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Fury’s Kiss, New England Furies Book 1, Nicola R. White

Fury’s Kiss, New England Furies Book 1,  Nicola R. White
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Fantasy and Sci-fi
I really enjoyed this book, it’s got for me the perfect blend of romance and fantasy. sometimes these reads are over dominated by the romance, and while I enjoy that side I really want a strong paranormal slant to the tale and I got just that here. I look forward to reading more in the series. Furies. an unusual thing to find in the paranormal genre…and yet another book I read only two days ago also had a Fury in it…strange co-incidence. ( Rachel Vincent’s Menagerie if anyone’s interested – another good read and first in series!)  I can’t think of the last time I read of one in a story, and was so surprised to find two at once.
Anyway, on with the book. I liked Tara, and understood just how shocked she was to find out what was happening to her. I liked that she was finding it difficult to cope, hard to accept. Some books have lead characters taking everything in their stride but Tara doesn’t want to let go of “her”, of the person she is and let the Fury inside her take over. Its a slow partnership but they find a way to work together finally that keeps them both happy. Then there’s Nora and Ruby, who’s more than she seems and such a cute girl. Of course Jackson, Ruby’s uncle is super protective of her, and despite the attraction that sears between him and Tara right from their first meet they have a fairly antagonistic approach to each other for quite some time. Tara thinks he’s a jerk, a handsome one granted, but he just jumps to conclusions about her and is convinced she’s going to bring trouble to Nora and Ruby. For a long time he  won’t take Nora’s word that there’s more to Ruby that just a cute kid, and she has the tools to help them. Of course Tara’s two good friends play a large part also, and that seems to be the main team for future books. I’m really keen to see where the story goes next.
In this episode Tara is being stalked, but by whom, and why and how does it link in to Ruby? For it soon becomes clear the group are all connected in some way, and that they’ve found each other for a reason. Its a fun read, not too dense and hard to follow, not too dominated by heavy fight scenes, no OTT adventures that get confusing, but lots of puzzles and mysteries to work out; who, why, how and what comes next but which are all laid out in a clear and logical way? And of course, not so over dominated by the romance as so many fantasy/paranormal reads are. Far too often the romance is really all the story consists of, but here there’s a solid and unusual story unfolding that I really enjoyed.
Stars: Five, a great read, well balanced and with an unusual fantasy plot.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
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Beauty and the Bachelor, A Bachelor Auction Novel, Naima Simone


Beauty and the Bachelor, A Bachelor Auction Novel,  Naima Simone
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
Strange how things work out. I’ve got two books on my list currently, carrying the same theme – revenge on the father by way of the daughter – and yet they are two very different books, and treat the plots totally distinct from each other. ( The other book is Sins of my Father,  Lisa Cardiff) They’re both romances but this one delivers the plot more by way of romance and revenge than the suspense of the other read.

Lucas. Cold, calculating and determined to revenge his father. He’s been planning this for fifteen years, and now everything is finally coming together. He needs Sydney though to finally get his plan to fruition. He doesn’t know her, but doesn’t think of how this will affect her life, how breaking her engagement will hurt her, change her life, just that she’s integral to his plotting. Then he meets her as part one of his plan, and starts to feel for her. For a long while even though his heart is telling him he’s wrong he’s sticking to his plan, pushing away thoughts of tenderness towards her, pulling forward his original thoughts that she is just a typical spoiled rich girl, even though he can see the opposite applies. He can’t let go of his plan now even if he can see how much it will hurt her.
Its a shortish read at 2431 kindle locations, and yet delivers a sensual read, with some real heat and sexual tension between Lucas and Sydney. That surprised me, as for me usually shorter books just don’t have the space to let me feel I know the characters and care for them.  I liked Sydney, felt for her with her cold parents, obsessed it seems by appearance, and her mother was so objectionable and critical of poor Sydney’s looks. You’d think “ why take it?” and yet there’s a reason why she does, that’s realistic and heart-breaking. Lucas seemed so cold at first, and then as we knew him better there was a real dichotomy for him, stick to his revenge and hurt Langley beyond recovery, or take his new found feelings for Sydney and give up his long held plans….knowing too the events that occurred made it easier to understand his motivations and his stance on women.
I’ve read and loved a few of Naima’s fantasy novels, but this is the first contemporary romance I’ve read from her. It was a fun read, and worked  well for me despite its brevity.
Stars: Four, a sensual and thoughtful romance
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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