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Moonlight on Nightingale Way, Samantha Young

Moonlight on Nightingale Way, Samantha Young
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:   Romance, Women’s Fiction
On Dublin Street is still one of my favourite romance stories, and I’ve read several others in the series. Samantha has the ability to create characters that feel real, that I feel I could know and be friends with. Its great too for a series to be set in UK, we UK readers can relate well to the places and catchphrases. I’m always having to look up US terms, so to get some UK humour is terrific.
Logan; like all Samantha’s heroes he’s a Scot, drop dead gorgeous and a great guy. Logan has a past though that’s changed him from an outgoing, friendly man to one that’s simply living in the day, womanising and just getting through life. His sister worries, their parents aren’t great, she and Logan have always been close not getting any great support from them, and she wants the Logan back she used to know, before his troubles began.
Grace; she’s escaped her awful family, her mother was truly horrible and her dad just a manipulative man, and now she’s made a new life far from them. Like Logan though her past affects her life now. She’s come through so much with the help of her close friends, and some therapy but still struggles at times, and especially at asserting herself. She has to do something about the new neighbour though – his sexual marathons with a different woman each night are keeping her awake, and affecting her work.
They don’t start off very well, with a confrontation about the latest lady and the noise, and they just seem to antagonise each other until Maia comes into the picture. Logan needs Grace’s help and slowly they become closer…..Maia is a great girl, she’s so brave, gone through so much and having worked her way out of an awful situation, but she’s still so young and an idealist. I loved her character and the way she set about getting what she wanted. Of course it didn’t work, but that’s what happens when you’re young, so often you simply see a route and take it without working everything through.
Grace is attracted to Logan right from the start, and I loved the way their relationship – or not – went. The way it was two steps forward and one back, that they never seemed to be on the same page at the same time. It led to some great drama. Of course Logan being friends with Braden from ODS meant his family and close friends came into the book, and it was so good to catch up with them. There’s an epilogue too that rounds off all the books and the end of the series that was great to read. There’s not as much sex in this as in some of the others, but the story and the sensuality here means it wasn’t missed. I’m always saying story over sex, though I do like some spice of course, and for this book it was perfect. More sex wouldn’t have fitted the story, though it did in some of the others. I prefer authors to stick to what suits each story, rather than get bogged down by what was popular in another book. I really want to search out the few from the series I’ve missed now – it would make a great back to back read through the whole series.
Stars: Five, a fabulous finale to the series
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


The Marriage Contract, Katee Robert


The Marriage Contract, Katee Robert
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
I’ve enjoyed several of Katee’s novels now so looked forward to this one, which is the start of a new series.
I had some issues though with the sheer number of people in it – that’s my problem though most likely and not the book. There are three Mob families at the heart of this read, and of course there are also those who work for them too,  and the O’Malley’s seem to have lots of siblings. Makes for a pretty large cast.
Its a decent storyline, Callie is about to marry Teague, joining two of the families. Of course its an arranged marriage, and only recently – like at the start of the book – as something else fell through, but to their surprise they actually like each other, and there’s a real feel of attraction sizzling between them. Callie though is hiding a huge secret that affects all three families, but Teague too is hiding a connection. There’s murder and mayhem, beatings and shootings, searing sensuality and attraction between parties that are at war with each other, and in the midst of all that there’s the FBI connections. Confused? You will be
Its a hard job setting the scene for a new series that’s as complex as this one, with so many warring sides, but Katee’s managed to come up with a story that though I didn’t love it, I was interested enough to read through and see where its going. I think having introduced the families and background the next novel (s ) will have an easier job, by being able to focus solely on the story more than telling us about the different characters and connections, and I’ll probably get along with it better. As it was for this one I kept getting confused who belonged to which family, and how the families varied.
Stars: Four, a promising start to a new series.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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