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Maid for the Rock star, Demelza Carlton.

Maid for the Rock star, Demelza Carlton.

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance.
I try to choose books carefully as I hate doing low star reviews but sometimes I get it wrong. I did that here, in a bad way. Tempted by the Rock star tag – I have a weakness for those romances – I didn’t look to see what other books Demelza had written to see if I like her writing style. Of course that’s no guarantee – even a favourite author will write books that you don’t enjoy sometimes, but its a starting point and may have stopped me choosing this – who knows?
So, I didn’t like Jay, the rock star in question. Hated him in fact, he’s obnoxious, rude, coarse, self obsessed and acts as though he’s a toddler when he doesn’t get his own way. I wasn’t that keen on Audra either, she seemed a little supercilious in attitude. Still, she’s loyal to her family, hard working and filling in as a maid while she waits to see if she can get a job in her chosen profession, meteorology. I did wonder why she was throwing her all into something that she says only take one graduate a year, and spending the interlude as a maid isn’t going to help – they’ll want someone who’s been working in some kind of connected forum, even if only as a spare time volunteer somewhere.
I didn’t get further that a third of the way through though…it seemed all the action was taking place at the resort, no touring, no rock star stuff other than that he was one. Maybe later, but I really hadn’t the stamina to go on with the story. All we seemed to get was Jay being obnoxious and Audra mooning over him while telling herself no. I really couldn’t see why she was even thinking about sleeping with him, one moment she’s telling us she mustn’t risk her job as she really needs it, then she’s thinking of taking him up on his slimy suggestions.
I was taken aback when it was just her and the gym trainer cleaning up blood in the gym – that’s a real hazard, and needs professional cleaning, very dangerous and a luxury resort would not leave it to a maid with a bog standard carpet shampooer. There’s the fact she has one beer with Jay and says she’s lightweight so can’t drink more, then the next evening she has three beers with another staff member, gets “buzzed” as she says, but is still on duty!! way to keep your job lady…Then there was the lack of any signs that Jay was a musician, no agents phoning, no publicity even when he’s out of the resort, nothing to suggest he’s a very famous person. The romance novles, would he really do that? read them? I don’t think so. Then after the car accident when he wakes up handcuffed to the bed and finds out he may be charged with murder according to the detective with him I was just – no…I can’t go on with this, life is too short to spend on books I know I won’t like.  Murder? What? I know this isn’t set in UK but I’m sure the law works the same way in Australia, and if this had been real his sister would have been notified as next of kin given he was unconscous for so long and his agent would have had the lawyers there ASAP.
Stars: One, but not I DNF . It’s a book that I just couldn’t get on with. I felt it needed more research to give it some semblance of reality and I just couldn’t bring myself to read more.
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The Perfect Cazorla Wife Michelle Smart

The Perfect Cazorla Wife Michelle Smart
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance
this is a shortish read at around 2000 kindle locations ( about 220-40 pages I’d guess) but covers a couple of months so that works for me. I do like a romance that’s given time to play out properly.
Charley – well, when I first looked at her from Raul’s POV I didn’t like her. She seems nice and yet he says she was a gold digger, just wanted the spa days, the designer clothes and jewels and refused to have his child. He even supported her through three business start ups that she just got bored with and let fail. She seems a flake, so how come when we see her from the other side she’s nice, even though all that he says seems true? Well, once we get to know her and see why she acted that way – the clothes etc were her trying to fit his world, she came from a 2 bed flat she shared with her mum, her dad had another family and let her down all the while and she just didn’t feel she fitted in properly. The businesses too have another side to them, and in all we can see that Charley just felt that she was never good enough, that she subjugated herself in an attempt to fit in. How could she bring a baby into that? She still loves Raul though, even though she hates how they were together. Now she needs his help and his money…
Raul is actually a really nice man, but his past has shaped him and his actions in just the way Charley’s has affected her. Now they are together again for a few months, and they can see each other differently, and maybe reassess their views. They still have the same steam between them – that’s something that hasn’t changed and they don’t want it to. Its a question of can they find a way to be together now – have they learned from their previous failure?
Its a fun read, was good seeing just how much Charley changed when she had to rely on herself and didn’t feel she was being unfairly judged. I liked that Raul finally opened his mind and could admit he was wrong about some things – it takes a big man to do that. Its pretty standard of this type of romance, no great surprises or dramas and one that’s easy to relax with.

Stars:Four, its a fun read, but a one off for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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