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Escaping Forever,The Immortal Chronicles 1, Diana St. Gabriel


Escaping Forever,The Immortal Chronicles 1, Diana St. Gabriel
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, New Adult.
I found this really hard going to begin. It started well and then…just seemed to tail off. Given Matthew knew who Hallie was to him I just didn’t understand his actions, the way he kept blowing hot and cold, very friendly one moment, ignoring her for days the next. There seemed too to be some gaps where things happened but weren’t really explained, and Hallie seemed to just take everything in her stride. I thought she’d have more questions, I thought the intensity between her and Matthew would have been sizzling, with him finding it hard to stay away but…
Still, its an interesting premise, though I’m still unsure of what exactly the Guardians do. It’s always hard finding the balance for the first book in a series, setting scene and delivering a good plot and for me this was just an OK read. Promises much but somehow for me it didn’t fully deliver. I’m undecided whether to read more…I guess I’ll wait for next book and see.

Stars: Three, good intentions but leaves a bit to be desired in the outcome IMO
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

Tiger Lily, Part Three, Amelie Duncan


Tiger Lily, Part Three, Amelie Duncan

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Erotica

I loved the first two parts but…I read a lot, and when it came to starting this once again I needed to go back and have a quick refresh. That’s always frustrating in a way, I really want to get onto the new stuff but know I need to pick up where it stopped. I really enjoy these reads best when I can go through the whole trio back to back, but sadly there wasn’t time – and I was too impatient anyway!


So having found where the story ended ( with the wonderful, awful, be-itch Melissa being her best) I soon got drawn back into the story. Its a kind of stalemate for a long while – Lily loves Jonas and wants more than just being a companion, Jonas won’t bend, Companion is all he can offer. It’s what broke them last time. She’s so ill though he’s shocked, and she needs his help. She’s struggled alone and now has to give in and accept help from wherever it comes. Jonas moves her in with him temporarily, takes over on the Declan issue, and wants her to just concentrate on getting well. In her attempts to stop feeling, to forget she became so ill that she was in danger of dying if she continued not eating properly and exercising to extremes…its not what she intended, and she hadn’t realised she was so ill. It scares them both so they take a break from the issues separating them and work to get her well.

Melissa though – that girl’s not going down without a fight – a nasty, dirty, no holds barred one. Oh goody ;- ) I love her sort of character in a story. True to form she starts up on the offensive, working at Lily’s weak points, her background and image, her lack of sexual experience, the length of time Jonas and Melissa have known each other….it’s really difficult for Lily as she knows much of what Melissa says is true, and she’s clever, she only gets to Lily when she’s alone.

Jonas son Paul, he’s a great kid and added some terrific levity to scenes. He also provided a bridge for the truth to come out. Dani too – she’s a real gem, and so caring. She’s happy with her new man, but wants Jonas to be happy and genuinely likes Lily and wants to help. Its easy to think that’s a cover, that she’s hiding something, that maybe she’s got ulterior motives but she hasn’t. There’s few people like her in the real world and that’s a shame. I think it’s quite hard to create characters like her that feel real, that don’t seem too contrived but Amelie has done it here and everyone should have a friend like Dani.

Jonas is his usual ultra controlling self, but events can’t always be controlled, he can’t always direct what happens and that frustrates him. Things look like they’re going well for a short while and then something happens and its all gone again, he’s lost control and struggles. He’s so scared when he hears what the doctor says about Lily, how close to dying she came, and yet he can’t seem to admit even to himself that what he feels for her is love. He’s given up on that, won’t allow himself to go there, even though he lost her before because of it. Can they get through his mental barrier, will Lily stay if he can’t or will it be the end this time?


As well as the Love issue of course there’s the Declan issue, and all that encompasses. He’s manipulative, and even though Jonas and his team are involved now he’s still got some nasty, dirty tricks up his sleeve…what’s going to happen next there and will that be the breaking point?

Its another sexy, sensual and riveting story. As ever the sex scenes fit the story. I wrote in a review recently of another popular trilogy that there the sex overtook the story. the answer to everything was Have Sex…it got Boring, even though the scenes were well written it became repetitive and I kept flicking past pages and pages of it.. Thankfully Amelie has stayed out of that trap. I want a story where its the plots that count, the events that happen to the characters, which make up the bulk of the book, not the sex, and that’s what’s delivered here.

I’m intrigued too by Ian and Mary, and feel there’s a book in the making there maybe?

If you want a romance that’s seductive and sensual and yet still has a solid and realistic storyline this is one for you. I loved it, read through in one go and look forward to when I can find time to read all three books back to back.


Stars: Five, a fabulous and satisfying finish.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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