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Glutton for Pleasure , Alisha Rai


Glutton for Pleasure , Alisha Rai
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Erotica, Romance,
I really enjoyed this read. Its 232 kindle pages, so a decent length and the story covers a couple of weeks so its a very “in the instant” read, not one that covers a lengthy romance.
I love Devi, she’s always been mothered by not only her actual mother but her sisters too. They’re a very close Indian family and seem to view Devi’s mistakes in choosing a man in the past as meaning its something she needs help with now . they don’t seem to see that she’s grown up now – everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and maybe they don’t know her and her history as well as they think. Devi loves them though, knows they mean well even if it is irritating, so tends to go along with their suggestions but she’s shocked when Rana suggest a one night of hot sex with the two delicious twins that frequent their restaurant. Rana knows Jace finds Devi attractive, his frequent visits and questions about her have given that away. She’s heard from gossip that he share’s everything with his twin, and they only do one night stands, which she thinks is just what Devi needs to get her into the mood for dating again after her split a year past from her ex.
Devi thinks its a joke at first, these two fabulous hot guys can’t want her, she’s not the pretty sister, the outgoing one, that’s Rani, she’s the curvy, quiet one. She thinks she’s been set up by her sisters, that maybe they’ve put the brothers up to it and gets very upset. She’s long been attracted to Jace though, so once they convince her they mean it, they want her and its not been arranged by anyone but themselves its sizzling and sensual sex all round. Marcus thinks its their usual one nighter, but Jace is tired of that and has other plans. He just needs to convince Marcus and Devi that what he wants is what they all need. A big challenge there then Smile
Its a great read, hot and sexy, without being repetitive or overdone – I hate that. The sex scenes here are fresh and seductive, and feel very real. I love the dressing room scene when they’re clothes shopping and of course Miss Kitty, the sex shop owner, and then there’s the scenes at Devi’s family’s party where Jace wrangles an incite for him and Marcus!! Its not just sex all the way, this novel covers some very real emotion; Devi’s family ( s)mothering, the party invite dilemma, a romance that’s as far from traditional Indian as one could get, and some real sadness in Marcus and Jace background. Issues from our past do affect us and its shown very clearly here how much potential damage can be caused, and how hard one needs to try to get past psychological blocks.
Stars: Five, a fun and sexy read with some serious points to make too.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Rules of Seduction, Joya Ryan

Rules of Seduction Joya Ryan

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, erotica
I’ve enjoyed several of Joya’s novels, most recently the fabulous Yours trilogy, one of which I had for review and two which I bought, so looked forward to this one. I hadn’t realised though this was a short novella, at just 1651 kindle locations, and as I’ve commented before, short works rarely do it for me.
Ava and Nolan were both sweet characters, and that’s a strange expression I guess in an erotic novel, but due perhaps to the brevity of this I just didn’t get the sense of more from either. Ava clearly had some past issues that made her want anonymous sex, and Nolan was such a good friend, hot in his alter ego, but overall just a really “good” guy. He wanted Ava, but also wanted what was best for her. That sums up the dichotomy he faced, keep on playing Myth, or reveal himself. If he stays anonymous he’ll never get what he really wants, but if he reveals himself he’ll be breaching Ava’s hard limit – a solid rule to be upheld, and also risks losing what little he has of her.
Its a quick sexy read, but for me I need to know more of and relate more to the characters. Novellas just don’t have space for that which is why I avoid them. Clearly though many people do just want the quick, sexy read books like this provide, there’s currently a best seller that based around only the hot and sensual scenes from twenty erotic books, so though I need the whole story, obviously many many readers don’t. If you’re one of those them this book could be perfect for you although not for me.
Stars: three, well written, hot read but just too short for me. .
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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