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Blue Midnight, Tess Thompson


Blue Midnight,  Tess Thompsonbmimg
Genre:  Romance, Mystery and Thrillers
I really didn’t know what sort of read this would be, but I love second chance romances so started eagerly. Poor Blythe, she’s given her all to her marriage, put her own career, hopes and dreams aside for her husband and family. The more we read the more we see how he belittled her, one of those men who say things under a guise of kindness – you know “ don’t wear that darling, I wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed”- that sort of comment. Its sucked the life out of her and now the B stard has gone off with someone younger, still blaming her for his defection. She’s gutted but luckily her sister Bliss steps in. One change of image, clothes, hair, makeup and Blythe is off on an adventure complete with new camera courtesy of Bliss’ chequebook. Her photography was another think the jerk stopped “ its a little hobby darling, you’ll never make any money at it”. ar sehole. Bliss is determined her big sister will move forward, and regain what she loved.
The starting point is the search for Finn. It takes her on an adventure where she comes across all sorts of things, a ghost, a witch, lots of unexplained things, and a search for the truth for Finn’s family. Its a wonderful read, slowly meandering along, not a breakneck speed race. It made me feel I was there with her, made me smile, made me cry, or at least get tears, several times. Families and people are more than the surface front they present and slowly we see the layers underneath Finn’s family, and as they get revealed they bring up some danger that’s been hidden for years. Towards the end as the secrets begin to unfold the danger stacks up and the story goes from a slow ramble through the town to a fast and climatic ending. I love the characters, from the bothers and Kevan’s daughter, the mysterious Moonbeam, the typical small town characters that know everything – or at least think they do. Then there’s Blythe’s daughters, they were so sweet. We don’t see much of them but what they do add is just perfect. I wanted her ex to get his comeuppance, that’s just me, I hate characters like him and want them to get what they deserve, be sorry what they’ve lost, but from what the girls say its clear not all was perfect in paradise. I love their recollections of the new wife’s comments!! The story brings in events that could be supernatural, or could be just coincidence. Did Blythe really see what she thought, or was it her imagination, a breeze bringing shadows perhaps, a bit of a waking dream?  Is Moonstone really a witch, or just someone unusually intuitive?  Its one of those stories that could be explained away, but I like to go with the supernatural element. Its comforting to think that maybe there’s more than just us, maybe those we’ve lost can still watch over and help us. I can’t leave without mentioning Shakespeare. Anyone who’s had a much loved pet will feel for him, a wonderful addition to the characters, he’s just so lovely, retreating to his bed when the commanding family matriarch  appeared, and I’d have been there with him too! Its hard to see a pet ageing, and things like him not being able to jump up into the truck anymore, but needing to be lifted will strike a chord with anyone whose had an aging dog. He  added to the very real feeling this novel gave me.
Stars: Five, one of those books which stay with you for a while. Its not one I’ll read again soon, but maybe pick up again in a couple of years.
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Diamonds & Desire, Book 1 of The Priceless Collection Series, Angelita Gill

Diamonds & Desire, Book 1 of The Priceless Collection Series,  Angelita Gill
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance
This was a fun read, with Jordana being a great character, very genuine, very caring. It’s that caring part of her nature that brings her into contact with Logan, when she overhears something he needs to know. There’s an attraction between them, but he doesn’t do love and romance, and knows she’s too good for his usual friends with benefits type affair. They start meeting for lunch though, simply enjoying each others company, and those lunches somehow lead to more when Jordana needs his help over her sister.
They get closer…and closer… and soon are in a hot and heavy affair, even though he’d determined they wouldn’t, and  they’re having some seriously steamy sex. Of course as always things crop up that cause issues and friction, and just when you think things are going well they aren’t. I loved that it wasn’t a quick fix to the problem, that it was dragged out and we could see how both of them were so affected. I like my sad parts to be solid, not a two page over and done and it was perfect here. It let me indulge, wallow for a bit!
I loved both of them, and the story was a fun read, with some sensual and seductive scenes. Its a book that I might re read, after a period of time, it’s not one that’s deep and full of mystery, but a light and fun read. There’s a place for those as much as there is for those deep, dark  dramas I love. This is perfect when you want something lighter but not chic lit type light, a solid romance but with some spice and fun.
Stars: Five, a fun, sexy read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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