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Cuffs, Georgie Tyler


Cuffs,  Georgie Tyler
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Erotica
Well, this is one of those bad choices on my part. To be fair I couldn’t find any info around to help me choose, and if I’d known it was so short – just 1710 kindle locations – then I’d have passed. But I didn’t, so read it and just couldn’t get into it. despite its brevity I skim read second half as I fond it hard going.
I love a sexy romance that’s got an element of suspense, and that’s what I expected here and to a degree that’s what it is but….I found it impossible that a professional such as Alex would act this way, make such a basic mistake, not only in what he did with her for the two days, but  the stupid error in then believing her when she says….well, you’ll see when you come to it.
I can’t take to insta love when she’s just seen a murder which Alex was involved with, and both Alex and Lacey just didn’t feel real to me, neither in their characters, or their actions. Would you get hot and heavy with a guy who’s gorgeous but you’ve literally just seen taking part in a backstreet vicious murder? Or more realistically would you be scared to death and thinking of anything but sex? We don’t know much about them as people, as there simply isn’t space to tell us, so we’re dropped straight in and need to pick it up from there. I just couldn’t see any reality here, it was just too simplistic, too stereotyped. If you don’t mind stories that stretch credulity to its extreme then you may enjoy it but for me it just didn’t work.
I’ve really enjoyed works from all three authors mentioned, and that was one of the things that hooked me to this story.  I just can’t find anything in common with this book and their works though. Kylie Scott is one of my favourite romance authors and her main series is a four part rock band romance, all full length stories, with two zombie novels comprising the rest – none of which seem to be in any way similar to this.
Stars:Two, sorry a pass from me.  As ever this is just my personal view and of course others will feel very differently.
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Shadows Strike, Dianne Duvall


Shadows Strike,  Dianne Duvall

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’ve not read all the books in this series, but several and understand the world Dianne has created. I think you need to read a least the first in this series to understand and enjoy the story even though each book is a complete one, as the overall story arc and the individual characters pay such a strong place in the stories. I’m always intending to go back and read the ones I’ve missed but its that old shortage of time and cash that’s stopped me so far. So many great books and so little time…

Once again its a solid read, a perfect romance with tension and sensuality, lots of action and the overall story arc of Guardians, Others and Vampires all having different ideas about interacting with the human world. For some time the guardians have been fighting vampires, trying to keep the humans safe, and in the dark about supernatural matters. There’s a force out to provoke war though, and its getting stronger all the time. They need to keep up if the world is to stay safe, but in the last big battle they lost some key members, both Guardians and the humans who work with them. Now it looks like the battle is on once again and a human telepath, Heather, seems to be in the middle of it, but the Guardians need to know why.

I loved the interaction between Heather and Ethan. That insta love kind of thing sometimes just isn’t believable, but here Heather has been dreaming of Ethan for so long that she feels she already knows him. Throw in the very real danger she’s in and its easy to understand her live for the day motto when she finds him. Ethan has been very lonely and finding Heather, finding a connection with her that’s bone deep is a real bonus for him. Immortals can live long lives, thousands of years for some, and even though Ethan is just a baby at 200 years its a long future to be lonely. For the last hundred or so he’s had a friends with benefits thing with his maker, but now she’s found a mate he’s kind of lost, and Heather comes along just at the right time. They can be with humans, but its the gifted ones such as Heather that they need for mates, they are able to be changed, whereas humans just become vampires who  go crazy from the virus in a very short time.

Its a great blend of romance with story, and there’s lots of action. I don’t like long, drawn out battle scenes, where we get pages and pages of heavy, dull descriptions, but Dianne delivers battles that are perfect for me. I understand what’s going on, why they act as they do, what they hope to achieve and the way its all done. That keeps me reading, keeps me wondering where its all going to end, and how they can fight against an enemy who’s uncaring of humanity, when they do all they can to save it. Its tough fighting someone who views humans as disposable and has no morals about using them for his own ends. This series is working well for me, gaining pace with each book and I’m really enjoying it. Its one of those that when its finished I’ll immerse myself in the whole series, having a back to back read through of all the books. I love to do that with good reads, where I can get lost in the world created and feel part of it.

Stars: Five, another great instalment, full of romance and sensuality, action, drama and lots of emotion.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

The Order by A.C. Donaubauer


The Order by A.C. Donaubauer


Genre:  Sci-fi and Fantasy,

I really wasn’t sure I’d like this book – it sounded good but would I find it’s one of those full of battles and gore that I hate? Well, it isn’t, and I loved it.

At over 900 pages its a solid read, but it’s all relevant. Nothing that feels added to pad out the content, and slowly the story starts to build up and grow.the pacing is perfect, and I really felt I knew the characters as the book continued. I loved the way Eryn’s abilities grew slowly, no sudden mystical, magical powers but magic that she either works out herself, learns from others, or where she watches and experiments building upon what’s already known. I hate those reads where people just suddenly gain – out of the blue – a slew of powerful abilities, it just feels like the reader is being cheated, but here everything develops at a believable rate, thoroughly explained and its easy to see how Eryn reaches the conclusions and developments that she does.

I love that’s she’s a strong and moral character, it would be easy for her to just give way to The Order but she stand firm in her beliefs, even at personal cost. I loved Vern too – he’s a great addition and provides someone for her to have fun with, relax, and I’m sure he’ll be a strong focus in further books. Then there’s his father, Orrin, and he’s another strong person, but always fair, and he’s a huge support to Eryn after their initial skirmishes. Enric, second in command, and only a few years older than Eryn. He’s attracted to her and the more they are together the stronger that grows for him, but he’s hampered by their first meetings where he had to use force to subdue her and now she hates him, really resents him and what he stands for. Its going to take lot to change that but he’s a planner, a patient man.

The whole story flows really well, is full of interesting characters and plots and was one that despite my reservations I really enjoyed. Would I read it again? Well, not for a long while but I certainly want to read more from the series,and will be looking for further books.

The length, over 900 pages, is fantastic and for quick readers like myself that’s perfect, lets us get lost in another world for hours. When some authors are turning out “books” from as little as 50 pages its a real treat to get one of this length, and so fairly priced. I’ve just seen one thats less than 100 pages for almost the same cost. 100 or 900….I know which I’d go for ;- )

Stars:Five, a fabulous, engrossing read and I’ll look forward to more.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

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Here All Along, Crista McHugh


Here All Along,  Crista McHugh

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, women’s Fiction,

I was a bit underwhelmed by this read…I love the friends to lovers and movie/rock star tropes so was really looking forward to this. Sadly though it was one of those that was just an OK read for me.

I loved Sarah/Sage/Red – she was a strong lady who’d worked hard to get over her troubled past. I could understand why Gideon had fallen on love with her. He was a lovely man too – very unaffected by all the fame, very genuine and they’d work well together – it was easy to see why she loved him, also easy to see why she was so scared. A great start I thought.

Then we meet Gabe, co-star of the latest film with Gideon, and it went downhill. Gideon on his own was fine, Gabe though seemed to be just weird… together they were like a couple of eleven year olds. The pranks were one thing…yeah, even adults do those ( she sniggers thinking of ones we’ve done) but they way they came up with this idea to get /Sarah and Gideon together. It was disaster right from the start and the more it went wrong the deeper they got…I could see this being such a great read but their plans just didn’t ring right for me, felt like something a pre teen would have dreamed up…McKenzie, the other co-star was terrific, a gen-you-iyne stereotype, a totally vacuous airhead. Her parts really made me smile. Sadly I think there are people like her, so self obsessed they think everyone loves them and the world revolves around them. She got some great lines in that made me smirk.

Gideon and Sarah in the beginning were promising, but once Gabe got involved it began to feel so unreal. The whole making a top film surely is more synchronised, more organised than we saw, and from a great start it just went downhill for me. It did tie up well, and made for a complete and rounded story but its not one I’d reread.

Stars: Two and a half. there were parts I enjoyed, the start was promising but it just went downhill for me from there.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Night’s Surrender, Amanda Ashley


Night’s Surrender,  Amanda Ashley
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy
I tried the last one in this group and didn’t really get on with it, but it’s a popular series and I wondered if maybe it was just that book, rather than the actual series that was the issue for me. I’m always looking for a fantasy/paranormal string of novels I’ve not yet read so was hoping…but after trying this one I realise that no, sadly this just isn’t a series for me.
Its a personal issue, the novels are well written and very readable, its just that I couldn’t get engaged with the plots or characters. Its a genuine case of “its me not you “ as it’s clear this series has many devoted followers. I did enjoy the story a bit more than the last one so its a three this time from me, and a decision to pass on this series.
Stars: Three, a good read but didn’t really bring me “into” the story.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

The Jade Lioness (Choc Lit) by Christina Courtenay

The Jade Lioness (Choc Lit)
by Christina Courtenay
Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction
I love books that show an insight into other cultures, especially historical ones. I’m also fascinated by Japan and China, so I was really pleased to receive this for review.
Its a fascinating read, and with some realistic characters. Even in the West in this time period women were chattels subject to their male relatives, so seeing how they were treated in Japan wasn’t a surprise. Temi (Temperance) felt restricted after so many months stuck with the others on a tiny island, the closest the Shogun will allow the traders to get to Japan itself. Feeling stifled  she sneaked out one evening to swim and there met Kazuo. He told her he was an outlaw, but they struck up an unlikely friendship anyway. I loved the rapport between them, right from the first meeting it felt like they had something special.
Temi is unusual for a female in that age, fearless to have undertaken the journey to Japan from England, educated and intelligent, and she somehow just trusts Kazuo. She’s picked up the language and is able to converse with him ( and later other Japanese natives). He tells her about his mission to clear his family’s name and honour, though its a precarious journey with no promise of success. Honour is very strong to the Japanese though, and his family were important and close to the Shogun until his father was framed for theft. He’s trying to find out and prove the truth.
You get a real sense of the poverty in the country, contrasting with the riches for the top few, a feeling of how dire times were for some families, how they had no other option, and oddly how often the children just accepted their fate being sold at a young age. Its as if it’s so common they seem to feel its normal – and to a degree it is. In the 1600’s  here in the UK kids were being used as child labour, and families struggled to feed them so they were sold or hired out when very young.
I loved too the description of the houses, of the wooden frames and rice paper walls and windows, of the beautiful decorations the wealthy had in their homes, and how different life was for them from those at the bottom of society. Like that everywhere in a way, even now, but still interesting to read about life then.  We see some of the underside of the country in this story. Life from the view point of those at the base, along with seeing the beautiful countryside even though its harsh on them.
Its a hard journey and a fascinating read, and a story I really enjoyed. Its got the perfect ending too, wraps things up with a feeling of satisfaction for me.

Stars:Five, a fabulous, engrossing read and I’ll look out for more from Christina.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.
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Turn of the Moon, A Royal Shifters novel, L.P. Dover

Turn of the Moon, A Royal Shifters novel,  L.P. Dover

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: New Adult,  romance,

I’ve read a couple of LP Dover’s books before, one I loved, the other not so much so I wasn’t sure what to expect here. I loved paranormal reads though and shifters always appeal to me.

I liked Bailey, liked that she was strong, stood up for herself, and wasn’t one of those helpless simpering heroines. I want my leads to be able to take care of themselves, though that’s not to say they have to be butch and unfeminine or don’t need help. Bailey fits that criteria really well. She’s stood up to her pack and made clear she won’t be a doormat, and yet they still want to give her to Kade, Alpha of the Yukon pack, and a cruel, sadistic character. She flees, fearing for her life and that’s how she meets Ryker and his pack. She’s amazed at how different they are to her old pack, how they have choices, live normal lives and aren’t forced to do things they don’t want. She’s worried though, even though she can feel the pull to Ryker, that he’s her true mate, she thinks she’ll bring danger to his pack and is unsure about staying. He tells her its fine, they can deal with Kade and his pack, and reveals things about them and her old pack that she didn’t know.

I liked Ryker too – how hard he’d worked to create his new pack, to get where he is now from nothing, and how loyal to him his pack were. There’s some solid fights, bloody damage and deaths before the story ends. As well as the shifters there is magic and witchcraft involved. Its a fun read but for me everything fell into place a bit too neatly, too slickly, and was a little too light for a top star rating. I like more depth, more conflict before everything is resolved, shifter reads more like those from Patricia Briggs and Amy Lee Burgess. Still, not everyone wants deep dramas and dense plots and if you’re looking for a light and fun paranormal read this will be perfect and a five star.

Stars: Three from me, a fun read, a good story but a bit light. Still, as I’ve said for those looking for something quick and easy to read this is a perfect five.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Anything but Broken, (Hurricane Creek 1), Joelle Knox


Anything but Broken, (Hurricane Creek 1),  Joelle Knox

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

Well, I adore the Kit Rocha books, and have enjoyed a few Moira Rogers reads so when the team set up this new writing genre/nom de plume I was keen to read. Its a sweet story, some very sensual scenes, though its a long long way from the Beyond stories!! Interesting how well the duo can write such different sex scenes.

I really felt for Hannah, its clear she’s kind of lost, kind of brittle and needs help but we don’t really know the cause. Slowly we learn more about her and her past. Sean knows it of course, up until she left at 15 but has no idea after that. Now she’s back, grown up and he sees  her very differently after she’s been gone so long. He’s attracted to her but holds back, she’s always had a crush on him even when he dated her sister, and now they’re grown that’s intensified.

They come together gradually, she starts to take control of her life, finds the courage with Sean’s help to make the changes she’s always wanted, though its a hard time for her and she struggles sometimes. Her confidence is really low, and she second guesses every decision she makes. When we learn more about her family, her upbringing and all the secrets I so felt for her. She has one big secret though, one that’s been impressed forcefully by her mother that she mustn’t reveal, and yet if she and Sean are to be together he needs to know….

Its a lovely story, very clever the way we just think things are going well, and yet there’s always more in store for Hannah, always something waiting to drag her back it seems. She’s really got no-one, Evie is a good friend of course and there’s Sean, but she’s only just picked up with them, she’s no family, and she thinks no one would miss her if she wasn’t there. Thats really tough for anyone and I could feel how alone she felt. Really sad, and when she let the last secret out I so wanted to just hug her.

Its not a drama filled read, there are lots of secrets, lots going on but it flows quite gently until that last big reveal – and then the drama was perfect, nicely prolonged, really given time to settle in. I need to feel the effects on people of issues, and too often for me its over in a couple of pages. Not so here ;- ) Loved that part. I’ll be keen to read further, now I feel I know more about the characters from around the town and how they fit together. Its clear Evie and Gibb have something brewing, and I’d like to read their story.

Stars: Four and a half, not quite the five but one I’d be happy to reread.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Lead Me Not, Ann Gallagher


Lead Me Not,  Ann Gallagher

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction

Well, when I first was looking for info about Ann Gallaher it seemed this was a debut book. I was very intrigued by the story premise though and decided to request it. Its a fabulous read which I was really pulled into, characters for whom I was so invested in thier future, bigotry, hate and anger wrapped up in a message of God’s word. A really interesting read, full of things to think of. Then when I came to write this review I discovered Ann is the alter ego of one f my favourite authors L.A.Witt – no wonder I loved this book. she writes people I care about, stories that make me think and question myself…

Isaac and Colton were true stars of the book. Colton was thrown out of his home at a very young age for being gay, and has gone through an incredible amount of trauma before being found by Pastor Mike, who runs an open to everyone church, and a shelter for those in need. Through him Colton has found God and now works nights as a barman in a gay bar, and spends most of his free time helping with the church and shelter – he wants to do all he can to help others escape the life he fell into. Then Isaac turns up and its an attraction he feels strongly, after being afraid for so long. There’s something about Isaac, he’s cautious, shy and so innocent of all that being gay means. He tells Colton he’s only just come out even though he’s also in his mid twenties, and Colton offers to help him find his way after the awful start he got beaten up outside the bar by homophobes.

Isaac is struggling, this life is not at all like his church, led by his father, has always preached. The people aren’t sexual deviants, lustful and degenerate…he doesn’t understand either how the church Colton attends can be so open about something he’s always been taught God absolutely forbids, and after attending several sessions he starts to think. Is it like Colton and Pastor Mike say – simply that the bible is God’s word but times have changed, and interpretations for things differ. They give a new meaning to the stories Isaac has been told prohibit homosexuality. Its all making him very confused, along with his growing feelings for Colton. Can it really be so wrong to kiss him when it feels so right? He’s praying constantly, and struggling with his upbringing in a very devout, homophobic church against what he’s learned since being in his new role…

It illustrates for me all the things that make me a non church going Christian type. I can’t believe that God, if he exists ( I do believe in some form of higher being, just not sure what it is) can be so unforgiving. Why let people love each other if its wrong? And why do people “cherry pick” which stories to believe. The parts referring to the Bible here are some that I know, and had been taught the traditional interpretation so reading Pastor Mike’s views felt far more comfortable, and fit well with my belief that the bible is a set of stories, passed down verbally through generations and open to interpretations and the “Chinese whispers” facet that belongs to verbal histories. Why do we know it forbids shellfish and mixed fibres ( I didn’t know that last one) but ignore it, and if God’s word via the bible is law why are we still not stoning wives for adultery…sadly in some parts they still do, but in the educated world we like to thing we’ve adapted, so why not adapt all the Bible, look at all interpretations. I’ve always thought the story of Job,. held up to us as kids as a testament of his Faith, was unfair to the wives ( plural –we don’t do that either- and kids that died. What had they done wrong?  The story of the man who was told by God to kill his first born son, and takes him up to a mountain, pulls out a knife and has it at the boys throat, before Gods says “ sorry, just a test – you’ve passed” We’d lock him up now if he did that!

Its a great read, full of things to ponder, a beautiful and tender romance, and a story that makes me wonder once again why people are so bigoted. Its really sad that awful as the things are in this novel they aren’t the worst things that happen to people, and under the guise of religion people are happy to spout bigotry and abandon their families, genuinely believing that its what god wants….Isaac and Colton’s histories show this so well, and feel so real. There’s a short epilogue that ties up any lose ends I’ve wondered about, and I really enjoyed that. I like to see what’s in store done the road for those I’ve come to love, and just a few pages is a perfect ending .

Stars: Five,a beautiful and tender romance, surrounded by a very thought provoking story.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

BACK TO ST. BARTS, st barts 3, BABY ON ST. BARTS , St. Barts Book 4, EMME CROSS

BACK TO ST. BARTS , (St. Barts Romance Books Series Book 3), EMME CROSS

Genre:  Romance,

I loved the first two books, which I’d read when they were together as one and have been waiting for these follow up novels.


Once again Sunny just pulls me in, she seems to touch everyone with a bit of “Sunny magic” as she passes them. She’s one of those people who seem so good they’re either hiding something awful, or just presenting a facade and are very mean inside. Sunny isn’t though – she a rarity, someone who sees good in everything and everyone, and I adored her. She’s come to LA now to be with Sven, but despite his intentions and promises he’s really going about his life as normal and its Sunny that has to make all the adaptions to her life. She tries hard to support him, gets dressed up to be by his side even though she hates it, stands by while actresses and fans paw at him and treat her as disposable, and just gets on with organising his life and the redecorating of the home he shared with Clyde. Yes that’s right – Sven clearly hasn’t realised how awful it will be for Sunny living in the home of the man who tried to kill her….and that sums him up – He’s not intentionally cruel, just totally thoughtless, and as we saw before he can be very selfish, self obsessed as so many actors seem to be, and in many ways he still needs to grow up and learn to look at others needs, not just his own.

Though I loved him in the first book(s) we could see even then that streak of selfishness and lack of maturity, his readiness to blame everyone but himself, but I thought he’d finally grown up once he fell in love with Sunny and realised what she was to him. She doesn’t doubt his love, but its clear to her things aren’t going as she’d hoped even though she’s doing her best. There’s a scene where she’s working with chef Stuart White one evening and Sven is out at a function alone, where he does something that shocked me to the core and yet he doesn’t seem to think anything of it :- o . Then he has the gall to try to justify what he did, and get angry with Sunny for her reaction. They muddle along, with things going great at some points and not so good at others, and I really wanted to shake him. Then there’s something happens that blows everything apart, and it’s potentially make or break time.

Its a story full of drama and heartbreak and yes, I was so angry at Sven, and yet of course if he hadn’t been like this it would be a very dull book!! Its always a conundrum, we berate characters for their actions and yet the stories would be bland and boring without them ;- ) Sunny is a real star here, and I so hoped they could find their way back, their love was so clear to see, but Love doesn’t conquer all despite the ballads that say it does. It needs some hands guiding it and lots of help.


Stars:five stars, it was great to see just how hard the changes were for them both and how easy it is to let things slip out of control.


BABY ON ST. BARTS , (St. Barts Romance Books Series Book 4), EMME CROSS
Genre: Romance,
I loved the first two books, which I’d read when they were together as one, and have been waiting for these follow up novels. I loved book three but this final one ( there are more to follow but this one has a proper ending) just didn’t feel quite as good to me.
I think what I missed was Sunny and Sven together. Even when there were problems it was the magic between them that made these books so special, and here though we get them both Sunny is back on St Barts, and Sven is busy filming.
Life goes forward for Sunny, first with a tragic event that causes such issues between them, and leads to Sven and his mother Judith becoming estranged. Its his reaction that Judith hates, and she tells him its time he grew up and stopped being selfish. I guess for an actor its a dog eat dog world and they need a certain amount of self obsession to push themselves forward all the while, but Sven has let that bleed through to his relationship with Sunny. Fortunately though his latest film sees him becoming fast friends with his co-star, an elderly, gay actor. He shows Sven just what his future could be like if he let himself lose his family, if he didn’t fight back for Sunny. Sven knows he’ll cock up a phone call, and after his last visit which went so badly and led to the upset with Judith, he decides on Henry’s advice and with his help to write to Sunny. This turns in to a weekly event, with him telling Sunny just how he feels. Meanwhile she’s keeping a secret from him, cautioned by his previous reactions, and waiting til she feels the time is right and he has no other pressures on his time. Then yet more drama happens, life threatening events this time and its a time of reassessments and change for everyone.
I loved being back on St Barts, Emme writes about it so well I feel the sunshine, I could know the characters, and feel part of the community. Poor Sunny, gone through so much loss in her life and yet she’s still always happy, always making the best, even when people and events let her down. I loved all the characters including the new ones we meet. They provide some extras to the story and a way for the direction perhaps of future books? What I missed was having Sunny and Sven together, for the greatest part of the story they’re apart, and for me that just didn’t work even though it was needed for the story. The drama though, the action and the events were really heart-stopping and realistic. I can’t really see any way it could have worked otherwise even though i needed them to be together, and in a way its harsh given that for me to drop it to four stars, but I just didn’t enjoy it so much as the previous ones. sorry Emme, hope you understand :- ).
Stars:Four, a good read and a perfect ending but I missed the duo together
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