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Eternally Bound, K.A.Young


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Eternally Bound, K.A.Young
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and fantasy .
Well, I really didn’t know what to expect from this novel, but time travel and the “what comes next?” stuff fascinates me, so I was intrigued by this.
It starts where we meet Caroline married to older man Philip. I kind of get the impression he loves her dearly but treats her a little like a fragile toy, and now she’s having these awful nightmares so often he’s distraught for her, and just wants to help. I really felt sorry for him in a way, as if things work out and Caroline is reunited with Thaddeus then what happens to poor Philip? and yet as the story continues and we see how strong the love Thaddeus and Caroline have, how could I not wish for them to be together again? Its that conundrum that had me conjuring up all sorts of reasons to try to dislike Philip….
Then she meets someone who claims to be from her past, the part of her nightmares she can’t recall. Of course Caroline thinks she’s weird and yet….not knowing anything about her past, brought up – or rather dragged up – by a foster carer, she longs to know where she came from. She doesn’t even have a correct date of birth, so when this lady says she must ask her foster mother about something she left with her for Caroline, she’s astonished when she finds that there’s a pendant left for her. Its a strange object, really beautiful and though its fine for Caroline, it feels hot to others.
Philip has arranged some counselling for her with a psychiatrist – who he used to date – and Debbie suggests regression therapy. I really didn’t like Debbie, it was clear she still had strong feelings for Philip, though she tried not to let it show. I felt too that maybe Philip also had feelings for her still, and that made me feel better about the ending. You know, when I said I needed a reason to dislike him….
Its a race against time once things get revealed, and some hard choices to be decided for Caroline. It made for an interesting, thoughtful read, and a very beautiful story of enduring love. That’s what most of us want really isn’t it ? and a second chance for them to be together. Its a read I really enjoyed, though its not one I think I’ll read again.

Stars: five, beautiful, mysterious love story.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


Shattered by You, Tear Asunder 3, Nashoda Rose



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Shattered by You, Tear Asunder 3, Nashoda Rose

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:   Romance,

I love the sometimes OTT drama and emotion that New Adult books provide. I like to vary my reading, jumping around genres and sometimes I just need that deeper emotion, even when it means suspending realism, that New Adult provides. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, and was pleased to get this third one for review.

Well, previous books covered Logan and Emily, Ream and Kat and we learned that Ream has a twin sister, Haven. They’d had a traumatic, devastating childhood and had done things that’s hard for them to deal with now.  For twelve years he’s believed her dead, and then discovered she was alive. He doesn’t know the full story though, the horrific abuse and degradation she suffered, and she’s keeping it all boxed up, can’t bear to tell anyone.

Now Haven has been found, but she’s clearly mentally troubled by her past, and Ream is terrified of losing her again. She’s been coping by running, for hours sometimes, exhausting her body physically and mentally when she feels the stresses building, not wanting Ream to see how badly she’s affected. She thinks he’ll blame himself for believing the lie about her death. After one run, out in a horrific thunderstorm, Crisis finds her and helps her to get past Ream without him seeing what she’s been doing. He only agrees though if she promises to text him daily while they’re away touring – with that and the bodyguard Ream has arranged he hopes she’ll be safe.

Of course Crisis is attracted, so is Haven, though she knows his rep – like Logan before he met Emily Crisis is known for his manwhore ways…The emotion between them feels so real, very hot and palpable, and the sexual tension is always there even when Haven is trying to keep herself closed off. Ream won’t approve though – they both know that. Still, when you’ve met your soul mate protective brothers can’t stop love. Danger though, that’s  a huge barrier and as always in this series its never far away.

You could read this as a stand alone, but I think you’ll get the best by reading books one and two first otherwise the background to events that are mentioned a lot here is going to be difficult to work out. This genre is full of events that aren’t particularly realistic, but the reader needs to suspend cynicism to get the best enjoyment and so it was here. There’s enough realism worked in to make events feel genuine, even if your brain says “no that wouldn’t/couldn’t happen” It’s a great read, one I enjoyed, sex; hot, sensual, erotic scenes, and a decent backstory bringing us more of the story and characters introduced in the first three books. Its a bit less dark that the first two, the events only seen via Haven’s flashbacks and I found that a bit easier to deal with. I look forward to the fourth but I’ll be sad to leave this group of characters. Still, its a series that I like forward to reading on one of my back to back reading marathons. I find with series/trilogies I get the best out of them that way, The backstory is fresh in my mind and not dulled by months of reading other novels in between episiodes.


Stars: Five, a dark romance, very gripping and not a sweet boy meets girl style romance.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

On My Knees, A Stark Novel, J. Kenner

On My Knees, A Stark Novel, J. Kenner
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
This picks straight up where the last novel left off, and we’re plunged into the world once again. Heat, action, drama – once again this episode has all that. Its not five star from me though because…well, maybe its because for a romance to span three books takes a lot of solid plots, and I just felt here instead the plots were just dragged out to fill the space. I was pretty sure about the identity of a certain person early on – clues were in book one, and a multitude of them here, and yet Sylvia not once seems to see it or ask relevant questions that most people would by now. That smacks of unreality to me, and it wasn’t the only thing she failed to ask that was so so evident. Each time they had a hiccup it became major drama and all the secrets were hinted at so much that by the time they were revealed it was for me anti climatic. The identity if who’s leaking info – I’m pretty sure I know who that is, and possibly why, but Sylvia and Jackson – even Damien, don’t seem to see what’s going on under their noses, and I just think why? For top business people they are amazingly oblivious of something incredibly important!The Jackson/Damien connection too became a story that devolved into little plots that just felt forced  I think for so many trilogies they’d be better as just two books, or as lots of us best enjoy – once long book! I find I enjoy these reads best once all parts are out, and I can read and enjoy the whole story without waiting months for the next part, just one long back to back session, and get really immersed in the story.
As before the characters are excellent and they feel very real. I like that there’s a variety, that the story doesn’t just circle around three/four main people. Its more interesting when others are brought in, and leads to different views of events through their eyes and through conversations with them. We may think we know what a character is thinking, how they interpret a conversation or an action, but until they articulate it to someone really we’re just guessing. There’s lots of J Kenner trademark erotic sex scenes here, and as always they were well written and hot and sensual, but there were so many that I found myself skipping to get to the actual meat of the story. There comes a time in many trilogies I’ve noticed, when the sex begins to take over the story – for many readers that doesn’t matter but for me it does. Story first then sex backing it works best for me every time. Its these little niggles that’s stopped the book from being five stars for me, still a fantastic read but with some small irritations. Of course – arrghh – it ends on a massive cliffhanger…..
Stars: Four, a great follow up, but not quite a five for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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