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Wicked Charms,A Lizzy and Diesel Novel, Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton

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Wicked Charms,A Lizzy and Diesel Novel,  Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Mystery & Thrillers
Well, if you’ve read books one and two you’ll know this isn’t a heart stopping, scary, hide head under cushions type thriller, but a slapstick type mystery to solve. Once again Lizzy and Diesel have paired up to find another  SAGLIA Stone, this time the one for greed. Its the same kind of comedic read, with Lizzy going from one drama to the next, getting into constant danger, and being rescued just in time. Cat takes a lesser role which I missed, I like him, but Carl also appears less and that’s great, as to be honest his “Eeps” and “giving the finger” are getting boring and simply annoying. It was funny the first few times but but when it was mentioned for what seemed like the twentieth time just in the first book, the humour had long since worn off. Glo is in the thick of this adventure, accompanied by Broom – she’s scatty, and a great addition to the gang with her haphazard spells, and of course there’s Clara the bakery owner. I do wonder how they ever manage to make money as it seems secondary to helping Lizzy and Diesel at times.
The connection between Lizzy and Diesel is as hot as ever, he’s a jerk at times but does seem to genuinely feel something for Lizzy other than simply attraction, and they’ve worked a sneaky way round the “two unmentionables must not get together” edict!!
Its a fun read, light-hearted and very much like the first two. For devoted fans it’ll be a book to devour but though I enjoyed it there’s too much similarity to books one and two for me to give a higher star rating. Its well written but nothing new really jumping out at me, and if the search for the next four stones are like this then its one I’ll pass on even though I’ve enjoyed the humour of these first three stories.

Stars: Three, fun read but nothing new added from first two.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


The Cowgirl Rides Away, Amie Stuart



The Cowgirl Rides Away, Amie Stuart
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction
I’ve mixed feelings about this book. Its a well written story but the characters…well, at first I really liked them, but towards the end I felt they were just odd in how they acted, and there things they said and did that really irritated me and didn’t feel right. Still, that’s part of the story I guess, but I’d rather the drama was given a different outlet.
Jessie, gosh I felt for her. Step mum clearly doesn’t like her and her dad..well, she’s always trying to win his attention, make him proud, but he treats her with a kind of indifference. When she’s badly injured at the latest rodeo, to the point of almost dying, I was shocked when they just left her in hospital and went home. They didn’t contact her or the hospital later, and it was only her brother Jace and good friend Kane that stayed. I felt so so sorry for her, she must have been devastated, especially as its clear that the five times champion now has to give up that life. She’s web browsing while still recuperating in hospital when she sees Zack’s advert.
Zack is another person I felt sorry for. It’s clear his family have a troubled relationship, and his mother is still upset that he brought home baby Travis, and hasn’t mellowed over the next few years. She really is an awful, judgemental person and even the revelations at the end couldn’t make me sympathetic to her. To me she’s embodies all the things I hate about religion and churches, the small-mindedness of them. Still, her family seems to stay close and work on the ranch, near the small town where everyone knows everything. That’s why Zack is looking to the Net for a woman, he knows all the ones locally and just isn’t attracted to any of them. He wants someone for life, someone to make a happy home with in the “old” way, and can’t see anyone in his town that will fit. He seemed such a nice man, and was great with his son. When he finally met Jessie things were a little stilted at times, but then they seemed to get past that and be getting on well. At this point I was invested in the story but did feel it dragged at times. There wasn’t really much of interest for me happening. Then things start to go wrong – I was so shocked at Jessie. I felt she was way out of line in what she said and what she did, given that this was the first time she’d met Zack’s family. She really went down in my eyes, and I felt she was just plain rude. Then there’s Zack’s reaction and he let me down too. He’s brought her here, he knows she won’t be popular with his mother and those like her, and yet does he stand up for her? No…just lets it all pass. It meant that I really felt ambivalent at the prospect of them getting back together, and the drama that played out then lost its effect for me.
Stars: Three, its a decent story, and for those following the series I’m sure it’ll be very popular. For me though its was an ok read only and not one I’d read again.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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