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Crossing Lines, Alannah Lynne


Crossing Lines,  Alannah Lynne
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
This is a shortish read at around 170 pages, and takes place over just a few days, except for the epilogue. I’d rather read novels that cover a longer time, but of course those need the longer length to play out properly. There’s a market for shorter books, and for a shortish, steamy romance this worked well.
I liked Kevin, and of course Sam and her daughter. Its a kind of simple plot, where Kevin and Sam are attracted right from the start but Kevin wants to do the right thing and sort his personal life out first. he can’t do that right now though, and his reasons do make sense…kind of. He’s just such a nice guy that he’s always putting others first and himself last. Then he meets Sam. Its clear she’s attracted and circumstances throw them together before he’s had time to sort out something important. Sam’s lovely, independent with a gorgeous young daughter, but has been badly let down in the past by her family and her ex which has left mental scars.
In such a short book there’s some serious sensual moments and if you like a quick, hot read with a feel-good romance this is perfect. For me its a little too short, a bit too quick. I like my romances ideally to play out over weeks or months even so everything gets time to be propely laid down. Here its a little too quick for me, hence the three stars.

Stars: Three, a good read, hot and sensual but just a bit too brief for me covering only a few days.
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Breaking Love, Full Hearts Book Two, MJ Summers

Breaking Love, Full Hearts Book Two, MJ Summers 
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Erotica
I liked Luc in the first book – he’s only a brief character but you can’t help laughing at his supreme confidence, mixed with his knowing just how to treat a lady….On the surface he sounds a complete prick, arrogant, open about the fact he thinks love is just a fairy tale, and he only does sex, not relationships – and of course he tells how very good he is at sex, and warns the ladies not to fall in love with him….and yet there’s something about him that you can’t help liking.
Then he meets Megan, who’s in Paris for a few days with her friend. She’s been primped and dressed by her until she feels like a new woman, not the dull, tired mum struggling alone she was the day before but a vibrant sexy lady, and when she meets Luc he’s taken with her. She’s not so impressed by him though – has a few harsh words to say and yet that doesn’t keep him down, and somehow they end up having hot and sensual sex, something she’s long missed. He’s a great lover, she’s impressed and his no strings is just what she needed before going home to Elliot.
That no strings though – that confidence that everyone else in love is deluded, Luc’s way of thinking is bound to trip…that old expression “pride comes before a fall” is perfect for him. He’s so proud he’s avoided what he sees as the trap of relationships, so proud of his long list of sexual exploits, and then Megan comes along, and he’s lost. It takes him a while to realise it though – likewise Megan had determined Elliot wasn’t going to meet anyone who could upset his life when they left. Somehow though they get closer, their no strings one off becomes a no strings as and when, and then something happens that brings them closer together and also further apart…
Meg’s ex, Elliot’s dad, has been Mr Unreliable but six years on finally seems to be getting clean and sober – she’s heard it before though, and doesn’t want Elliot hurt. He’s such a cute lad and just wants a dad like his friends, it’s understandable when he sees how his mum has to do all the things his mates dads do. He’s six going on seven, but as seems to be the way in novels he’s a very mature seven…..I see that so often, think back to my kids, my grandkids at the same age and – no, nope – they didn’t ever behave like this. I guess romance is people with perfect kids, not real ones Winking smile
I liked this story more than book one, it seemed more realistic, less drawn and dragged out, and the spark between Luc and Megan was very clear right from the first looks. I loved Luc’s jealous, troublemaking assistant Simone ( oh how I enjoy some genuinely nasty ladies!) She added some great drama and it all made for a fun read, that felt like it could be real. Luc’s romantic gestures were truly wonderful, and let me imagine myself in Megan’s place. I did want to bash the pair of them every now and then for their intransigence, but of course if they’d been reasonable and sensible then the book would be much less fun!
Stars: Four, a great read with some swooning romance from Luc.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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