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One Night With A Billionaire: Billionaire Boys Club 6 by Jessica Clare


One Night With A Billionaire, Billionaire Boys Club 6,  Jessica Clare
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Literature/Fiction, Romance

Well, I’ve enjoyed some of Jessica’s novels, but never read any of the BBC….this is a standalone, but like all in the series,. its connected to the others by way of the characters, and I had no issues with understanding the people and their connections.
Its 304 pages, a decent length but felt shorter to me. Maybe that’s because its such an easy to follow style, nothing too deep and dark, no great mysteries to puzzle out. Sometimes that’s what we need, a book to simply read and relax, and for that this was perfect for me, a kind of beach read that can be put down and picked up easily later. Its got some great characters in, and they are an interesting mix. Cade proves to be an incurable romantic much to his surprise. He’s always wondered what his mates were on about – he thought he loved Daphne, just didn’t need to waffle ( !!) on about it all the time as they do, but when he met Kylie he realised he loved Daphne, but in a more sisterly way, the romantic side of him loved an image of her that just didn’t exist. Kylie hits all his buttons right from the start and makes him realise what he’s been missing. Kylie’s lovely too, though of course once again its medical bills that force her to work even though she is stuck between the job and her love. Sigh..That seems to happen such a lot in romances, and sometimes I think I’m just so tired of reading that. Still, its a small part here, and does give a reason for her behaviour and some of her hang-ups. Her friend Star was a fun lady, I’d love to meet her…maybe in another book. Then there’s Daphne, who’s a bitch extraordinaire! She’s struggled, kicked and clawed her way up from her poverty stricken trailer background, but like so many in her position is now surrounded by yes people and those who just want to use her for money making. She’s a drug addict, been through rehab and is supposed to be staying clean but once again is using…its a sad story, and yes she is a horrible person but its also something I feel is far too true, that people become commodities when they are money making, that those profiting from their talent don’t care about their long term health, just that they can continue to make them money. In that position too very few people will say No, so the circle perpetuates and Daphne becomes sadder, more nasty and more addicted.
Its a fun read, a lovely gentle romance and like I said nothing too dramatic. I enjoyed it but as a one off only, it was fun but not one I’d save to re read. NB: There was one issue that irritated. Claire gets a phone call from her nan, then two pages later we’re told she looked for her phone only to find she left in with Cade, so how on earth did her nan ring her when she hasn’t her phone…
Stars: Four, a fun one off read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Break in Two, Full hearts book 1, MJ Summers


Break in Two, Full hearts book 1, MJ Summers

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: Romance, Erotica

I really liked the sound of this but somehow it failed to engage me.  I just couldn’t really get along with either Cole or Claire – they acted like a couple of teenagers with their petty dramas. Its a shame because it started so well.

The story itself was promising, and the ranch idea good but for a fledgling business they seemed to have a lot of free time….to indulge in what seems like constant sex, but rather than being in the erotica and varied/interesting type I expected it was a bit repetitive and almost banal 😦 I enjoy a good spicy read but that doesn’t mean page after page after page of sex, but scenes that are sensual and seductive. Sex that’s interesting and different, not just run of the mill, to the point where I was getting switched off not turned on.  I  was waiting for something other than yet another sexual encounter or stupid bit of jealousy by Claire, or jerk reaction from Cole. The most interesting character was Gabriella, followed by Luc ( who Claire meets on the plane back to London – he’s in book two so I’m hoping that’s better than this for me). she was a fabulous, manipulative character, and they really add to the drama so I enjoyed her part. the story from her though was kind of easy to guess, so that didn’t come as a surprise. Altogether though I love longer reads this one just dragged, and I found myself skimming lots of it to find out if the story was actually going to move on, and what would happen other than semi constant sex.

Its got lots of lovers ( of the book, not in the book!!) so clearly its perfect for many readers, but sadly its a fail for me.

NB: I criticised a recent novel for lack of condom use, here Claire and Cole don’t either but the author makes a point in her intro to say this is fiction, and in reality one should always be safe. I can go along with that – so long as safety is mentioned one way or another I’m happy. Its too important to leave out.

Stars: Two and a half, there were a few things I enjoyed – Gabriella for one! But overall it was too predictable and repetitive for me.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers



The Last True Vampire, Kate Baxter

The Last True Vampire, Kate Baxter

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

DNF: Well, I’ve got over a third of the way through this and I just can’t get into it   The story seems kind of formulaic; dying out vampires, hunters seeking to kill those left, and a human who can save them all….The characters felt a little one dimensional to me too. I can see lots of five star reviews, so clearly this book resonates with many readers. It’s more of that not all books suit all readers, as reading is very subjective to personal taste.

Stars: Two.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

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