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Idle Bloom, Jewel E. Ann


Idle Bloom, Jewel E. Ann

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Erotica
I’d only read one book by Jewel before and hadn’t really got along with it, but I like to try more before deciding an author isn’t for me. well, I loved this story, there were things that were a little OTT but in the main it was a fresh new slant on a genre that often gets stale by way of stories that are so generic.
Oliver – what a sweetheart. I loved him right from the start. It was clear he was hiding something huge – why else would he be working for his little brother when he could be using his degree earning serious money. We get little hints of what his story is, then slowly more snippets leak out, but its not til towards the final straight that it all comes out, and what a shocker it is. My heart felt broken for him. Its a story that’s sadly real even today, with problems not being recognised until its too late. I really felt for Vivian too but felt her reaction over the big reveal was odd, didn’t feel right. Shout, scream, cry, try to hit him – all those I’d expect but what she did just seemed not really to fit her, she’d not behaved in any kind of way like that before, so even though the secret that’s come out is horrific and a real shock I just couldn’t see the Vivian I felt I knew behaving like that. Oliver’s parents and brother were great characters too, not in the story too much, just enough to provide another view of what’s happened.
Vivian, I liked her for her trying to stand on her own feet, for not wanting to let her parents down or make them feel that they’d failed financially. Its an odd route she’s chosen but I understand why she did. I wondered what her secret was, and we do find out not too far into the book some of the basics, but the whole story doesn’t come out til the end. Kai, her supposed best friend since they were very young – I Did Not Like Him. It seemed to me he wanted Vivian to stay unhappy, stay needing him while he could happily get on with his life. Soon as she started to pick up her life, go out with Oliver he became an absolute nasty, bitchy person, doing his best to cause trouble between them, a horrible friend. I’d have said goodbye to him right at the start of this, in fact right after he let her down so badly years before, not from the first incident but certainly from the second, the one that’s made her so self conscious, so afraid to let anyone in. Still, then we’d have missed some great drama and the book wouldn’t have been half as good. There’s always that dichotomy isn’t here? where we say “why did he/she do/say/accept that?” because it feels so wrong, but if they did what we think feels right then of course the story becomes a none starter, plebeian and dull…..
I really enjoyed the drama here, it feels very NA and continues throughout the book, with little bombs being dropped all the way through. Just when you think that Must be all there is to come out then the Huge, Big Reveal comes and its really tear-jerking for everyone – even the person who’s at fault IMO. I didn’t always understand Vivian’s actions regarding Oliver and Portland, why she wanted him to do what she asked but by the end I could see that she was right and it was something he needed to deal with. It’s an erotic read and the sex scenes are scorching and well written, with some great humour thrown in at times. I do like that, where drama and humour are mixed, even when its in a sensual scene. Who hasn’t laughed at the wrong moment, sniggered just as things were heating up when something funny is said or done? Queefing – ( look it up) who can keep a straight face when that happens!!Sex is like life, its varied, not just great seductive love scenes.
Its a great read, a fresh new plot that I can’t recall reading anywhere before, and a story I really was engrossed by, and just shows how even if you don’t like one book you may well love another by the same author. ( and vice versa of course…)
Stars: Five, a really enjoyable, dramatic and sensual read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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