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In The Air Tonight, Lori Handeland

In The Air Tonight, Lori Handeland 
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance
This was a fun read. The prologue stars with an evil scene, where two witches are burned at the stake, and at first its hard to see the relevance to the main story. Then as things move forward it all becomes clear. Its a fun read, with some plots being easy to spot and others…well, I was left guessing until the action heated up and it was in front of me.
Its got some great characters, and there’s an air of realism throughout even though we’re dealing with  supernatural elements. the story unfolds naturally and I loved the chemistry between Raye and Bobby. I really felt for Raye, she was a square peg in a round hole of a small town where everyone knew everything, except her history as an adopted child. That, and her penchant for seeing and talking to ghosts, made her an outsider even though she’s grown up there. It wasn’t that she was an outcast exactly, just that everyone seemed to feel she was  that bit too different to really fit in however hard she tries. Then she starts to get close to Bobby, but how can she tell him about herself, tell him things he needs to know both professionally and personally, when he’s so adamant all so called witches and ghost communicators are outright charlatans. She won’t risk what they have, and yet the time is fast coming when she has to reveal all and hope he can deal with what she is.
Its a great story, paced just right for me, where plots unfold naturally, relationships develop and surprises pop out unexpectedly. there’s a great blend of reality and supernatural that feels right, not forced and the plots are only too realistic given what we’ve done historically over anyone a little outside the norm. I’d be happy to read more and look forward to the next book. Though the books are linked by plot there’s no cliff-hanger, and this one is complete.
Stars: Five, Surprised me just how much I enjoyed it. I thought I’d like it, but didn’t expect to get quite so caught up in a vivid and ramatic race against the supernatural.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


One More Shot, Victoria Denault and Resistor, Black Halo 2.5 , Madelynne Ellis

One More Shot, Victoria Denault
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction
I thought this sounded fun, I’ve enjoyed a few similar novels in the past. It was a good read, but not a great one though. I didn’t really feel the connection between Jordan and Jessie, and so when they split then met again the sexual tension, the simmering attraction was missing for me. The reasons for the split too didn’t seem big enough considering how long they’d been close friends and it all felt like a storm in a teacup…even after they reconnected they were still making the same mistakes, assuming things based on surface views, not talking to each other and holding grudges from things long past. I wanted to shake the pair of them – if they really wanted each other I felt they’d have done more, been more proactive. As it is it seems it was others interactions that did the most to reconnect them.
A fun read, and some decent characters but nothing special for me, and it’s a one off read only.

Stars: Three, a so-so read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


  Resistor, Black Halo 2.5 , Madelynne Ellis
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Erotica
Well, I love the Black Halo series and Madelynne’s writing, and was eager to read this. sadly its not the usual five star read for me as it’s very short – just  1435 kindle locations….When i was searching for info I couldn’t find the “novella” tag but I’m sure by publication that will be there. If like me you don’t really get on with sort reads take note!
So it’s Spook’s story – he’s always intrigued me, lives up to his name being like a kind of ghost, always around, always watching but rarely actually present, and when it comes to sex he’s definitely a voyeur only with his albums of erotic images. I was really looking forward to knowing what was behind his somewhat strange behaviour but we still don’t get the full story here. I want to know what it was that happened eight years ago – and I’m having to wait for part two to find out. Still, the brevity of the book means info is restricted, and this part concentrates on Spook meeting up once more with Allegra – Alle. They had a very short and sensual fling within his brief a few months back, which has stressed him ever since. Now she looks to be working with the group for some time, and he just doesn’t know if he’ll crack under the pressure seeing her has on him. Alle is confused, she thought they had something special, enjoyed what they did, and waited for him to call – but in vain. This time she’s determined to pin him down. I know she’s supposed to be this tough girl in a man’s world, but I found her a bit aggressive TBH, pursuing Spook when it was clear it distressed him. I guess that’s what she felt she had to do, but I didn’t like it and it felt as though when she and Spook were together he was kind of forced into it – and I don’t like that. Its no good rationalising that his body was saying yes, so ignoring his mind….still, I really need to read the next part and hopefully all will come clear. As it is it just feels unfinished to me, and though I’ve loved all the BH books so far this is a three for me.
Stars: Three, its a hot and sensual read but just feels unfinished to me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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