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Wounded, Volume 1, Amy Lane


Wounded, Volume 1,  Amy Lane
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  New Adult,Sci-fi and Fantasy
You really need to read the earlier book,  Vulnerable and Wounded book one to understand all that goes on here or you’ll be lost. I bought Vulnerable  and reviewed Wounded  one and loved them both. Its a fabulous series, full of the best of the supernatural world, vampires, shape changers, elves and all sorts of strange people living hidden in plain sight in the “normal” world. I love the way Fae in a book lets in so much beautiful fantasy, the way it can be so magical and unexpected.
So Cory, Green and Co are still working out what to do about the enemy facing them. They’re still recovering from earlier losses, especially Cory, Green and Bracken, for whom Adrian’s death left a huge gap. Cory is still very weak from that last fight, and there are times when they struggling to feed strength to her and scared she won’t pull through. Enemies don’t give in though, and while they’re regrouping there are some terrifying events that have severe repercussions. Green people though are tough, they don’t cow down to bullies and there strength is that they aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right, to protect their people, whereas the enemy are selfish and don’t look after theirs so they don’t have that unswerving loyalty born through love and respect. That stands the group in good stead, but they still face a hard task, trying to do what’s right, what’s just, and not to let those suffer who don’t deserve it, even if the are on the “wrong” side. They want peace with a few causalities as possible.
Its another great read, so full of emotion and drama, magic and mystique. Its got ( for me ) a perfect ending. I miss Adrian – hates his death and so wish for some way of him coming back…he’s left a legacy of love though and that helps. I hate when good guys die, but that does keep things from being predictable…still, I wish he wasn’t the one to go – but I love Green, and of course Bracken, and Arturo – oh damn…there’s no-one I wouldn’t miss :- (
There’s sex here, lots of it, in multiples and without regard for gender. It fits though, is part of the story, part of the love and isn’t graphic, sometimes just being a simple touch that brings about the ending…so don’t be scared if you don’t want In Your Face, graphic sex., this isn’t that.
Stars: Five, another great instalment and I look forward to more.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Hardwired, (The Hacker Series: Book 1), Meredith Wild

Hardwired, (The Hacker Series: Book 1), Meredith Wild
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
First in a five book series, with books 1-4 already out and book five due this autumn.
So, first thoughts were that the characters and some of their problems were very reminiscent of FSoG…no inner goddess though thankfully!! There’s Blake with his outgoing brother who ends up going out with Erica’s friend, his sister who’s very warm and friendly, his control issues, then like Ana Erica’s just finished Uni, and is very clever, add in her male friend and colleague Syd similar to Ana’s friend Jose…even an Elena seem-a-like in Sophia, Blake’s sort of ex….( I’m hoping she’s a permanent fixture – I love a good, meddling bitchy female main character!!) and you can see the comparison, even if its unintended. Fifty has any number of critics, but there are also many like me who got past the little irritations, the goddess, the odd cringing lines and enjoyed the story and psychology behind it. This also looks to have solid storyline backing the romance, and after finishing this part I’m keen to read more. Its got similarities in the characters, but the story itself takes a very different line, an original path and I really enjoyed it.
Erica, I love her. I admire her tenacity, her hard work, her belief in herself and her website. She’s struggled with her mother’s death and her lack of relatives, but come through on hard work and confidence. Its good to see someone getting  somewhere via their own work, and not some family hand-outs – that’s kind of inspirational and rewarding, and the way tech is current climate the right idea can work and make people very rich. Amazon, EBay, LastMinute and many other great sites started with just an idea. Even the massive Microsoft began in a spare room as a thin outline idea….
Erica’s got something in her past that scares her, and its some time before we find out what it is. Then it reaches forward and catches her in a big way. You can’t outrun your past, she tried but it needs dealing with, there’s no such thing as just trying to forget and move on. Likewise Blake has some issues from when he was much younger that are now giving him problems. These all round off the story, the connections that they are forging and affect the romance they’ve begun. It’s not without serious issues, Blake wants total control of his life and everything and everyone in it, and Erica rightly values her independence and won’t just roll over and let him run her life and business. That’s good and I admire her stance, it would be easy to take his money and succeed the easy way but the success wouldn’t feel like hers then. Better to try on one’s own even if it means failing, than to just coast with someone artificially keeping things afloat. No satisfaction that way IMO and I think in Erica’s view too.
The story centres around Blake and Erica’s steamy, sensual romance, and Erica’s fledgling business, with side appearances from her friends and Blake’s family. Its got enough originality to make it stand out, even though it shares character types with FSoG and others in the genre. Sadly after that success there are any number of copycat novels, hoping to emulate it, but few have the originality that this one does. I’m keen to read more and see just where the story goes next. Although it’s five episodes rather than the trilogy we see more often, this part is a decent length and each book is between 260-280 pages. Sometimes I feel books get divided to just make more money, or suit a perceived format, and when they’re in parts of 120-150 pages it seems to me that its just ripping off readers. Anything over 250 pages is fine for me, though of course I’d still like to have it all as one huge book!!! I usually find these series work best for me when all parts are out, and I can read back to back and get the whole story without stopping and waiting months for the next part. The waiting is frustrating and when they include ( not here thankfully) a cliff-hanger it makes me so irritated. If I’m buying rather than reviewing then I wait til the whole story is out. I’ve enjoyed this, want to read the next books and soon as book five is out I’ll be chasing amazon and getting them.
Stars: Five, sensual, steamy read with very realistic characters and setting.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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