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Top Dog, Amy Lee Burgess


Top Dog, Amy Lee Burgess

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Contemporary Romance,


I know many readers love them but I’m not a huge fan of novellas, I find often there’s too much packed in and they become an info dump instead of a story. I know though from Amy’s Wolf Within shifter series ( I love it) that I enjoy her writing style, so was keen to see how she’d treat a contemporary romance.

The story covers just a few days and concentrates mainly on Nick and Daphne, so works well for me. Its when authors try to stash weeks or months into a novella that I have the most issues. When its done this way the events get treated properly and make sense to me, and I can feel part of the story – and lets face it with the delicious Nick who wouldn’t want to feel in the story! I adored the dogs too – they were a solid part of the story and they added that connector, if it had just been the office connection I’d have felt it hard to believe in their romance, but given there’s already the attraction between them both, though they hide it, the dogs provide the perfect way for them to get together. Ruby reminded me of my great uncle’s tiny dashund when I was a kid, a black and tan dog called Caesar! His face – I’m a sucker for dog eyes, the way they’re so expressive and Caesar knew I was a soft touch….

I felt for both Nick and Daphne for what had happened in their pasts, and the fact that it happens to many people made it feel very real to me. I can see why Daphne retreated from dating, it’s hard to pick up life when its been full of past hurt. How she reacted isn’t uncommon and it takes someone special and persistent to encourage them to try again. Nick’s a dog person, someone who fosters them and also has his own, and it made him just so perfect – didn’t hurt that he’s drop dead awrsesome ( hey, I’m from UK – we don’t have a sses but a rses! )

Stars: 4. Its a short but sexy, steamy read, a fun romance and one I enjoyed. Perfect for when you want a quick but real romance.


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Winter Fae, Suza Kates


Winter Fae,  Suza Kates

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy/paranormal

The only other Suza Kates book I’d read was The Penance Stone , which I loved. I was hoping this was going to be a similar sort of read, but it feels much more YA to me, and though I enjoyed it it wasn’t one I’d read again. Its a story that’s well written and is easy to read, I just somehow felt detached from it though.
I kept feeling there was something missing, that I should know more of the past events, of where the sisters mum had been, of Jack, of the whole witchcraft scene they’d only recently discovered but as this was book one I was puzzled. Then I found the prequel novella… maybe if I’d read that I might have got more from this one. Who knows? It wasn’t hard to pick up, just that there was that slight feeling of oddness.
I enjoyed the scene, the Fae, the sisters and the quest. Loved Jack and Tate, would have liked to know more of their background ( maybe that’s in the novella though?)  and was hoping for something more to develop from some jealousy at the
Winter Queen’s palace….but it didn’t. There’s lots of action but somehow all the solutions seemed very neat, and I never really got that sense of danger, that they were living on the edge of disaster, that some of them might not make it. each time there was another problem crop up I just knew that they, or someone else, would have the solutions…and I needed to feel that disaster loomed to make it a five star read. Its was fun, a good novel but for me not a great one.

Stars: Three, a good read but maybe if I’d read the novella first I’d have got more engaged with it.

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Code Black, Paranormal Crimes Division, Tina Moss


Code Black, Paranormal Crimes Division, Tina Moss

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

This sounded a fun read and I’m always hoping for a new series that I can fall in love with….but first books in a fantasy series have a huge task. They need to introduce new characters, different paranormals, a new world setting and of course deliver a gripping story. For me this book didn’t quite make it – there’s promise there but I’m torn over whether I want to read more. I think on balance there’s enough there for me to put aside my reservations and read at least one more book before choosing.

Sera, we see right from the start she’s different, and I felt for her because she was so alone ( apart from Guy!), and there’s no-one to tell her what she feels is right or wrong or how to control her powers.Its a world where many Supernaturals are registered and recognized, but she’s a type no-one seems to know about and she’s always been told by her dad to keep quiet, to never show she’s different.

Then she’s on the scene as part of a lead on a gruesome story and gets dragged right into it. It brings her to the notice of special agent Talon Rede and his colleagues. There’s a connection between the two right from their first conversation – and that’s simply a phone one!

The issues I had were that there were so many types of paranormals, and so many different departments and groups. It took til at least halfway through the book before I could even begin to get them clear in my mind, and there was lots of flipping back to see who belonged to which group. They seems so disorganised too – with everyone treading on the others toes, no-one sure of who’s really in charge. For a specialist group Talon’s crew are not at all what I’d expect, instead of a tight knit group of close colleagues who respect each other and work seamlessly, they’re a shambolic bunch who seem to dislike many of the others in the group, and things get done more by accident than design. I could take most of that though if it wasn’t for my pet hate, Powers we’ve never heard of coming into play to get people out of an impossible spot just at the right moment. All Supernaturals in fiction have a bit extra talent, its what makes the genre such a fun read and each author tailors the format, but here it seems like some people have abilities to cover almost every situation, and it takes the excitement, the danger element out when you know that one of them will always be able to handle it.  There was a bit too much of that – the hand waving moving air currents to get things/people just where they needed to be, that kind of problem solving. Then there’s Sera’s handy fire, she gained some pretty accurate control over that very quickly. I need the characters to struggle a bit, to use their talents certainly but not this catch all magic fixes we saw here.

Stars:Three, a decent read with some fresh elements but I’ve reservations about the series.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

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