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Beautiful Liar, Tara Bond


Beautiful Liar, Tara Bond
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  New Adult
what I love about the NA genre is the drama and this book has it in spades! What I don’t like about so many of the novels though is that they also lack reality in many areas – sadly there’s some of that crept in here too. Its made for a mixed review though I really did enjoy the story.
Years ago a friend lent me a couple of Danielle Steele novels. we’d shared books before and both enjoyed them but these two – well I just hated how the heroine was able to go from almost destitute to a much more favourable position defying all reasonable explanations, and how everything fell into place for her just at the right time. There were echoes of that here in the way Nina goes from terrible accommodation to much better, how she is on what one would expect to be a minimum wage job and yet able to pay off a couple of hundred a week from debts to (cliché) Russian gangster-type loan shark, while still paying for a B&B and transport, food etc ( before the additional job and money) ….then later in the next min wage job is able to rent a three bed place in London for her family ( would be far out of her budget) … the private clinic for her mum, even the uni options at the end, it was all just too easy and I need my reads to have an edge of reality if they are going to feel true. I have to mention alos that lack of condoms…come on, Nina knows he’s a playboy type, sleeps around and yet no mention of condoms, in fact they can’t use them as sometimes they just haven’t time!! Bad role for authors to use in this day and age, safe sex every time please!
Against that there’s the characters – they were great. I loved Nina, valued her independence, understood her young sister issues, loved her friend Jas, even some “good” bitch types – I do enjoy those, and then of course there’s the delicious bad boy Alex….
Nina, she was a great lead, so giving, so supportive when many her age would have just abandoned the family to look after themself. She’s got a strong core of independence which gained her a lot of respect. That’s good – I like heroines that stand up for themselves, don’t take the easy route. She’s a hard worker and just kept on trying, even when it seemed there was nothing more she could do. Alex, he had me from first glance of those ice blue eyes! There’s something about him, bad man, playboy flirt and yet somehow we know he’s more than that outward facade. Sorting truth from fiction, reality from the appearances given isn’t easy. Giles, his older brother is a total contrast, and its very much Mr favoured nice guy good son v Mr playboy, flirt lightweight – or so its seems. It’s easy to see why their father favours Giles.
Together these characters made for some fabulous drama, incidents that did feel real as opposed to my crits earlier, and the story flowed really well. I love the way Tara let the drama extend into a good quarter of the book. Far too often its happy, happy, happy, then – oops, a hiccup, quick bit of tears, and over and done two pages later. This book let me wallow, let me feel how despairing poor Nina was, ( and Alex of course) she’s tried only to do her best for her family, but along the way fallen in love and then it seems life is out to bat her down again. That was perfect, a NA drama at its best and made the book for me.
Overall the good out weighed my niggles by far, and if those parts was a little more realistic, more rooted in what life is really like, and they used condoms!! – this would have been a five star read. As it is its a solid four, well deserved and very enjoyable.
Stars:  Four, perfect drama filled New Adult read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
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The Demon’s Librarian, Lilith Saintcrow


The Demon’s Librarian,  Lilith Saintcrow
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and fantasy
I adored the Dante Valentine series, so wanted to see what this early novel was like. Its much, much lighter in feel, both in plot and characters. I liked Chess, and of course Ryan, so this made for a fun read but its not one I’d reread.
It’s a little puzzling to begin as the schoolchildren being killed blurb description is pre the beginning of the book. Chess has already done her research and is out killing a demon right at the start. The terms too can be a little confusing, its not hard to pick up but they’re just there – no real explanation of what they mean, and that happens too with some of ( not all) the demon/troll creatures language.
Its a book I really enjoyed, and I think would have developed into an interesting trilogy/series but I’m assuming that, as with the original read, its a stand alone. Some fast acting plots with danger and betrayal, though at times I could beat Chess and her sister over the head with a Sabatier frying pan for their plain stupidity….yes, you have just escaped death by Demon, and they’re still after you for painful and bloodthirsty sacrifice, and of course its sensible to ditch the paranormal protectives and just play at being “normal “ for a day…Doh…bits like that in a read really make me want to poke my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon. For a better read and for the cost I’d say its better to spend a bit more and get the whole Dante Valentine sereis in a collection – just £12.99 and a terrific escape into a dark and detailed fantasy world.
Stars: four, its a decent one off read but Dante beats Chess easily!
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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