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The Platinum Triangle, Book One: The Platinum Series, T V Hartwell

The Platinum Triangle, Book One: The Platinum Series, T V Hartwell
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  New Adult Romance,
I loved the sound of this, a great story in the making. Sadly the execution just doesn’t work for me. Its a real shame because the plots have great potential (IMO)  and could have made a great five star read for me.
So what went wrong? Well firstly its a very Tell book and I like Show. The kind of novel where the action is based around dialogue and the histories and characteristics of each person gets revealed slowly by their actions and inner thoughts. Its a slower way of giving information and stays with me better. I need to feel I’m there “in” the book, living it along with the characters. Maybe its just me? I don’t know but I’m drawn to books that are delivered that way. In this novel I just felt overloaded with information when this was done by way of pages and pages of text, and there was a lot of info about characters who were secondary and we didn’t need to know that much about them. I skipped much of it as I just couldn’t take in any more info.
The story itself is told via current time – one month and upwards to the wedding – and flashbacks; but reading it felt too much like school history books where we get told lots of facts, but don’t get the action behind them. There were a few dialogue based scenes but they were a mixed bunch, some worked well and others – the sex scenes for example – just were…off-putting. I like sex in a book, but here it read oddly, with words and actions that just felt artificial and overdone, and didn’t seem to fit the story. Some people can write sex scenes and some can’t, and for me I think Trevin should maybe just leave most of them inferred. There were a few other oddities too such as the restaurant owner, when saying goodbye to them we’re told he out his hands together in Namaste position and did a little bow. I just felt – why? We knew very little about him, he wasn’t a major ore even secondary character, and it just felt wrong, like something added to just to put in some detail and colour…
The plots – there are two main themes, and they were a great idea. I’d have liked to have had more build up of the romance between Jake and Amanda, I didn’t feel any real magical, sexual tension between them, they seemed more like friends with benefits. Equally the bromance with Kirby – its gone on so long could Amanda and others really not have noticed? Did Jake really think it was OK to be with his friend this way when he was also with Amanda? It brought him down in my estimation. Then when the drama hits and Jake has to make the big decision, instead of thinking of that he spends the weekend quizzing another friend about gay marriage and adopting children…WTF springs to mind. I would have thought he would have been researching more info to base his decision on. I didn’t really get a sense of either of them as people, not just book characters, and I didn’t feel that either would be heartbroken if things fell apart – I need them to be so close that anything separating them is going to be heart stopping, solid drama, where I’m almost in tears for them. That’s what draws me to the New Adult genre but I didn’t feel it here.
Still, these are as always my personal thoughts, and of course there will be those for who this way of telling a story is perfect. That’s the way it goes, not all stories suit all readers. Its a debut book and well done to Trevin for that. I tried writing years ago and its tough and something I just can’t do, so I applaud anyone who sticks with it to make their dreams come true. I hope he’s not put off by my review, I mean them as constructive comments, if others also feel as I do. Like everything writing is a skill that gets honed, and authors are constantly learning. That really applies to all trades and hobbies, and is why i was still having lessons after twenty years of horse riding, or still attend workshops on painting techniques.
Stars: Two, sorry but it just didn’t work for me despite being a really interesting premise.
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