loved him, there’s clearly much more to him than we see, though I could have done with seeing less of his acne!! What I loved is the way everything in this story is turned around and yet works sublimely. Usually Laurie, the older, wealthy, experienced man would be classed as the Dom, and Toby, young, inexperienced, innocent almost, would be a sub but it’s reversed – and it works really well. I loved the turnabout, it shows that the D/s instinct is just that – something from within, not something taught, though skills can and need to be learned for safety of course, but something inherent in a persons nature. Laurie is a confident, cultured doctor, and yet when it comes to his private life he wants to submit, to let someone else have responsibility, tell him what to do and when. It frees him, relaxes him and works. Toby – from the first meeting it’s clear he knows little but despite being young, slightly built, a menial job, he’s got a very dominant nature and the way he takes command of Laurie is incredible. There’s a great story here of two souls who are at variance with what the world expects of them, and yet find each other and happiness in their relationship – but its got trials. Laurie worries about Toby’s age, about whether he’s taking advantage and Toby knows he’s got a lot to learn but needs Laurie to give him more, to commit, to go all in and its a battle….When things go wrong – well, they really pulled out the drama and I was filled with the emotion of it.
I loved the Oxford dinner party, it showed a fabulous side to Toby, and had some incredible imagery that gave me some great mental visuals of the scenes. I love Toby’s enthusiasm, his refusal to be pushed down, his ability to see the fun in anything and his confidence in himself when he lets it through. The other scene that really sticks with me is the fated party where he refuse to bow down to convention, to do what’s expected by others, but finds the strength to do what Laurie needs, without being embarrassed about other peoples perceptions. It shows a real maturity about him, and he gets respect from many of the people there because of it. I have him a mental hurrah and high five for acting as he did. So…I’ve rambled a bit – I feel like Toby here, with my enthusiasm bleeding out into an onslaught of words. Clearly that’s not just the prerogative of the young!
Stars: Five, a fabulous read that will stay with me and join the keepers file. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Demelza, A Novel of Cornwall: 1788-1790, Winston Graham


Demelza, A Novel of Cornwall: 1788-1790,  Winston Graham
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Women’s Fiction, Literature/Fiction (Adult)
I adored this series when I first read it back in the seventies, sparked by the TV series. Now its been revised with new actors for TV, and of course the books released on Kindle! Hurrah. I’ve still got my print books, a mix of new and charity shop/eBay/library rejects, but due to loss of vision can’t read such small text now, so it’s been a joy to catch up with the Poldark corner of Cornwall and it’s characters.
The focus this time is on Demelza and how she’s coping with her new position as Ross’ wife. She’s just given birth to their first child and right from the start we see how she is struggling, wanting to fit in with Ross’ place in Society, but still feeling more at home with her former peers. Luckily Ross is at ease with, and respected by them. Verity, his cousin from Trenwith, proves a great help in teaching Demelza how to behave, how to dance, and with sorting out her wardrobe. Demelza comes to love her, she has such an open heart and is so upset when she learns of Verity’s failed romance. Of course she can’t help “helping” and causes a huge row from the consequences.
We see too more of the villagers, the tragedy of Mark Daniels and Keren, his flirtatious wife, the mines and the miners and the sheer poverty of life then, how desperate things were for so many families when the mine Grambler closed. It really brings home how hand to mouth living was in those days. There’s snippets of the politics of the era too. Ross is trying to move forward, to make life more secure for his wife and child, and along the way doing what he can to provide work for the locals. Unlike so many in his position he understands them and has sympathies. These bring him into the public eye when he breaks out one of his employees from prison. Poor Jim Carter had gone poaching to feed his family and been caught. Sentenced to two years despite Ross effort’s he’s ill in prison, then he’s transferred to another which is even more dire and full of fever. Ross tries to help but…well, read it and you’ll see 😉 It shows just how compassionate he could be, a fair man, a moral man and so often, as with this event, that brings him on the opposite side to his peers. Its a thin line he treads, and at the end, after an awful personal tragedy he’s facing judgement from them for his actions over something else.
Its a hard book to review as there’s just so much going on. It builds on what’s gone before though, and its easy to follow. Its a fascinating read, and who can’t resist Ross, especially now we’ve the vision of Aiden Turner from the TV series to mull on and swoon over!! It shows us too just how changed Demelza is, how bright to be able to absorb so much learning, to adapt and try to fit in, and of course the passion between the two. They do have some huge blow-ups here, but at the heart of it is a solid enduring love. There’s some real sadness in this book, and when I first read it, ahead of the TV series ( hooked from the first episodes I had to read the first four books which were already out) I was caught by surprise and reduced to tears by one particular part.
If you’re looking for a solid romance, and a story full of history, fabulous characters and realism this series is perfect.
Stars: Five, another fabulous read for keeping and rereading.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Dying to Date, A Fated Match Novel, Victoria Davies

Dying to Date, A Fated Match Novel, Victoria Davies
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Another one from the Fated Match series. This time it’s  Vampire leader Lucien’s daughter Melissa looking for her match, and in comes a new customer who looks good – on paper as well as in the flesh. Only issue is he’s refused to give his supernatural type – but the business doesn’t insist on that, and Melissa has already seen him and is attracted. So they go off on their first date, get on well and much to Melissa’s surprise ( and secretly her dismay too..) he’s a perfect gentleman and kisses are all she gets.
What she doesn’t know is he’s a Necromancer, a very old, skilled one and they are outcast from everywhere. The vampires fear them as they can be controlled by them, and as the largest group everyone follows them, so for generations now the necromancers have been always hidden, always living secretly and on the edge of society. Tarian doesn’t want war, he’d love to be part of the supernatural society but so long as he can lead a quiet life he’ll stay hidden. Melissa wasn’t in his plans, he’d no idea he’d feel such a pull to her, and as such a prominent person she’s a real danger to his live quietly ideal. Not all of the necromancers are happy living a quiet life on the outskirts though, and Melissa gets kidnapped by a group who want to take over New York for themselves. Of course as this was just before their date the blame looks to fall on him. He doesn’t want war, but knows this will bring it. He knows who’s behind it and what they want, and is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Its a fun read, light but with a decent plot, and it did make me wonder how on earth he was going to rescue Melissa without her dad killing him!! Lucien’s very, very protective of her, and he’ll be furious, but doing nothing isn’t an option. He can’t just leave her, he feels far too much for her, but can’t go against the others without some backup, and he’s just one person. It makes for a fun adventure, for some really sad and upsetting moments for Melissa when she’s told things by her kidnappers – they make it all sound so believable and she’s gutted.
As expected its a realistic, fun read, with some seductive scene, and  hot, erotic sex. Covets do that well, sensuality without smuttiness that so many fantasy erotic reads contain.  It’s a fun, well written, easy to follow novel and a perfect way to lose yourself in another world for a couple of hours
Stars: Four, a fun, sexy read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Wicked Charms,A Lizzy and Diesel Novel, Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton

wicked charms jpg
Wicked Charms,A Lizzy and Diesel Novel,  Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Mystery & Thrillers
Well, if you’ve read books one and two you’ll know this isn’t a heart stopping, scary, hide head under cushions type thriller, but a slapstick type mystery to solve. Once again Lizzy and Diesel have paired up to find another  SAGLIA Stone, this time the one for greed. Its the same kind of comedic read, with Lizzy going from one drama to the next, getting into constant danger, and being rescued just in time. Cat takes a lesser role which I missed, I like him, but Carl also appears less and that’s great, as to be honest his “Eeps” and “giving the finger” are getting boring and simply annoying. It was funny the first few times but but when it was mentioned for what seemed like the twentieth time just in the first book, the humour had long since worn off. Glo is in the thick of this adventure, accompanied by Broom – she’s scatty, and a great addition to the gang with her haphazard spells, and of course there’s Clara the bakery owner. I do wonder how they ever manage to make money as it seems secondary to helping Lizzy and Diesel at times.
The connection between Lizzy and Diesel is as hot as ever, he’s a jerk at times but does seem to genuinely feel something for Lizzy other than simply attraction, and they’ve worked a sneaky way round the “two unmentionables must not get together” edict!!
Its a fun read, light-hearted and very much like the first two. For devoted fans it’ll be a book to devour but though I enjoyed it there’s too much similarity to books one and two for me to give a higher star rating. Its well written but nothing new really jumping out at me, and if the search for the next four stones are like this then its one I’ll pass on even though I’ve enjoyed the humour of these first three stories.

Stars: Three, fun read but nothing new added from first two.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

The Cowgirl Rides Away, Amie Stuart



The Cowgirl Rides Away, Amie Stuart
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction
I’ve mixed feelings about this book. Its a well written story but the characters…well, at first I really liked them, but towards the end I felt they were just odd in how they acted, and there things they said and did that really irritated me and didn’t feel right. Still, that’s part of the story I guess, but I’d rather the drama was given a different outlet.
Jessie, gosh I felt for her. Step mum clearly doesn’t like her and her dad..well, she’s always trying to win his attention, make him proud, but he treats her with a kind of indifference. When she’s badly injured at the latest rodeo, to the point of almost dying, I was shocked when they just left her in hospital and went home. They didn’t contact her or the hospital later, and it was only her brother Jace and good friend Kane that stayed. I felt so so sorry for her, she must have been devastated, especially as its clear that the five times champion now has to give up that life. She’s web browsing while still recuperating in hospital when she sees Zack’s advert.
Zack is another person I felt sorry for. It’s clear his family have a troubled relationship, and his mother is still upset that he brought home baby Travis, and hasn’t mellowed over the next few years. She really is an awful, judgemental person and even the revelations at the end couldn’t make me sympathetic to her. To me she’s embodies all the things I hate about religion and churches, the small-mindedness of them. Still, her family seems to stay close and work on the ranch, near the small town where everyone knows everything. That’s why Zack is looking to the Net for a woman, he knows all the ones locally and just isn’t attracted to any of them. He wants someone for life, someone to make a happy home with in the “old” way, and can’t see anyone in his town that will fit. He seemed such a nice man, and was great with his son. When he finally met Jessie things were a little stilted at times, but then they seemed to get past that and be getting on well. At this point I was invested in the story but did feel it dragged at times. There wasn’t really much of interest for me happening. Then things start to go wrong – I was so shocked at Jessie. I felt she was way out of line in what she said and what she did, given that this was the first time she’d met Zack’s family. She really went down in my eyes, and I felt she was just plain rude. Then there’s Zack’s reaction and he let me down too. He’s brought her here, he knows she won’t be popular with his mother and those like her, and yet does he stand up for her? No…just lets it all pass. It meant that I really felt ambivalent at the prospect of them getting back together, and the drama that played out then lost its effect for me.
Stars: Three, its a decent story, and for those following the series I’m sure it’ll be very popular. For me though its was an ok read only and not one I’d read again.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Eternally Bound, K.A.Young


eternally bound jpg

Eternally Bound, K.A.Young
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and fantasy .
Well, I really didn’t know what to expect from this novel, but time travel and the “what comes next?” stuff fascinates me, so I was intrigued by this.
It starts where we meet Caroline married to older man Philip. I kind of get the impression he loves her dearly but treats her a little like a fragile toy, and now she’s having these awful nightmares so often he’s distraught for her, and just wants to help. I really felt sorry for him in a way, as if things work out and Caroline is reunited with Thaddeus then what happens to poor Philip? and yet as the story continues and we see how strong the love Thaddeus and Caroline have, how could I not wish for them to be together again? Its that conundrum that had me conjuring up all sorts of reasons to try to dislike Philip….
Then she meets someone who claims to be from her past, the part of her nightmares she can’t recall. Of course Caroline thinks she’s weird and yet….not knowing anything about her past, brought up – or rather dragged up – by a foster carer, she longs to know where she came from. She doesn’t even have a correct date of birth, so when this lady says she must ask her foster mother about something she left with her for Caroline, she’s astonished when she finds that there’s a pendant left for her. Its a strange object, really beautiful and though its fine for Caroline, it feels hot to others.
Philip has arranged some counselling for her with a psychiatrist – who he used to date – and Debbie suggests regression therapy. I really didn’t like Debbie, it was clear she still had strong feelings for Philip, though she tried not to let it show. I felt too that maybe Philip also had feelings for her still, and that made me feel better about the ending. You know, when I said I needed a reason to dislike him….
Its a race against time once things get revealed, and some hard choices to be decided for Caroline. It made for an interesting, thoughtful read, and a very beautiful story of enduring love. That’s what most of us want really isn’t it ? and a second chance for them to be together. Its a read I really enjoyed, though its not one I think I’ll read again.

Stars: five, beautiful, mysterious love story.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Shattered by You, Tear Asunder 3, Nashoda Rose



shattered by you jpg

Shattered by You, Tear Asunder 3, Nashoda Rose

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:   Romance,

I love the sometimes OTT drama and emotion that New Adult books provide. I like to vary my reading, jumping around genres and sometimes I just need that deeper emotion, even when it means suspending realism, that New Adult provides. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, and was pleased to get this third one for review.

Well, previous books covered Logan and Emily, Ream and Kat and we learned that Ream has a twin sister, Haven. They’d had a traumatic, devastating childhood and had done things that’s hard for them to deal with now.  For twelve years he’s believed her dead, and then discovered she was alive. He doesn’t know the full story though, the horrific abuse and degradation she suffered, and she’s keeping it all boxed up, can’t bear to tell anyone.

Now Haven has been found, but she’s clearly mentally troubled by her past, and Ream is terrified of losing her again. She’s been coping by running, for hours sometimes, exhausting her body physically and mentally when she feels the stresses building, not wanting Ream to see how badly she’s affected. She thinks he’ll blame himself for believing the lie about her death. After one run, out in a horrific thunderstorm, Crisis finds her and helps her to get past Ream without him seeing what she’s been doing. He only agrees though if she promises to text him daily while they’re away touring – with that and the bodyguard Ream has arranged he hopes she’ll be safe.

Of course Crisis is attracted, so is Haven, though she knows his rep – like Logan before he met Emily Crisis is known for his manwhore ways…The emotion between them feels so real, very hot and palpable, and the sexual tension is always there even when Haven is trying to keep herself closed off. Ream won’t approve though – they both know that. Still, when you’ve met your soul mate protective brothers can’t stop love. Danger though, that’s  a huge barrier and as always in this series its never far away.

You could read this as a stand alone, but I think you’ll get the best by reading books one and two first otherwise the background to events that are mentioned a lot here is going to be difficult to work out. This genre is full of events that aren’t particularly realistic, but the reader needs to suspend cynicism to get the best enjoyment and so it was here. There’s enough realism worked in to make events feel genuine, even if your brain says “no that wouldn’t/couldn’t happen” It’s a great read, one I enjoyed, sex; hot, sensual, erotic scenes, and a decent backstory bringing us more of the story and characters introduced in the first three books. Its a bit less dark that the first two, the events only seen via Haven’s flashbacks and I found that a bit easier to deal with. I look forward to the fourth but I’ll be sad to leave this group of characters. Still, its a series that I like forward to reading on one of my back to back reading marathons. I find with series/trilogies I get the best out of them that way, The backstory is fresh in my mind and not dulled by months of reading other novels in between episiodes.


Stars: Five, a dark romance, very gripping and not a sweet boy meets girl style romance.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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